Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Dallas,Texas Saddest City and County In The United States of America !

Three elderly people were cold in Dallas, Texas,their Relative came to Dallas to see about them, after being told they had no heat.This Man called everyone.City of Dallas,Dallas County and other non profit agencies, got no help. I know Dallas County HHS could have provided some temp.housing until gas line or what ever the problem was got fixed.City of Dallas could have used emergency procedures to move money to help.Salvation Army,Urban League,United Way,Citizen, someone should have helped. Now the Two women are dead from being cold,staying cold until their Lungs just could not make it.Wife died last week,Sister died Sat.Husband all alone to bury his loved ones. What a shame,what a shame,this Black community allowed three people to be cold and stay cold,Agencies allowed them to die after working and paying for a home. By the way,only reason I did not go and do something,every time I get involved people have something to say, about me always in the way.Well I stayed out of you way,You did nothing,I mean nothing,If you did tell me about it.City approved $ 15,000.00 for repair after wife died. from now on I will not stand by and see anyone else die thinking the County and City have stepped in to save their lives.As much money as Obama sent here,Dallas County just got $ 7 million dollars for Weatherzation they should have been able to do some plumbing work to fix that gas line unless rules have changed. Someone should have helped,where was the church?