Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Goodness The Names Are Out !

I have deep feeling for people who have troubles. I pray for them every night. I know Mr. McGill and he has always been very nice. I also knew Lynn Flint Shaw and she was to me the Best, however I did not know the person I read about in the paper.I said that to explain that now that Kathy Nealy's name is in the Factual Resume of Allen McGill's plea papers.It is very clear that she was in my opinion a major player in the whole city hall corruption scandal.
I knew the affidavits listing the names of people who escaped indictment because they talked and told the FBI on others was sealed against objection of some defense Attorneys. I also knew Leo Chaney's name was on there, because his Attorney said he was a witness. Kathy Nealy on the other hand has been very quite and her Attorney said nothing. I wrote some time back that the Fed's are wrong to let the other so call witnesses go free when they participated in the crime also. The Fed's use that program so people will roll over and they do, but if one is guilty then all should be guilty.
Why should Kathy Nealy live at the W and drive her BMW when Allen McGill and James Fantroy so to prison? It's a shame and were business men forced to pay to do business in the Southern sector? Dr. King, Judy Lott, Elsie Higgins, Lucy Patterson, Juanita Craft, Jesse Dawson ,George Allen and others are rolling over in their graves at what has become of Black Dallas leadership!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Dr. Eunice Standfield What a Great Woman !

Doctor Eunice Stanfield

I remember first meeting Dr. Stanfield she was soft spoken, very nice and private. I think she invented the word private. Dr. Eunice was the only Black woman eye specialist and surgeon in the City. The trust grew and we became friends. Dr. Eunice did not want a lot of information unless it was about medicine. No gossip or idle conversation on her agenda. Dr. Eunice took the County Employee Health Center to another level. Dr. Eunice started a testing program for the residents in South Dallas, she stopped the smoking in the County Jail with the support of Sheriff Bowles started non smoking program for all Dallas County employees.

Dr. Eunice passed away in Jackie Kennedy fashion Her Own Way. I am so happy to have known her and found her during her illness.
Dr. Eunice Stanfield had Class and was a very good Doctor. My prayers are with her family.

How Could Paid Hillary Staffer Trick Councilwoman?

I attended the 23 Senatorial District Convention on March 29,2008. I sure had fun talking with people I had not seen in a long time. The convention was well planned and there was plenty of room and volunteers were very helpful. Thanks Senator West and who ever else deserves credit. I had not attended one since 1988 when one of the Mondale operatives was busy trying to take Jackson delegates away.The very same Operative was busy for Clinton this time, Dallas Morning News said she is paid staff.She has aged ,gotten heavy and a little smarted still using same old school games and seems to have made money on her way up ,but there is something about money and some people you can't see what the money has done for them , like my late Father said you can't buy Class. My late friend Charlotte Ragsdale could show you what money could do when ever she stepped out or had an event it spoke class.
Well this Operative worked the precinct convention and got 3 delegates.She got Poor Clinton Delegate Vonciel Hill to sponsor a challenge to the precinct convention numbers at the 23 Senatorial convention and she turned the so called corrected report in prior to telling the Caucus Chair. Councilwoman Hill read her report and Obama lost 5 delegates and Hillary picked up 3. The group was HOT!The delegates ask Ms. Hill when and where she counted the precinct information "she said at home". The people ask her how could her numbers be correct when the night of the precinct convention two people counted them and another stood watch and she signed off on them as Secretary? Her answer was she received an email asking for a recount, she did not say from who.
The trick by Paid Operative, Councilwoman Hill was standing in the highest voting precinct in her Council District ,the one that put her over the top in the run off election. The people told her how they felt cheated by her with the so called new numbers.I cannot believe she let a Clinton paid staffer put her up to do that, it sure let me know that she can be BEAT. How smart can you be to show up in the Heart of Obama territory with your Clinton supporting self having been elected by these same people and then try and take delegates from them. Commissioner John Price who also supports Hillary was smart enough not to show up at all in front of his folk with that Hillary mess.Everyone knows after the election in November all those people will go back home and Vonciel will be here to face her constituents.

Three Police Units Respond To Dog Fight ! They Did!

On March 15, 2008 my silly dog got into my neighbor from hell's yard and had a fight with her dog at 10:00AM in the morning. Neighbor from hell was not home. I called animal control to do health check on her dog to make sure he was OK. Animal control
could not go into her yard. I called SPCA to do health check they said they could not go into her yard, so I watched to see if her dog was OK and he seemed to be OK.
My dog got the worst of the fight and good for him ,he had been trained to stay out of her yard. It was his last chance he was removed from my home.
About 7:10PM I saw three police cars next door after about 35 minutes three Dallas Police Officers came to my door. The first bald head young man said, I need to see your dog, I said what dog, he said ma show me the dog, I said take over the house and do what you want(he never id himself by name or the other two officers)he then ask where the door was I showed him and the three of them went into the back yard.
They had already walked the backyard from her side of the fence with flashlights so they knew Dino (my dog) was not back there.The neighbor from hell told these people I was hiding the dog, how in the hell do you hide a dog that you have called 311 twice and SPCA once the same day. The mentality of Neighbor from hell is that I hide the dog, hell from what.The female Officer ask me if I had dog in garage? I said are you crazy? Who keeps a dog in a closed garage? During all that time they NEVER ask me my name, what happen or anything.I then saw another two man squad car arrive, keep in mind we are talking about a dog fight that took place at 10:AM that morning it is now about 8:00 in the evening on Saturday and 5 Police and 4 Police cars are on Bar Harbor investigating a dog fight. Then I saw Animal Control arrive he talk with them and then me, he smiled because he knew neighbor from hell has called them over 15 time about my dog. Each time it has been false. The female Officer came back into my home and ask for my dog registration I gave it to her and I ask if the neighbor had one she said she did not know.
The moral of this story: Tax dollars at waste with that many City employees on dog fight call, when did 911 start responding to dog fight? Animal control would not make health check on dog. Police never ask my side of story, if they had they would have found out early that dog was gone and animal control could have saved trip.Police called animal control based on information from Neighbor from hell
there was no legal reason to pick up my dog. I share this story because there is something wrong with a system that will keep people waiting for Police with serious crimes yet send four cars and five Officers to the scene of a 10 hour old dog fight with no injury or lost of life to a human or dog.
It tells me that an Elected Official made a call to the sub-station for that many Officers to respond and act the way they did.I have had many dealing with Dallas Police and never have I had a bad experience. I really feel for the Officers because they are being used and they are dam if they do and dam if they don't.This is what makes 14-1 bad the way it is used in my Council District 5.Marvin and Roy I am sorry you were doing a good thing it's the people that make it bad, but we have no way of knowing what they will do next.We need 10-4-1.

Neighbor From Hell !

I have been a resident in my community 21 years and never had a problem with a neighbor. Low and behold the Sub-Prime Lenders allowed a woman to move next door to me that is a living hell. My dog had a fight with this woman's dog last in 2006 and every since she has been obsessed with me and my family. This woman thinks about me every day, she lost in Court against me so now she's worst. She walks in her back yard and talk about me , she has pulled all my family members background checks, she could have read that in the news. She walks in her yard with visitors and loudly talks about me ,my dog ,son, husband and describes the dog fight over and over again.
I am not sure what can be done about her other then ignore her but it sure is hard. Maybe a fence will do.

14-1 Was Always Wrong !

I supported the 10-4-1 form of Council configuration when the City was in the battle.
10 single member Districts ,Mayor and 4 at large seats. We would have had some Independence from the ward politics we now have. The 14-1 form of Government leads to corruption , bad political decisions for small area and poor zoning for the City.
The recent Fairfield zoning case is a prime example of what happen when one Council person has final say on a zoning case that effects the entire City. The fact that another Council person is not expected to say anything and then scold if they do ,is UN American. What happens to people when they get elected? Do they become Little Kings and Queens ? What happens to what the people who voted for them have to say. What about the good of the City. Vonciel Hill sits there week after week not saying a word nothing is going on in District 5. The media and other Elected Officials have things to say about Councilman Dwain Caraway but he is doing what he was elected to do. The Dallas Observer called it the Dwain Caraway show well he is the one person in the Southern sector doing something about the old problem we've had for years.He's in the community and did not just start.
The Council is working but, when things happen like Jan Collmer being put off the DFW board and zoning cases like Fairfield, people like Neil Emmons making life hard for every one , builders not wanting to do business in Dallas, Fair Park being treated like it is ,something is wrong in Dallas. In one sentence the City Leaders say Fair Park is a Jewel and in another it's being dismantled piece by piece. We spent 50 million on the Cotton Bowl but nothing on the Park itself, how crazy. I wonder if there is a place to live with less headaches then Dallas with DISD.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

DISD Trustees Impeachment / Carla Ranger Stay!

During my mental rest break I saw an item on the DISD agenda that was very close to my heart and tax bill. The District tried to hide it by simply saying on the official posting: Approval of Waiver To Board Policy(Local) Employment Requirements and Restrictions. I called a good friend and he got the official action sheet. There in plain English listed eleven names and their positions over a 1.5 million dollars going into Tax accounts of other school districts. The paper I have and what the Board approved was a permanent waiver not 12 months. Correct me if I am wrong. This says's the employee should have 12 month to comply,(but did not) however due to some hardships the Superintendent recommends granting a waiver. I spoke to the Board during the meeting and another guy spoke on the same issue. The Trustees looked us square in the face Dr. Hinojosa had that arrogant look when he knows he has the vote. Ron Price talked about how good Ms. Olson was and every person in the world knows it does not take greatness to lead Human Development:(hiring people) what makes this worst is this woman is charged with enforcing this very policy that she will not abide by, her Executive Director also is on this list. We have the top two people in Human Development living out of City and County. The Chief of Staff , school services, business services not one job related to teaching children nor are they critical. Ms. Olsen is an elected Official in Weatherford I guess that is her hardship, it does mean that the Dallas Board members have certainly met this woman in her official capacity. I lost a great deal of respect for the Superintendent because I really did believe that this man would be the one to lead DISD back into greatness. I supported Dr. H when many people did not, I went and spoke for him over
another man who had applied for the job and was serving as Interim and my neighbor. I believed that Dr. H being of Spanish decent was honest, hard working and was a product of the DISD and he had a commitment like no other. The fact that his family still lived in the Community made me feel all the better about him because Spanish people have a deep loyalty to their parents and family to do GOOD. When I met Dr. H he was so nice and down to earth, how could I be wrong about him. Does something happen to people after they become employed by DISD? Do the business men who run the school system really control the Board that much? I know John Scovell over at Hunt is the point man and always has been but normally he wants good for the District. Mr Posy is gone to Glory but he got his one sex schools he also wanted good for the District.
Who are the people responsible for the waste of money ? Can someone please tell that Board they are spending TAX money? How could they put a Bond package on the ballot and not tell the public what's in it? How can they think we are so ignorant that we
don't know they are holding that Audit until after the election ? If that Board is that silly Impeachment is the only answer. Carla Ranger is the only one who should stay. Mr.Lowe should be ashamed of himself he was taught better, Medrano comes from a family of good people I am not sure what got into him.I must take a rest from DISD
and the hurt and disappointment I feel about Dr. H. I felt about him as I do about Obama and he has let me down. If there is something that Dr. H could tell me about this I wish he would. VOTE NO ON BOND!

Time Out !

With the death of Lynn Shaw and the remarks ,I read and heard in the communities , I had to take a mental rest. I can not come to grips with how mean Dallas can be. How hateful people are even in death. I know why people have funeral attendance by invitation only. I want my friends Sharon Boyd and Dwain Caraway to help my family when I go to Glory, making sure the people that I would not want at my service do not enter.
Now John Price is saying "he never believed Rufus Shaw was sick" since the Medical examiner said there was no sign of cancer in Mr. Shaw. So What he's still dead.Who the hell cares what John Price believes. When will the media get it!Stop asking this man about stuff that has nothing to do with Dallas County.
John Price does not run anything but the County and who could not do that after 26 years on the job .The Jail is still a mess and many of the other County departments. If the public or residents of District 3 listen to what John Price said Max Wells, Mary Poss, Ed Oakley , Jesse Jones ,Billy Ratliff and others would be in office. and Dwain Caraway would not have won by 62% of the vote in the heart of District 3.
Hell he couldn't even get elected as an At Large Delegate at the 23 Senatorial Convention .Poor Ken Molberg had to invent another list and put his name on it as a Delegate, that tells you the whole dam thing was rigged. Why was there another list? How many AT Large Delegates did the 23 have? How could there be an empty slot after the Convention end and fora Hillary person who did not attend the convention.Voters let John go back down to 411 Elm because he has no other place to go, he can't win a congressional seat and he need the County pay.He fights dirty in a campaign and ruin his opponents life. The only people who listen to John Price are White folks in North Dallas.
Now you see why I had to take a mental rest. So much madness and crazy talk from people who should know better. I have not even mention DISD and the City Hall.
Living in Dallas will drive you crazy if you don't remove yourself from it every now and then.I am not about to check myself out. I will wait on the LORD!

p.s. If I misspell a word correct.