Monday, January 25, 2010

Pants On The Ground,Looking Like A Fool !

I love that song.It tells the truth. I have "Pants on The Ground" bumper stickers.To order sticker please call.

President Obama, Please Let It Go.Move On !

Insurance companies are the Mafia. The awful part of knowing,is so many people suffer.The old Mafia made people suffer,only if they had betrayed,or stolen from them, never just for greed.

President Clinton's first major defeat, came as a result of trying for Health Care.President Bush first big trouble ,was about Health care.President Obama is not shocked by his numbers going down,during Health care fight, that's the reason he took it first.The President is smart, he knew.The surprise is, how the Insurance Mafia, played the people of all types.those of us who support Health Care reform ,forgot how the Mafia works,bringing out the other mob members (tea party rallies),Perry's home squad and many others ,in various States ,to keep the appearance of regular people,not knowing they were paid operatives.

President Obama was trying his very best to help people ,who's lives are most impacted by sudden illness, lay off, small business,self employed and etc. The Conservatives are so blinded by false information,and believe Government only help
poor lazy people,majority minorities.If ever they would first READ and stop depending on Fox New for information, they would find,Health Care reform would help
hard working middle class people, self employed service people, who happen to about 70% White.
My wish is for President Obama to move on,let Health care die an honorable death,the people will soon realize health insurance is going up.
Look around, all hospitals are building new facilities,all medical related business are hiring people,no Health care services have major lay offs. The Health Care industry is alive and thriving.
Insurance companies are hiring,none have gone broke,AIG's insurance was not a part of their trouble company. Common sense should tell the so called Conservatives that the Insurance and Health Care industry are strong and viable,off the backs of sick people.You are so proud of Brown's victory,well hell, didn't you know he supported Health Care in his home State and it passed.Very easy to vote against other States having reform, when your State already has it.How conservative was that vote? What a fraud,and this is what Conservatives call leadership.You can lie all you want,just don't spend Their tax money. It Is,What It Is !

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dr.Martin Luther King, The Dreamer! What Does It Mean?

Dr. King had a Dream, he wanted all men and woman, children and alike to simply be treated the same.Dr.King wanted equal rights under the laws of the land for all people. Dr.King dreamed of , a world were people could design their own life ,and not be detered by unfair treatment because of the color of their skin.

Dr. King never ask for people of color, to drop out of school, depend on the government for your basic needs,while you spend your money on what you want.Dr. King did not dream of Young men with their pants on the ground.He did not dream of unmarried young woman giving birth to babies,with no means of support,asking the government.Dr. King dreamed of decent and safe housing ,for poor working people,the sick , disable and elderly. He did not dream of Public housing becoming a haven for young woman with multiply fathered children ,providing shelter for these young men with no visible means of income.

Dr. King never dreamed of a US, that would ship most common labor job across the Sea ,to cut cost ,helping other Countries provide for their people. A US that has define being poor and minority ,a target group , from people using a new word to conceal their racism and classicism, Conservative. The use of Conservative to explain certain act's and attitudes, does not pass the smell test. I've been a Conservative since I was a Teen,my Father was one, it does not mean hate and dislike because of financial status or race or place of origin.

Dr.King never dreamed of a time the Black Officials would treat their own worst than any Slave owner. He never dreamed that they would use their Position to hurt their people,and in the same breath cry Racism against anyone who has a different opinion from theirs.Using the EEOC to cover for bad work ethics,taking a days pay,and work half day,goof off the remainder and become angry if spoken to about it.Dr. King died
for us to be free ,and We, Black people have made a mockery of what the Soul of the Civil Rights movement was about.

I have seen no group effort to help the people of Haiti,I have seen no local Black church missionaries working in foreign lands.Correct me if I am wrong.I do believe the TD Jake's ministry has some in Africa.I know Dr. King would be very unhappy ,to see little boys with cell phones and no hair cuts.Girls showing all their skin,false hair and nails going nowhere. Black people we have killed Dr. Kings Dream.What a shame,what a shame, for him to have given his life and Our repayment is total lost of a Generation of people, and Public Officials going to prison all over the Country.

President Obama has made one of Dr.Kings dream come true ,for that ,I am happy,there should be hundreds of Obamas in Dallas alone,every thing is available to people to achieve that goal.

Haiti is a small poor Country of ex slaves ,who fought for their freedom and the right to have a Country of their own.If they had wanted an easier life,it would have been better to remain under the rule of the French,they knew freedom was the correct way.
They didn't sell their Soul and quest for freedom, for a Mercedes Benz,Cadillac,Lexus,2 storey,gold grill,pants on the ground,crack,weed and etc.
Wake up Black people !Dr. King had a Dream,now you have nothing,pick up,become a dreamer so you can live a better quality of life.
Let Dr.Kings Dream become alive again,with our actions.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Rick Perry Has Lost His Mind! What About Us Rick?

Rick Perry has an TV Ad running,saying he cut tax for Small Business people,he did.Perry cut unemployment tax for small business and bankrupt the fund.He than refused the Obama unemployment money publicly,then went behind closed doors and took some of the money to fund the unemployment,that he broke because he did not collect enough money from business to fund it.

Texas Education is in the low ranking,Nationally.In Dallas we have 48 under performing schools for one reason or another.The Governor is refusing to accept 700 million dollars,that Texans have already sent to DC for Education, using that old Willie Horton scare tactic,scare the White folk, with Obama taking over Education
and that will help him get elected.What the hell happens to the students in the mean time.It might not matter to Perry ,but it does to me.Rick Perry and his kind have pushed me from the Republican party,party of my father.I did not allow Newt,with his mean spirit to run me off,but now I have a choice.Every thing the Democrats do I don't like,at least they have an idea.Republican have become the party of No taxes high deficit, yet they have no answer.Stop Terror, with what it cost money,Perry and party wants to make life better for people in Iraq then it is for a Texan in Groom ,Texas. We build hospital for Iraq people,but no Health care for a mother in Dallas ,working with child who needs test on heart, but told bring back 3,000.00.We send Billions to Mexico to fight drugs, they send their citizen over here for us to educate ,house and work.
Now ,so called conservative Perry ,wants to add to the Governors mansion ,for what? He has no small kids,Bush lived there with two kids.Why does Perry want to make it large,he is accustom to the very large house we are paying $5000.00 a month for.How conservative is that? Perry is using the public education in this State for political gain. If White Republicans fall for this game,for fear of President Obama you deserve what you get.Your ability to pay private school tuition might not be available next year ,you might need a public school,you should want the best.

Rick Perry Has Lost His Mind! What About Us Rick?

Monday, January 11, 2010

How Can The (2) Texas Senators Call Anyone Racist ?

I have lived 68 years and never have I witness ,the things people will do today for an election. Is there a pot of gold or a bag of money at the end of the Rainbow,after your elected?
Senator Reid told a truth, the man simply said ,Obama is electable because of his light skin and non negro speech, that is true, not racist.Harry Reid was saying the same thing I said, this young man is electable because he looks Presidential,and can speak the English language. The truth and Reid was one of the people supporting him and they wanted a man that would not scare the White voters away, because we Black people, know we do not vote in big numbers. Yes ,we turned out in record numbers for President Obama, we need that every election, Obama cannot do it all by himself.

Senator Reid stand tall, I know they want you gone because of the Health Care bill,I hope Black people don't fall for that bu--s---, it's all game.

Texas is one of the most Racist States in the Nation,Nevada is not so that should tell you something about Harry Reid, he will be in Dallas this week,I hope to tell him how I feel.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

What Does the Republican Party and Congressional Black Caucus Have In Common?

President Obama wanted Health Care reform to help middle class working people,who often suffer financially after some unexpected illness of a family member.Working people who's employer does not offer health insurance, small business people with less than 3 employees who cannot afford the high premium to pay for a very small business, yet does not qualify for the different public insurance plans.
President Obama has never said not did I misunderstand who his target population would serve.
The Republican party would have you think that there are a large number of Black's,Hispanics/illegals and low class mountain and hill Country Whites who don't work and will benefit from this plan.

Black Congressional caucus would have you believe the only people who will benefit are the poor white Hill County people.They will tell you President Obama has not helped Black people.
Now, truth be told, all the people who they ,are trying to scare you into believing will use all this Health money, are already on Government insurance.
You see ,People , Medicaid covers all children of low or no income people,Chips covers working parents with low.People in renal failure get 30 month Medicare regardless to age,there are a host of other Health benefits from the Government depending on the illness.The money for these programs is approved each year by the Fed's and sent to the States, the State's also add money to these Health care funds.
Every Republican on the Hill knows about this money,Rick Perry knows about this money.
The Black Caucus knows Black people are helped with this money. So you see they are all lying for Political reason,shaming the voting public.It's a shame,it's a shame.
You need to read and not believe what you hear in these 30 second TV ads.

Did you Know the State Of Texas ask the Federal Education Agency for a waiver on Testing Teachers skills? Well ,they did and this is second year.What State would ask Obama to let their Teachers skip a Federal mandated test,to see if they could teach,yet allow students to be tested on material taught by someone who does not poses the skill to teach.Everyone who finish college cannot teach.Teaching is a skill and methodology.

Please Black people and conserative Republicans stop falling for the Bu--S--- and wake up and stop hating President Obama. The Man is trying to help all Americans,give him a chance.

McNabb, the Race Card Won't Work Now !

Well the performance is in the pudding ! A lot has been said about Black this and Black that,one thing the old overused race card does not work on is performance.What you see is what you get. Vick should have played the entire game ,he's a better player than Mc Nabb. I hope the DMN sports writers will leave poor Wade alone, one day they want him fired, he wins another game,they try to explain why he won and should not. I know they need to write to have a job,why pick on such a nice guy like Wade. I like his Father and I sure like him.
When two people play a game, someone must lose so what's the big deal after the game is over.
Send McNabb into retirement and congratulate Wade.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

Did Craig James Pull The Greatest Publicity Stunt for Political Reasons ?

I just heard Craig James say he will run for State Senator when and If Kay Baily steps down. Did this man do all this to get his name out for an election? Could this man do such harm to another Human for publicity? Is this what our Country coming to?

I could not vote for James if he was the only name on the ballot,I'd write my own name.I am now believing this whole thing was another" the kid is in the balloon" ordeal.
How do you sell your Soul for an elected office? Why do people sell their Soul's for a position on a Governing body, at the end of the day what has been accomplished?

Governor Perry has an ad on TV with the biggest lie that has ever been told,the truth is under the State's own web site.Perry does not want his Tea Party to know , he requested $14 billion in Obama's stimulus money, but he did.How can you say something like that? When everyone in Austin knows the truth. I have followed all the Republicans who speak ill of President Obama's policies publicly, but spend the money in private.With the Internet you just can't tell those lies ,and people don't find the truth.It should be illegal.

Monday, January 04, 2010

I Am Betty Culbreath, Don't Blame My Son !

I realized all my life that being outspoken has severe consequences.I have opted to continue to do, in my opinion what is right and fair. When I was speaking on issues that benifit one group ,it always offended another group.Back in the day when an issue was over ,people went on to the next issue or fight ,win,lose or draw it was not personal or friendships lost.
Today if you speak the truth about a Black leader or Official or anyone in a Position
they think you are not to speak about them. I can speak or write on a blog anything I wish,as long as its not about them. How could I keep my integrity if I had off limit people? This is a blog it was meant to give everyday people an opportunity to express themselves, that is what I do. I blog about issues in my opinion that have a direct impact on the public interest.I do not blog about private business.
I am a lifetime resident of Dallas and everyone who knows me, knows that I do not bit my tongue or try to make a lemon an orange.It Is What It Is.

My Son suffered from an addiction and now has overcome ,and is doing very good.My Son was well educated prior to the addiction and worked with some of Dallas's finest.
During his off time ,I begin to blog and people begin to dislike me for the truths In my opinion,I was blogging.My Son has never shared my politic views,he does not read my blogs,he does not know what I blog, so I hope in your dislike for me,it does not transfer to my Son.I have never allowed by displeasure of anyone to effect my relationship with other Friends and Family, work or every day living.
I hope 2010 will bring clear thinking and understanding among people of all backgrounds.That is my Prayer Lord.

I Am Betty Culbreath not My Son!