Saturday, January 09, 2010

What Does the Republican Party and Congressional Black Caucus Have In Common?

President Obama wanted Health Care reform to help middle class working people,who often suffer financially after some unexpected illness of a family member.Working people who's employer does not offer health insurance, small business people with less than 3 employees who cannot afford the high premium to pay for a very small business, yet does not qualify for the different public insurance plans.
President Obama has never said not did I misunderstand who his target population would serve.
The Republican party would have you think that there are a large number of Black's,Hispanics/illegals and low class mountain and hill Country Whites who don't work and will benefit from this plan.

Black Congressional caucus would have you believe the only people who will benefit are the poor white Hill County people.They will tell you President Obama has not helped Black people.
Now, truth be told, all the people who they ,are trying to scare you into believing will use all this Health money, are already on Government insurance.
You see ,People , Medicaid covers all children of low or no income people,Chips covers working parents with low.People in renal failure get 30 month Medicare regardless to age,there are a host of other Health benefits from the Government depending on the illness.The money for these programs is approved each year by the Fed's and sent to the States, the State's also add money to these Health care funds.
Every Republican on the Hill knows about this money,Rick Perry knows about this money.
The Black Caucus knows Black people are helped with this money. So you see they are all lying for Political reason,shaming the voting public.It's a shame,it's a shame.
You need to read and not believe what you hear in these 30 second TV ads.

Did you Know the State Of Texas ask the Federal Education Agency for a waiver on Testing Teachers skills? Well ,they did and this is second year.What State would ask Obama to let their Teachers skip a Federal mandated test,to see if they could teach,yet allow students to be tested on material taught by someone who does not poses the skill to teach.Everyone who finish college cannot teach.Teaching is a skill and methodology.

Please Black people and conserative Republicans stop falling for the Bu--S--- and wake up and stop hating President Obama. The Man is trying to help all Americans,give him a chance.

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