Wednesday, June 30, 2010

David Brown Jr.'s , Girlfriend Could Have Saved Lives !

In a tragedy we often think about what could have prevented the event, as a professional planner for catastrophic events, we would sat around  table and pitch ideas , until we have enough to write a report, on how to prevent another occurrence.

The key in this case, first person to contact authorities about complainant, if news reports are correct that call was made, subject ,man in pool without clothes, Officers responded subject was not taken into custody.
Later call according to news report came from, live in Girlfriend of  suspect, officers interviewed complainant and observed suspect  talking about , children reading bible. Girlfriend had opportunity to speak with
Police and tell the truth as she knew it, about what was wrong with suspect. Call to 911 girlfriend said he acts like someone on PCP, it is my belief , she knew  the subject had taken PCP, medical examiner has confirmed his blood had some trace of PCP and weed and alcohol to what degree was not specified.

This woman told Police she did not want man taken to jail, because he had not hit her and no crime was committed, this woman also was the person who injected the Dallas Chief of Police name into her conversation with Lancaster Police, she used all her power ,to prevent this man from being transported to a hospital or jail. This unknown faceless woman used the system half way and refused the other half ,because of her feeling for the suspect, not the well being of her children ,herself  or suspect. Three men or dead, three families suffering, City split down middle, police groups angry , small group of agitators using this painful time to promote their agenda, there are no winners in this situation.

In my opinion she could have avoid this whole tragedy, by simply telling the truth about what he had digested into his system., police could , and in all likely hood , would have called EMS and transport to hospital.

I am trying to put this highly emotional issue in some context of understanding. Glenn White had always been disruptive, I know none of us agreed to a honor guard for the slain shooter, however some of us realize that it was not an honor guard, DPA put out the honor guard notice, no one on street knew the wiser. Glenn White said , DPD or DPA would never forget it, well Glenn White, I will never forget the shooting of Mr. David Horton or Ms. Etta or Santo Rodriguez , by DPD , innocent people killed by the people who are paid to protect them.

While I ,won't forget thee murders of Dallas Citizens  by Dallas police officers, I have moved on to make peace with my feeling , for the good of this City and its people. I expect you and your association to do the same for the good of this City.
If you cannot follow the command of the Chief of Police, who ever that might be, you should do your self and Dallas tax payers a favor  resign , find work in the City or County where you live and pay property tax .. The majority of DPD officers do not reside within the City of Dallas, not safe enough for their families. I have supported DPD in spite of,with the hope that we could all live together, these recent actions show we have not moved very far.

I pray for all involved, the Officer that was killed, Young father who was killed, Father ,who's son was killed.

The man who killed police officer, recieved the ultimate punishment , death by gunfire.

Monday, June 28, 2010

What About Tragedy, Don't People Understand ? Once In A Lifetime Tragedy!

Sunday June 20,2010 was the first time in history a tragedy, effected so many lives in so many different ways. Never in the history of Dallas County have two Police Chief's had to answer the same death call,one as a boss ,one as a father,another as the father of shooter.
In times like these everyone is in shock and going through the motions,that are necessary to do the business of burring the dead and comforting the grieving family members.
It's easy for some to condemn the action of people trying to be in service to others, if Glenn White had been on Central looking at the dangerous  situation developing because of an accident, and potential of another,would he have ask for help with traffic? A good Leader acts in time of crisis and takes responsibility for his action regardless of outcome,Cato has done that. It seems the media would have us think ,Honor guard for Brown Jr, ,when we know it was a traffic detail, they return to schedule duty after traffic condition was under control.,and performed an Honor Escort for officer Shaw's service.
Officer Shaw's family is angry they have been led ,by Glenn White and media to believe that an honor guard was sent to Brown Jr. procession, and that's a lie.Shaw family in your grief please don't allow Dallas to use
you for their real purpose,grieve your loss and avoid racial politics of Dallas.
Chief Brown and other Dallas citizens were in that procession,their lives were also in danger,the Shaw family did not even know ,some of the officers went to help with traffic,the Devils inside DPD leaked all that information to the press. The group that did not want David Brown to become chief are the same ones who would like to use this very tragedy to destroy him.

DPD is in pain because of a fallen Officer,so is Chief Brown,his pain is deeper because he is a Police Officer
by profession the only people he knows, his pain is like no other, that only he can feel that his birth Son killed a member of his fraternity,that Chief Brown has worked and honored all his life.
How than can members of his own fraternity turn so cold on their own,how can they call for members job's so freely without hesitation, over an action, they know was not meant as an honor guard. If an Honor Guard had been planned for Brown Jr. procession it would not have been staged at another location,it would have been on site of detail, the private escort would not have been hired if that was a fact.
What concerns me is the people who are making the noise know the truth, this is a move to remove the top command of DPD. This is the big take over attempt. I have always supported DPD even when ,I have known there is a core group of trouble makers , always present along with a certain DMN reporter who loves giving minority officers hell. Chief Bolton was not making up what he said was going on in that Department, he just went about the process wrong and it cost him credibility.

I feel so sorry for the Shaw family, McMillan family, Brown family, Lancaster Police Department family, Dallas Police Department family  and Chief David Brown. I will say ,Chief Cato, Officer Bernal  and other members of DPD, that can wear three hats (officer,human,boss) and not lose sight of reality, stay strong for your Chief,department and your family, God will not let the good of many be destroyed by the evil of a few.Stay strong,know this community is with you and if a mistake was made,it was just that a mistake,during a trying time and it to will be forgiven.

I stand with you and will be present when needed to express my support any day,time or year.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Had To Take A Break , from Dallas,Only To Return To Much Madness !

One week away from this place ,can help one's mind regroup. While I was gone I got news of the triple shooting in Lancaster.My first mind was ,how tragic the shooting were, second call identified one of the persons dead, as a Lancaster Police Officer, another as young man with his family, another young man doing the shooting. My first though was, maybe gang or drug related, as I followed news on line the scene was becoming clear and the shooter had been identified as Chief Browns son.

I had already felt for the first news I received and my sorrow was there, I than felt deep pain for Chief Brown,who I know, for the lost of a child. My feeling of pain for David  Brown was as a Father not Chief Brown.
It seems that some of the people who ,are lashing out at Chief Brown are doing so ,because he was not their choice for Chief, and now that he's down and they think, in his weakest hour,the hate has come full circle.

What is strange to me, is they are so full of down right hate about Chief Brown being Chief,just as Obama being President, that what brains they did have , or re-fried and have no juice left.
First off ,Chief Browns son was 27 years old, a man living on his own. I never heard anyone charge Hinckley's father for him shooting President Reagan.
Second,You would have to be an idiot not to realize Brown Jr. had snapped and lost his mind,none of his action were those of a sane man.
Thirdly, When Officer Banal called for traffic support,he felt as a police officer,the private escort was not adequate for the traffic on I45 and lives were in danger,mainly his police Chief and other fellow Officers,he did not call for a Funeral Escort for the dead Brown Jr.,his family had already paid for escort. You people know nothing about police work,funeral business,traffic control,and your fault finding and hate is so strong,you don't give a dam.
Fourth.Chief David Brown has ask no one from the City,County or any other government agency for anything, he simply does not roll like that. His son the cop killer is dead and buried ,but he is still his son.
I will still support David Brown in the lost of his son,the Shaw family in the lost of their Loved one,the McMillan family in the lost of their Loved one and the Lancaster Police Department in the lost of a fellow Officer.
If your heart and mind are right , you also can mourn the lost of ,three Son's,a Police Officer, three Fathers and their families. At that same time , can pray for the salvation of the man who took their lives.

I know Mary Suhm, she is no push over,so you angry folk don't make a mistake.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Please Remember, Every Woman , Is Not BEYONCE KNOWLES !

Hot weather is here, it has already caused women , to shed clothes in an attempt to  stay cool. What most woman fail to realize ,is every woman cannot wear the popular styles. Styles are the season designers plan for normal bodies ,to wear their clothes, like on the runway. Plus size styles are designed ,for Plus style woman and they are comfortable.  Plus size women should wear Plus size clothes , cover up body parts that are not meant to be exposed. Plus size breast  hanging  out of  blouses are not sexy, its nasty.
Please ladies have some respect for your self , children and  public.

Small woman you to,show  all your body parts, clothes are made for cover. Cleavage has been around for years,Movie Stars will sometimes show almost all of their breast, that is not correct,however they are entertainers and when the camera goes off , the clothes go back on.
Please stop showing your behind and breast,at Target,Walmart and Church.

Tight pants will cause vaginal infection,you need to wear skirts and dresses so air can circulate , for health reasons.

I know, when Beyonce made the song about Big butts,all woman related to the song,thinking the bigger your butt was the better you looked,simply not true.Beyonce, has enough money to have a big butt one day and small butt next day. It was a song ,not real life drama. I have seen more big butts, since that song than in my entire life. If you are in a public place,all I see are extremely large behinds,everywhere,with tight pants, as if someone poured them into the pants.

Ladies, I am simply trying to help save your life,tight pant are not healthy, wearing pants every day is not healthy, eating and not exercising because you want your butt big,and bigger, later in life you will develop leg pain,foot and joint pain.Your frame is built for so much weight,overloaded frames cause health problems.

Please for the sake of womanhood ,cover up your breast,be sexy but with class.Your butt does not need to be as big as a box car,please lose some weight,live longer, eat correctly.Live for your self and kids.Beyonce is rich,we are not.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dallas News Should, Take Some Responsible, Latest DHA Fumble.

I try not to write about everything I know,but it's very difficult to have information and not share when I see, what headache are caused by bad decisions.
History of How I Got to DHA.
Mayor Leppert was a new Mayor taking office with a lot on his agenda,out going Mayor Miller had trouble, in City Hall with charges of corruption and DHA in the headlines,Director and Board Chair fighting,Board Chair tries to fire Director, hire City Housing Director,unbeknown to City manager.
Mayor Miller had called me, out of retirement to bring order to the Plan Commission ,I accepted because, I had been there before , it should have been easy.Oddly enough,I had not served under 14-1 Council form of government and much to my surprise,the Plan Commission had become ,this 15 member body,with 14 people establishing themselves as, Mayor,Manager and Indian Chief of 14 pieces of City zoning.The hardest job was,managing Neil Emmons,he had the majority of members thinking no one had knowledge but Neil.Neil had convinced the Dallas Morning News Editorial group, that I was some horrible person, I knew the Commission rules ,in fact ,helped to write them , I was not going to allow Neil to break them ,as he had done in the past.the ED began to paint me in a very negative light. First,I felt bad about them calling me names,but later,I understood the fact that many of these people, were not on the Editorial Board ,when I served before,and knew nothing about me, were willing to take the word of Neil Emmons,said a lot about them.
Part Two Why I was Chosen.
When Mayor Miller called that January day,as DHA was in the news daily,she knew I had run two housing agencies , was fair,she knew I would get to the bottom of the problem,call it like it is and not turn my Board service into a money making opportunity for myself and friends.

Mayor Leppert ask me to stay on another 12 months in hold over position until he got around to appointing his Board,I said sure. As Chair,I did discover the problems, and worked with Ms.Lott to solve most of them.Ms. Lott was a good advocate for the residents.
Dallas News Continued To Attack New Board.
The Dallas News came first ,with Board needs to be removed after the first audit was released,I called the Mayor and Ms.Lott and I met with him and advised him of the audit prior ,to it becoming public,I still cannot figure how the news had the information 39 minutes after we ended our meeting at City Hall.When the audit became public,again Dallas News called for the heads of the Board,never mind the fact,that three of us were new members and the audit did not cover our tenure on the Board.I knew than there was a plan afloat to rid the Board of a minority, majority.
Editorial Board Had View On Board,From Where is Mystery?
The Palin Group ,Editorial Board, actually believed the reason Ms.Lott had not been terminated was that she was Black.I don't know why intelligent White folk think every move Black people make ,is about color.
DMN people, believe the hype,that Sharpton,Jackson,Price and other say in 2010 ,keep using that race card and white people stay scared,no one believes that rapping junk talk but them.I remember former Councilman Fantroy,could scare them to death, with that,"People going Take to the street if you all don't do this or that",the Black community would be laughing and asking,Do they (white people)really believe what he's saying.We knew no one was going to rally about wrong doing.
Dallas News Panic.
Well ,the DMN got wind of the fact that the DHA Board was interviewing for the Directors job,the week we were doing the second round of interview's of candidates.James Ragland wrote a story,saying Mayor Leppert had better hurry and pick his Board members,because the old Board was about to name a new Director of DHA.The article ran on Wednesday,the Mayors office contacted the two Black Board members the next day made appointment for both of us on Friday and informed us that as of that day we would no longer be members of the Board,it's ironic that the other member who's time was up happen, to be Anglo and Mayor Leppert reappointed him.The man is a very fine man and good board member,so I have no problem with him serving,its just the two Black ,Miller members did not make it but the White one did.How can White folk continue to judge Blacks like we are all one big family.White people believe, all Black people know each other,I had to say several times,I had never met Ann Lott or Board member Rod Washington or Ms.Davis.DMN just knew ,(nothing was fartherest from truth),we Blacks members, would hire a Black from within to replace Ms.Lott ,and they wanted a White outsider who could put these Blacks in their place. Mayor Leppert appointed good people,just not housing or community connected people.
Why Outsiders Do Not Aways Make Best Person for Job.
Community people would know about Fort Worth Avenue and what they are doing
to rebuild the area,it's looking good.
Background on Bridge Operation.
The housing of the formally homeless people will not effect the quality of life at all. I wrote the bridge program in 2003 and presented it to the Chair Councilwoman Lois Finkelman and Karen R=====,cannot spell her last name,at the time she was Director of environmental and Human Service for City of Dallas, I did it for Laura Miller,just like I design the Assistance center, when others wanted to build an out door pavilion and flying all over looking at what was on Internet for free.I take nor want credit for it ,but the staff knows who wrote it and they cleaned it up and added here and there, I do Lot's of things in this City,the Palin group has no idea who and what I am or what I do. As Larry ,the cable guy says ,Getter done.
Why It Matters To Me.
You can't pass a street or development or anything worthwhile,that I didn't have a hand in getting done,all volunteer work,what makes me happy is know someone was served and the Greater good of the city was made better
by my action,its not for man's recognition or plaques,God rewards me daily.
Why Editorial Boards Don't Always Know Best.
DMN you were in a rush to remove the Black Board members, and pushed Mayor Leppert to hurriedly appoint new Board and they,being new had to hurry and act on a Director for out of the agency and City,so now you have this woman trying to do DHA's part in housing formally homeless people,which is responsible for housing low income people .Cliff Manor is ideal for the program,because of the apartment size,on bus line,near retail and safe area.
Program Criteria
People eligible for this type of housing,are the one who have been working with Social workers and others to get their lines on track,they are moving from the inside housing at the Bridge,not from outside laying in the yard,they have completed a step in the program,after becoming employed they can move on are remain there.All residents must obey the rules of DHA and the Bridge program,they are less likely to commit any type of action in their neighborhood,their people just like you and I,looking to go forward not backward.

I hope my doing Mary Ann's job ,explaining the program ,residents will feel comfortable with who they are.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Former Councilman Al Lipscomb,Gravely Ill !

I received a call today from a very good friend of Mr. Lipscomb,he had come to Dallas to check on him,after being told he was Methodist Charleston Hospital,a month not doing well.The friend had Mr. Lipscomb transferred to Methodist Central, I've been told the Doctors ,want him to see some people.
I am on my way to the Hospital,Mr Lipscomb has done to much in this community and in a hospital and I did not know it,I am not sure if you all knew it,but I sure did not. It is a shame that a man came from another City to see about our Loved one, what is wrong in this Town.Two White men had to call me about,a man that has helped me and all of you, and we did not see about him and for some reason no one of his family members called me,but sent me an invitation to a birthday party, just last week.

What the hell is going on?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Beautiful Poodle Puppies For Sale !

Four Beautiful Poodle puppies were born to Sasha Culbreath,May 10,2010 Mothers day.ACA. registered.
Snap Culbreath Sire, AKC registered.

Two male puppies remain for sale , two are already sold.Price $400.00 each.
Puppies ready to make new home June 29,2010.

If you are interested please contact by email.Non refundable Deposit required. 214-502-6009 serious buyers only.Apricot color/w white making

What Is Going On In Dallas?

First, the City old water main breaks.Second, flood Dallas County Records building where all computer equipment is stored.Third ,Two years ago,Commissioners were told to store back up in another place,in case,what happened, happens, Commissioners in two years have not followed recommendation,now their main building where all records are stored,flooded and shut down,the County is closed.Fourth, remember when the County Judge dismantled the IT committee,because they were causing trouble for It staff,well Foster was right ,if the IT department had been able to do their
job without Political interference from commissioner,this day would not have happen.Fifth,John Price thinks that's cute saying they have purchased some new equipment,I will bet the cost doubled.Sixth,City of Dallas should test water mains and fix or replace old pipes,City took in 30 million dollars for storm water and used it in general fund,now they want to raise,water by the same percentage they decreased the trash pick up.Do these people think ,we the general Public are Fools?
It makes me sick to look and hear what they say and expect us to believe it.
Matthew 23:9-29 says, Woe, You Hypocrites.