Thursday, August 14, 2008

$ 5 million to ATT ? $ 2 Million from Woodard ?

What City in its right mind gives one Company (AT&T) $5 million to move downtown and take $2 million from another (Woodard Company) to leave downtown after 80 years in same location? 14-1 was bad for Dallas then and August 13, 2008 vote reinforced why it's Bad now.

Not In America ! Only In Dallas


The Constitution of the United States of American was written to protect the rights of the People. The Dallas City Council lead by Councilwoman Angela Hunt (in my district)voted to deny Woodard Paint & Body Shop a Special Use permit to continue to operate their business as they have for eighty years. The multi million dollar a year business own their land pay sales tax,property tax,employ PEOPLE and provides a valuable service downtown. The City has put a very good business out of business. Why would anyone want to invest in opening a new business in Dallas when ,with the whim of a few people can close your business down. The one thing that makes this worst is Mr. Woodard sold property to Dave Fox to build Bryan Place and the first people who moved in got County tax assistance for down payments on their homes. One of the main reasons Dallas is behind Houston and Atlanta is this very type of action. Neither of these Cities would have voted to close a thriving 80 year old business, there mentality is, they were first , new people learn how to get along with them. Only Dallas wants to throw out all the Old to bring on the new.Soon Dallas will pass an Ordinance to make people over 65 move from single family residential District to Assisted Living zoned district because one day they will need assistance. The Woodard land will set there empty with no sales tax revenue for years just as the Fishburn cleaners building did. Sad Day For The Constitution.

Monday, August 11, 2008

County Judge John Price

Stevie Wonder knows John Price is the County Judge, the sad part is he is not in the correct position on the Court. Price certainly deserves the Judge position but cannot win it Countywide. Judge Price has the knowledge to run the County and is smart enough to get things done. I would vote for him for County Judge. The only problem with Judge Price in my opinion is his vindictiveness towards people who disagree with him.In my opinion he uses his position to retaliate against them. The issue can be anything, having nothing to do with the County and he will try and harm you ,it last for years. I don't want to think he's evil because he has a good heart , but he takes disagreement as heartbreak and the pain that follows is brutal.
I am happy that Judge Price is on the job because the County needs his Leadership more now then it ever has.Allen Clemson has announced his retirement, I sure like Allen and enjoyed 21 years of working with him he is brilliant and has good temperament .

City Budget/ Think Out of Box

I cannot understand why the City employees know nothing but Close to correct budget short fall. First of all the small amount of money saved does not make a dent in the budget.The two City pay stations generate revenue plus serve a need in ares that people need the most. The City could add a small collection fee or they could ask the Utility companies to pick up the extra cost. The could add check cashing or Lottery tickets sales to the pay station. There are so many more thing they could do.
The Community Courts could accept fine payments at the pay station and cut the line down at the Harwood street address. Please City Staff try and do something other then Close.

Two Great Entertainers Gone In One Week !

Issac Hayes I grew up on. I did not miss him in Concert. GONE. Bernie Mack I loved him he had that down to earth kind of humor and made you feel like family. I will miss these great men and their contribution to our Country. Many Prayers to their families.

Thanks Sharon Boyd

Thanks Sharon, I am so accustom to being misunderstood and talked about it seems common place. I felt so good reading someone take up for me. I try so hard to serve my Community and be honest. People have been using old methods /racism and misinform voters and hard working residents ,it becomes hard for them to know the truth. I try to advise them of what is Truth from Fiction. I stay in hot water because of it. Again Thank you for your time and commitment to speaking the truth
about issues. Real people need to hear what is real from people that have noting to gain from the misinformation.

John Edwards Say No More !

I hope that John Edward says no more. First he is not an Elected Official and the fact that he had an affair does not bother me, I believe most men do. The fact that the affair took place during a time his wife needed him the most is what I find distasteful. In his weak moment he said he made a mistake in judgement, how do you make a mistake in judgement when your Loved one is fighting for her life. We all know
he and the woman made that DNA story up together. He would publicly say he would take one ,when ask she would say no. Oldest game in Town. What makes this story silly is he is still seeing this woman. Nothing wrong with that ,if they are just friends, why run out in the middle of night from hotel? John please give it a rest.
Say no more.

Hillary Clinton Is Still In Race !

I told everyone who would listen that Hillary Clinton was not out of the race when she closed her campaign. That story about keeping her Delegates so she could raise money was all a lie. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been busy behind the scene lobbing Delegates and counting numbers so she can take the nomination from Obama.
Hillary has talked Obama into asking for the Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated and counted. That would give Hillary the numbers she need and all they must do is change some Super Delegates votes and Hillary will have the numbers.I hope Obama 's people know this, they are smart but I hope they can deal with Crooked Clinton's. Hillary will be nominated from the floor her reason is "My people need to be a part of the process and heard" big lie . They can be heard saying Hillary delegate switching to Obama if they just want to have a voice in the process. Hillary Clinton for her own sake will tear up the Democratic Convention and John McCain will become the President. All you die heart Clinton backers should see just what kind of people they really are, FOR SELF ONLY. Obama should take them off campaign trail because they are only promoting themselves.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ross Will Never Be Changed !

I hope the people wanting a Name change for their Hero will get one. However I am a life time resident of Dallas , Texas and there is a certain way about "The Dallas Way". Dallas people think and react different about things. No real Dallas people are against naming a street after Mr. Chavez. Hispanics can say racism all they want but its not about race, its about the Dallas Way. I though Pauline Medrano would have shared with them the Dallas Way of doing things , because she was taught by one of the Best, her Father. Papa Medrano would have had the votes and research done,
business owners name on paper and street signs made when he went to City Hall.

The City and Patrons of the Arts have put Millions into Ross Avenue because of its rich history of wealth and support of cultural events in the past. For that reason Ross Avenue will not change. Someone with the mind of Papa Medrano should step forward and pick a street with a chance of changing such as Live Oak and move forward. A fight about Ross Avenue will not get what they want, it will get them nothing.
As my friend Rufus Shaw would say, that is my opinion from the Southwest part of Oak Cliff, Texas.