Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ross Will Never Be Changed !

I hope the people wanting a Name change for their Hero will get one. However I am a life time resident of Dallas , Texas and there is a certain way about "The Dallas Way". Dallas people think and react different about things. No real Dallas people are against naming a street after Mr. Chavez. Hispanics can say racism all they want but its not about race, its about the Dallas Way. I though Pauline Medrano would have shared with them the Dallas Way of doing things , because she was taught by one of the Best, her Father. Papa Medrano would have had the votes and research done,
business owners name on paper and street signs made when he went to City Hall.

The City and Patrons of the Arts have put Millions into Ross Avenue because of its rich history of wealth and support of cultural events in the past. For that reason Ross Avenue will not change. Someone with the mind of Papa Medrano should step forward and pick a street with a chance of changing such as Live Oak and move forward. A fight about Ross Avenue will not get what they want, it will get them nothing.
As my friend Rufus Shaw would say, that is my opinion from the Southwest part of Oak Cliff, Texas.

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