Monday, December 27, 2010

County Judge Elect Clay Jenkins , Not Sworn, Already Doing Dirty Work !

All people who wanted a change you are getting one.It seems that County Judge Elect-Clay Jenkins has already targeted people in various positions at Dallas County to terminate.There is no way Clay Jenkins can evaluate who to let go when he does not know the County system.Jenkins is taking his orders from someone else. I am told basic information to back up some of his selections does not match the work criteria, people are performing.Clay is being used and what he does not know is he will be thrown under the bus after he is used up.I never though he was very bright but I was impressed by his interview the other day on the direction of the Court,but now I am back to my original opinion,he's no Obama and he might have worked on legal matters with the campaign but to be lead by who he is allowing himself to follow tells me he's twisted. Judge Foster was independent and did not allow John Price to led him.I think you people will miss him after a little while.I hope he cleans up his act, something tells me the next big bust will happen at 411 Elm St.Dallas County Texas. Happy New Year Dallas County

Rick Perry Texan of Year ! How Could That Be?

I read the Dallas Morning News explanation for naming Slick Rick Texan of the Year.In fact I read it three times and still could not get the "Honor" from what was written.Governor Perry has been the silliest grown man this past year , said horrible things about people and made up untruthful stories all for a VOTE.This man spoke of Texas leaving the US and he's named Texan of the Year. How does a major News organization name a man who has so distorted the truth about Washington and the Federal government then miss-educate
ignorant people, all for selfish gain. Is It Just Me or has Everyone gone crazy?

What Is A : Pastor, Preacher, Minister, Reverend ?

Once upon a time most Pastors were men who followed their families into ministry or studied theology or other related bible courses.There were also men who were Called to the ministry by God or circumstances in life that changed them. Back in the Day there were clubs on every corner,Pimps and Hustlers were common place after Richard Nixon left the White House ,hustling got real bad.In fact money was tight on the streets walking around and gambling money dried up. What happen next was amazing,night clubs started to close, churches in converted houses and storefronts popped up ever where seemly overnight. Now we have so many churches people are going from one to another to find the best: Trickster,Showman,Hustler,Rapper or best Cult.You can attend a church every Sunday pay titties ,regular at Wednesday night service,outreach ministry on Saturday and than get sick and miss church three weeks and not a soul from the church misses you.Not one person from the Church calls to inquire about your well being, What kind of church is that no one misses you, not even bookkeeper who logs your offering check. God is on the main line and we need to stay in touch with him,if you depend on your church Leader to keep you connected please dial up God on your own.If you need a place for your funeral reserve your space prior to becoming ill,some churches have different auditoriums for different members,important people get New building others get old building,non members even get new building if their names have been on radio,TV or Dallas morning news.Politics in church,Politicians using Leaders on non church for monetary gain.Oh what a day its going to be when God comes to claim the Righteous. My last comment ,how do you drive a Jaguar to rob a house.How do you crawl into a window to help stop two men from robbing a house,step on your Jag and climb.What happen to 911?Is it Just me,or is everyone going crazy.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tea Party Protester Will Stay Home If Medicaid Is Cut!

Well, well the Tea Party folk who hope on the buses paid for by Special Interest money will be forced to stay home when the new Republican cut Medicaid funding that pays for their loved one's nursing home care.It seems that more middle and lowed middle class white folk utilize nursing home care for their elderly that minorities.Blacks and Hispanics keep their loved ones in the home and care for them.What a suprise,suprise.Some of these new folk seemed to have believed there were all young folk on Medicaid using this service but as it turns out they spend less money than the older group. Also did you see the plan to stop funding favorite project spending for Congress people is only two years.These fools think people will not see through this? What's so bad,they think this will hurt President Obama being reelected in 2012.Lee Atwater is turning over in his grave I wonder who the planner is for Republicans 2012. If Rick Perry and Sara Palin or all they have may God help them.People who take Sara Palin serious are plain haters of all things and are happy to have a ding bat to follow.Rick Perry has gotten so drunk on power he is willing to mislead this State into deep water,not following EPA rules,turning down education money and making very silly statements nationally has Texas looking like a fool all over the Country.

Election Day In Bermuda a Joy.

I spent Election Day in beautiful Bermuda. First time on the Island and it was simply beautiful. All the natural flowers, beautiful people doing all sorts of work. I did not realize that the Country was mostly Black and race and color does not seem to matter. Black’s White’s all over the place, working, smiling just living life other races present and peaceful. New governments Officers being installed were 85% people of color in the statements written about the outgoing Officers it was noted the former Prime Minister had been a race batting man people were tired of his using race as the base of all arguments much like some of our Official who have held office to long. The mane was voted out of office. The cab drivers were very polite clean and spoke English; my driver was the Mayor of St.George Parish very delightful man. Mayor by day taxi driver by night He was there to pick me up for my return trip at 6 AM the fourth day. We had so much fun and conversation was great all about policy what new ideas he had for New Year. I was so excited reading his name in daily paper recognized him as someone I knew. Unlike Dallas elected Officials over there don’t take themselves so serious and think election appoint them as Queens and Kings of the universe. The daily news was a joy to read there were real stories, human interest stories, and crime stats but it was not a liberal vs. conservative paper both sides were present but neither overshadowed the other. Paper respected its total readership and it was the only paper in town. My visit was such a joy that if I were a little younger and did not need transplant follow up at the best place in town, Dallas Transplant Institute I might move. I sure will visit as often as I can just for the political peace of mind.

Body Scan or Die ? Which Do You Prefer ?

November 16, 2010 As a DFW airport board member I find it puzzling that so many people object to TSA screenings. First the full body scanner only shows the structural outline of the body, it does not picture your body parts as in a picture or show body organs in living color. The scan is much like taking a medical scan and people have no objection to medical personnel looking at those scans and public safety is not involved. There are many substances that can cause damage to an airplane that are not detectable by metal detection. Metal detection is just that “metal” detect. I know for a fact people tape drugs and other substances around their legs, waist or any other part of the body that are not detected by detector ,the scan will show any object not a part of the body structure. I know of cases where Pilots have carried money belts around their waist one containing as much $35,000.00 in cash. Why would a Pilot fly with that amount of undeclared money in a belt? The scan is the only way to detect an object on a person’s body, pat down will also allow Officers to feel any object. If a person has nothing to hide what is the problem? I would rather be alive than dead.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

What Happen To Our Values ?

What Happen To Our Values? I am sixty nine years old and have worked since age nine years. I enjoyed going to work during the summer and having money to but small stuff for myself and giving other money to my parents. I also worked in college and was first black elevator operator for Sears in Austin, Texas. My real student aide job which paid half my room and board of $42.00 per month .I kept $21.00 per month of what my father and sister sent and spent that on other needed items. My point I was taught the value of money and how to prioritize need vs. wants. Some recent events have taken place and I had to sit back and say aloud “God what has happen to my people” where has our training gone? I will illustrate what I’m having trouble with Dorothy and Willie were married had two boys, Dorothy and Willie divorced and both stayed very active in their boys lives. The boy lived with Willie he had custody and they would visit Dorothy regularly. Lorenzo the oldest son was a good baseball player and A student. Willie was a member of the Unbars Social club a group of local wealthy men and membership was by invitation only he also had a very good job and Lorenzo attended a private school with tuition about 12,000.00 per year. To maintain membership in Unbars it cost about $1200.00 per year not including extra activities. Dorothy has a very good job and maintains an active social life and member of various civic and social organizations. Could you tell me why Willie would apply for a one thousand dollar scholarship for Lorenzo? Could you explain how Dorothy who works for Blue Moon Beer Would allow Willie to apply to Blue Moon Beer for Lorenzo knowing she is on screening committee? Point being why we pay for everything we want and expect other to pay for what we need. How can you be in Society and belong to all the organizations requiringFunds. Yet not support your child’s financial needs. My Son received a full four year scholarship to college and I paid all other expenses, I did not apply for other funding to pay for his other need . I was a divorced mother with a job. People who live large but take resources from people who need them are guilty of poor judgment and violate the laws of God, Do not take from the Least of Thee. Now Dorothy and Willie want everyone to feel sorry for them because the cover has been pulled off for everyone to see. The worst part is they still don't get it! They see nothing wrong!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What Happen / Changed In 50 Years? Why Are People So ,Out There?

I drove up to Yvonne Ewell Townview Magnet High School to meet some very special young people in an after school meeting.School was ending and a gentlemen was directing traffic.I stopped and ask for direction on parking there was a handicapped spot open directly in front of me,however there was a white car blocking half of entrance to parking space.The man working with a DISD ID badge said to me the taxpayer,volunteer and coming at 4PM to help students" you have to wait until she pulls off,she is waiting on her son she picks him up every day and park there,plus her mother works up here".I know it's something wrong when a grown man working parking lot ,thinks it's OK to block a parking space and then say she parks there every day and her mother works up here. None of that conversation was necessary if he had done his job and simple ask the woman to move up five or ten feet she was not blocking full entranceto space. This happen on Parent Teacher evening. Parents were coming to campus to speak with Teachers ,parking was in short supply. What happen to this older man ,that he made an excuse for not doing his job which is parking lot not story telling.

Thursday, October 07, 2010

Another Great AARP 50+ Conference Orlando Florida !

I had a wonderful time in Orlando last week.Tom Joyner and wife were on the program Tom was session host and Donna conducted daily morning work out sessions. BB King and Gladys Knight were great Regional Richards son of Billy Richards plays bass with BB King he was great and I just had to holler out,it was fun. Great seeing all the couples and wondering how they looked at younger age.I had such a warm feeling seeing how each was helping the other,made me want a husband again. Trip was great came back on exercise and healthy eating agenda I want to live. Conference in Los Angeles next year stay tune,I have already registered.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Congress Woman Johnson Please Stop Talking !

There is something wrong with EBJ to walk into that Editorial Board and feel good enough to change her whole story about breaking rules is just crazy.What is it about this woman that she does not realize people know she is telling a LIE ? To make matters worse this woman really believes people in her District are so dumb that we believe her and support her doing wrong. Congresswoman Johnson will most likely be re elected but people in this district cannot stand to talk about this woman.It is a very bad feeling to know you must vote for this woman who betrayed you and every Kid in district 30, if you support President Obama's program.If I could trust Rev.Broaden I would vote for him but he is on record talking about the President and he will fight every single program the President suggest.I don't like all of President Obama's proposals but I take the good with the bad as I have with all Presidents.Is this woman on pain pills or something? Ms. Johnson you are not all that,and not the sharpest knife in drawer and we do know what good work you've done in the past but we also what you have done now,and we don't know how long you have been doing this type of thing so please don't hold your head up so high,your community is very,very,very angry with you .When you take from the least of thee and Kids people are not so forgiving.

Southwest Airlines acquire Air Tran Airways What's Next?

Southwest Airlines acquire Air Tran The recent announcement by Southwest and its plans to acquire Air Tran Airlines is the number one reason I was against the repeal of the Wright Amendment.The Wright amendment was introduced as a result of then Intro State Southwest Airlines suing the City of Dallas. DFW Airport has grown because of the Wright Amendment and businesses and people have migrated to North Texas as a result of its growth.DFW Airport is the single most important financial engine for this Region. Repeal of the Wright Amendment has the potential of reducing DFW to the equivalent of one of the two medium Airports in Dallas Forth Worth as Houston Hobby and George Bush Intercontinental. AirTran leaving DFW moving to Love Field with its 628,000 passengers for the past 12 months and adding traffic to a already crowed Lemmon/Mockinbird area can not be good for anyone but Southwest Airlines. Southwest has an option to leave AirTran at DFW however with Southwest paying such a low landing fee to City of Dallas $1.35 vs.$ 7.20 I don't think they will. All the emotions surrounding the Wright Amendment repeal and promise of low fares competition and other ghost stories has materialized.The only thing that has happen is the City of Dallas is building a $60 million new terminal,Southwest is buying other Airlines,Air Fare on Southwest has not gone down and DFW has lost 22,000 passengers and will lose another 628,000 at least after the acquisition. I hope all the people who were driven by emotion and not by economic data will now realize nothing out grows its birth.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Hinojosa Will Not Respect All His Bosses! That's Foolish !

Dr.Hinojosa has really disappointed me.I supported him from jump street.I believed that being from Dallas,part of DISD and Mother and Father living here made for a stable good man.Hispanic culture has strong family tradition and what family says and thinks makes a difference.I am not sure why he hired those incompetent staff early on,or why he waived his district rules for them.I'm not sure why he felt he had to let Scovall continue to run the district the support for Dr.H was strong enough he could have walked on water.Lowe got his way and delivered to the business community all that construction money and built all those beautiful windowless empty schools,while ours have third generation portables on campus. Why beg him to stay? Lowe and Flores and Bingham will be the cheerleaders for contract extension,I say renew in 2012 he has already had one activity on his contract.

It Only Takes One Family Member To Ruin Your Business!

I've been a customer of a certain Beauty Academy for years since it open. Never had on problem with any staff,student or management.I really like the Owned and instructor also they know hair.I went in the other day and had a disagreement with a young new staff member,the student working on me ask her a question that she did not know the answer standing there she made up an answer I knew what she said was not accurate so I said that does not make sense she proceeded to speak to me like I was 6 years old.I got up and told the student I could not sit there and be spoken to in that manner.The instructor stopped me and resolved the issue. I went back Sat. had put last week behind me ,I walked back and saw the young lady I spoke she rolled her eyes and did not speak.Young people who don't understand customer relations should not be placed in a relatives business without being told it's difference how you are treated at home and work. The first day she told me I should leave,her problem solving skill was limited to leave the business,if that is all she knows her Family members business will be closed soon. I hope it works out because the Owner is a wonderful woman who has worked hard to maintain a good business.I will continue to pray for them.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Maybe It's Me ?

I've been seeing and hearing strange things from people lately.I wonder if its my age or just changing times.I will let you decide. I went into a Nail shop in the hood where I live,Kathy Nealy was there receiving service,I spoke and took my seat did not hear Kathy speak but this is America people are free to do as they please.While Kathy and I were being served Katie Richie came into shop she spoke to Kathy who was one chair over from me,she did not speak to me.Finally I said hi Katie,she replied"Kathy is in here and she's my best friend and when she's in here she gets all my attention" I just smiled this lady sold me the custom draperies in my home,I casually said,I still have the drapes you put in my house 25 years ago,cleaned them and still good.In my mind I was giving this woman a compliment on her work just making small talk.The grown woman said to me "you can take them down". I sat there and wondered how a grown business woman, old as black pepper could be that twisted.I paid this woman and my door piece never made it to my front door window,but I never said anything.I see why we have moved so slowly in the business.We allow silliness to cause rudeness, we play church sitting there every Sunday morning and by noon the Devil has us on evil train wrecking everything in our path. How will kids learn anything with these grown people 50 Plus don't know when to grow up.I will say Kathy has some fine kids and beautiful grounded grand kids.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thanks Marvin Crenshaw-14-1 Does Work!

Thanks Marvin and Roy I lived to see 14-1 work.I had gotten so disappointed time and time again in the single member districts being used against the interest of the people,I disliked the system. I now have seen it work for the good of the people.

I will VOTE November 3rd for Eddie Bernice Johnson Congressional District 30

I have lost sleep with the daily revelation of the activities surrounding the CBC scholarship program.First I was shocked with the statements made by the Congresswoman concerning her constituents and lack of qualified applicants,her constituents would not care who she gives 1,000 or 1,200 grants per year to. Many other issues have given me great pause during these past weeks. I know now for the benefit of my Country and District 30, I must vote for Congresswoman Johnson.President Obama's agenda set forth for the good of all Americans cannot be completed without Congresswoman Johnson.In good faith of America, I can not turn my back on the President of the United States of America. I also believe Congresswoman Johnson has been taught a lesson by this event higher power intervene as the teacher.The Congresswoman for her own well being and health, should take these next two years in congress to finish out any unfinished business,help groom someone to run and win District 30 for the next season relax,live and enjoy the remainder of her life in peace and good fortune. I wish Congresswoman Johnson well,I will never be OK with what happen, but for the Greater good of America ,I will move on put this episode behind and support district 30 Congresswoman.I am asking the Voters of District to Vote for Congresswoman Johnson on November 2,2010.

Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Chicago Mayor Daley Politician with A BRAIN !

Mayor Richard M Daley is a man with a brain,he knows that occupying an elective office is not a lifetime job. Term limit means your term is up. People who must run for office every time term ends should think about term end means you. Mayor Daley knows there are people smart or smarter than he and can move the city as good or better than he. Mayor Daley said "that every person especially public officials,must understand when it's time to move on","he and his family now begin a new phase of their lives". I wonder if public officials in Dallas have other lives,or is their ego so big that in their hearts no one can do the job but them.Is it the power that make them lie,cheat and steal to stay in public office? Lue Blackburn married new wife wonderful home in Grand Prairie want voters in his district to believe he lives in that dark musty house in Cedar Crest while his wife sleeps in her house,same thing terry Hodge did for 14 years see where she is now.People seem to think breaking the rule and not getting caught makes it alright in the long run it always comes back one way or the other.Most people in prison contrary to what some think are first offenders .One bad crime , sentenced to life,been good all their lives never a parking ticket but life, no consideration for being good 40 years that's life. Congress woman Johnson wants a pass because of what she has done in the past,it was the job she signed onto being sworn into office.When you break the rules of your job you simply should have known better.

Black Caucus Scholarship Information Couldn't Get Any Worse!

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse,it has.The latest information has fax copy of letter sent from EBJ's Dallas office to BCF asking for checks made to her grandsons and nephews to be reissued payable in their names not school which is another violations.I spoke with a staff person from the Congresswoman's campaign today I told him the continued stories about the incident was making voters madder than the money.The young man started to tell me how the News story was slanted,I stopped him,I said look no one has tried to hurt Eddie and you all need to stop with the blame game and everyone is wrong but us.I told him most of us.that have been around for a while know how arrogant and nose in the air Eddie is.How she has hired and fired staff and mistreated them for years,we just accepted that as a character flow and as long as she did the job it was in the back of our minds.Kay Baily Hutchinson has same problem she even has hits her staff.Somethings wrong with those old women good ,I never work for one of them.We believed EBJ to be honest,I remember when she did have financial problems long time ago and various people helped her. I don't know how that is,it was well before the concession contracts and probably why she tried to have some business venture to help pay her bills and raise her son.I never believed she would take from the poor to help make her living and if this latest information is true,it would appear someone had paid the school and the money was being replaced or used for something else.What ever the case she is wrong as two left shoes and nothing can make it right.She has had a long career in Congress 17 years.It was not free work in fact its not service its a job for pay.The voters give you a job paying $100,000 plus for representing us and issues that effect us and when you betray us all else is forgotten. The Voters did not betray Eddie she betrayed us.I told her staffer all she should say is "I'm sorry thank you for calling".I have not read or heard all her responses however I don't recall hearing her say,I'm sorry to the constituents of district 30.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Congresswoman Duped Black Community Again-Story DMN 8-29-2010

Comments based on information published in DMN 8-29-2010 Proof also printed in news. Congresswoman duped Community again. Congresswoman Eddie B Johnson is either out of touch is arrogant enough to think People in District 30 are fools. Congresswoman Johnson said “I doubt if there is anybody in my district going to question me giving to a kid to help him with college”. Congress woman you are very wrong. I and many other people in the district question you using money from a foundation meant for needy students in district 30 to give money to 1.People who don't live in district 30.2 money to relatives someone close as a grandchild.3.allowing a staff member to give to their kids money. The foundation was set up to help poor minority kids attend college, it’s a fund other non minority Congress members do not enjoy. The most disturbing is for Congresswoman Johnson to declare lack of “very worthy students” biggest lie ever been told. The GPA of 2.5 is the lowest of any I know. There are thousands of students in Johnson’s district with a 2.5 GPA who are college bound. Where did Johnson’s office post the availability of the funds? I serve on a committee and we beat the bush trying to find help for kids with higher GPA in the district. The other very disturbing thing is Johnson claim to not know the rules. How can you give a college grant program and not know the rule? How can we pay you and your staff and neither know the rule. The amount of money is so small that Johnson could have given it from her pocket, if they needed help. Johnson could have also helped Givens if he needed help. Johnson used that money because she has access and power over the money plain and simple. Not one person related to her or Givens was a hardship case. Greed is the name of the game. The fact that it is Johnson gives me deep pain. I have supported Johnson since her first State for Office. I assumed she played by the rule and was honest but now I Have lost what little trust I had in elected Leadership. To be a Congressperson and take money from the least of thee is a sin of the worst kind. Young people working two jobs trying to attend school would have been able to pay for almost a half semester with that money, given by corporations for their benefit only to learn that the very person charged with following rule and making sure they received it gave it to her own. Sad part most people won’t hear about this Black community won’t talk about it like always Johnson will be reelected. Black Voters and single member districts are still being duped.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ellen Nordegren ,Fantasia and Others

Ellen and Friends: woman all over this World are hurt daily by men in their lives.Cheating is the number one cause of pain in a marriage many couples remain in their marriage for various reasons.Many of us are tagged as fools,friends say we're being used all sorts of titles are given woman who remain in troubled marriages.No one really knows why they really stay we try and answer that question but really there is no answer.Ellen talked about her pain,most women don't have that outlet there is no money for therapy and all the classes that wealth people are afforded.Ellen I am sorry for your pain but not as sorry as I am for women who must suffer with no help or money.One Hundred million dollars could do a lot for my pain and suffering move on and stop telling your story it's old, we all have on. Fantasia get your act together,drop your family move start your life over,hire a financial adviser and trust him or her ask Opera for a name of someone who can help you or Quincy Jones,you see MJ moved away from his leach family members.God has given you a second chance live it.

Freedom of Speech Works Both Ways.

When I read comments by people I take them for what they are.I sometimes respond if I feel the facts or wrong but when it's there opinion I have nothing to say.People who read this blog feel the need to "Get Me Told" Back in the day that meant disagreement and telling you in your face about it.Today they write it on the Internet most won't even sign their names. Young people don't have a clue what is important they spend so much time on bull shit that if something real comes along it's missed,gone forgotten. Men who worship men and agree with what ever is said to get along with the Man.Black man I mean.Men who think they own their life and livelihood to a man,because once upon a time he helped them never taking in consideration there is a God and he controls your destiny. That sad group, who hides who they really are,to fool a man,they have no idea who he really is they're all fooling each other and all doing the same thing,what a Joke. When it all comes down,Oh what a day it's going to be.How do you allow one man to control your brain,control who you like,talk with,agree with.How do you pray and sing and participate in Church when your love and faith are of man not God.How do you smoke weed drink by night and turn into a Saint by day,while the man you are fooling doesn't know God does. Hope this helps some of you grow up.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zach Thompson Doing Good Job ! Had Good Teacher .

I stopped by Health Department yesterday and saw Zach doing what he was taught be on top of your program.Zach was down in lobby watching and making sure operation was going smooth,with extra staff people walking around checking the movement flow of clients.I looked there was the water already iced to give people suffering from heat.I saw Zach on TV last night real good job in not allowing blame for long line to fall on his department.Very Good job.One woman in line made statement about building being large enough to allow people on the inside" what she and most people don't know is there are areas in that building that people cannot enter if they are not being treated because of State Privacy Laws,the elevators cannot accommodate that crowd and if they could who will run up and down to get them,he had no other place to put them,they should have come year around. Dallas County has always worked with less staff than most agencies it's size so there are no extra people sitting around.If one job is cut at Dallas County that's about four jobs in one everyone does three or four jobs.I know I helped combined them if I knew than what I know now I would never have done that and I never will again. Things look good Zach and when I make comments about the County it's never personal.

Judge Foster Making A Closing Statement.

Judge Foster is making a name on his way out.Foster we've seen since the March election is the one who should have shown up all the time.Dallas Counties budget is on the hand and heart of Jim Foster. Republicans will not vote for Tax increase because of the Tea Party folk and Sara Palin's of the world.That's the problem with extreme politicians somehow they intimidate all Office holders to follow their silliness and will cripple this Country for a November vote. What is happening in Dallas has nothing to do with Austin,Nevada or any place else place this is not a clone.Dallas County and City needs a small tax increase to maintain current service levels. How about that Rick Perry asking President Obama for border patrol,Slick Rick is Governor he should hire Texas Rangers for Texas patrol.Rick Perry said he wanted nothing from Washington so keep your word Perry.

Fantasia Get On With It ! Drop Your Family ! Move To Another City!

Fantasia, I have supported you since American Idol,buying you music every new release.You have been given an opportunity most young women would die for.Stop the foolishness.Leave the past behind.Take your child,housekeeper and move away from all those begging relatives and mostly your Father.You are grown continue your education learn your business and move on with your life.If you die your Family will live on,big and great with your money.i will not continue to buy music if you don't want to live and enjoy your blessings.

Oncor $1 million Donation ? Not Really ! All Customer Will Pay! State Law.

While it's nice to have Oncor say they are donating I million dollars to City Parks Department and I am happy that Mike Rawlings facilitated that move. The subscribers will pay the million and receive no credit/Oncor could have given the money to any Organization but chose to help the City Parks we needed the money and more to keep current services.Oncor will get Tax break for using our money to get positive publicity for their company.Mayor Leppert will get mileage for his campaign for holding Tax down and every thing will seem cozy. Police and Fire will still have furlough days that is no way to run City and expect Chief Brown to keep crime at the same level with fewer Officers. It's a Ghost when you claim no Tax increase, water bill goes up by 7% Oncor service up by 2%,library fees up 5%.recreation center use fee 5$ sanitation service down and etc. AS Dallas Turns.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

City Of Dallas Needs a Shot of Energy.

Something is wrong with a City that only knows 2 things. Cut Jobs and furlough. There is also something very wrong with a city that does not want to raise Tax but will raise water rate and call it fees.Dallas City Manager has proposed raising water for the past four years which amounts to a 14% increase on all water bills, that amount is higher than what the tax raise would have been.The storm water rate increase grossed 30 million dollars in one year,the sanitation increase has grossed 9 million more than is needed to run department all this extra money and not a word of where its going.We are proud of new Arts District buildings but try driving down Ross to attend function and your car is almost totaled. This City is going to hell fast and unless someone steeps up soon this strong Mayor form of government we now have will send the Southern sector further into the hole.I understand how North Dallas Council Members don't have the same problems as the South,they see a totally different Dallas than we see from just driving down Central Expressway.I don't blame the Manager for keeping 8 North Dallas folk happy that's the number to keep the job and raises coming. I would love to move but I have to much invested where I live.In this economy I cannot afford to lose $100,000.00 to get away from City and County government.

Commissioner District 3 Residents Should Be Mad As Hell ! BUT THEIR NOT ?

Dallas County Residents and County Employees should be very angry with members of the Dallas County Commissioners Court. The Commissioners Court has played games with Tax payer’s money for years and sat down on the end of Elm Street without Public outrage. The entire 200 million dollar tab for the jail expense was caused by Commissioners Court members who wanted Sheriff Bowles gone, you saw what happen after he left, and jail could not pass inspection for seven years. Sheriff Bowles begged for three years to have that fire system fixed to no avail the Court kept saying no. Facilities management borrowed what parts they could from the 2377 Stemmons building to make it pass City of Dallas fire inspections which caused 2377 not have a working fire alarm system for some time. The most recent action by the Commissioners is shameful, John Price sat there and tried to run the IT department and when Judge Foster tried to correct some of the problems the IT Director was fired or run off by Commissioner Price and look at what happen. Dallas County records system was completely shut down. The official records of the entire County shut down. The vote to raise Tax failed with Foster, Dickey, and Mayfield voted no. That vote was no to John Price it hurt Dallas County taxpayers and employees. Commissioner Price had threatened, cursed and started campaigns to take the seat of Foster and Mayfield, he intimidates anyone who speaks up and he punishes all who disagree with him using the power of his office to eliminate you. How can these other members of the Court expect to support him after the way they have been treated and disrespected. The only way is to vote against him and Vote against him they have when it mattered to him the most. Commissioner Mayfield District does not want a tax increase nor does Dickey’s and Foster has no dog in fight, Price was successful in his bid against him. The lost of the lone Black Member to the NTTA board was due in large part to John Price his action and behavior towards this colleague on the Court. How could he ask them to Vote for Mr. Sims when he does not even talk with them. The Court overlooked Price’s behavior for years they tried to respect the fact of him being the voice of the large black population in Southern Dallas County Commissioner District 3. In the past 25 years of serving on the Commissioners Court Commissioner Price’s behavior has been on and off nothing coming from that Office of benefit to the County Taxpayers yet District 3 voters keep sending him back year after year at what time does the Voters say no more. When do Black voters look at what a person is doing or not doing and decide its time for a change. The Commissioners Court members have said no more and their votes over the past weeks have shown it. The people of District 3 are being short changed big time. The 4000 jobs of the Inland Port slowed to crawl, $200 million needlessly spent, Department Heads afraid to run department, Court Administrator afraid to say anything. Sheriff has given her department over. I wonder if incoming County Judge will stand up and be a Man and lead the County or allow the Boy Child to continue on his tantrums and lead the County into the Dark Hole.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Southern Sector Council Members Working Hard !

I must say from the bottom of my heart the Southern Sector Council Members are really working this budget for their communities.
I was watching on TV and it got so good,I drove downtown to see it first hand.Councilman Caraway was talking when I left home and still speaking when I got to City Hall but he was right on.My Councilwoman Hill was right on with her questions,Atkins was adamant about the need to raise tax to cover basic city services,Carolyn Davis ask some very good questions and held staff to task for police and fire furlough days.

I speak when I don't like their actions so I'm letting you know they are on the case.
I also heard through the grapevine the business Community is a bit concerned that Mayor Tom has lost control of his minority Council members.The Love Field contract,the budget,wet/dry election and a few other issues that have caused the minority council members to ban together for the good of their communities.One only needs to drive north and the look is different for city service.
I am proud of the Minority Council Members.

Where Is DHA Board Leadership?

I have been waiting on the Chair of DHA to say something about the mess going on.I wonder if it would interfere with his real job at the Mavericks.Mark Cuban seems to be an OK guy.I know a couple of the board members they are great guys not much on being out front but very good stable people.No disrespect to them,I just wondered why the Mayor is doing all the talking taking all the heat when I was Chair I took all the heat.
As the World Turns.


Hope all is well on the other end of the world.Enjoy life its so hot in Texas every time I step outside it's like I am being baked.
See you in the fall.

Dallas City Council Spend $300,000 on Bullet Proof of Horseshoe & Conference Room!

I was down at Dallas City Hall Monday to hear budget briefing only one other person in public area.As I was leaving I saw this new door and wall.I also saw some extra material in the light switch,I ask what it was and was told it was bullet proof material same as used by President and police personnel.
Could someone please explain to me ,why if money is so tight that people who cut lawns at the parks lowest paying job in City budget are being fired and the Council spent that much money to bullet proof their area ,that's only used twice a month.Why would they need to exit through special door when they had three exits available and armed security guards at each entrance and metal detector with guards posted at both public entrances to Council chamber. While I agree that public officials need protection what has been done at City Hall is a waste of money,the area behind the horseshoe has been fixed so they can get down and hide under horseshoe.Who in the World want to kill this group?What decision could they make that would cause anyone to attack them.Most time people are attacked because they are doing something,Dallas City hall is the last place to find that.Maybe they think all the people, who are being laid off because Council refuse to raise tax ,because it might hurt their future political careers will come down with their guns a blazing.How do you put your self
ahead of people you were elected to serve.
How do you speak of people not wanting to come into Dallas if the tax rate is to high,yet you are not concern about people already living here.
Who ever heard of Police and Firefighters having furlough days.How do you control when people are on or off.How does Chief Brown fight crime with fewer resources and less Officers? What about Chief Burns how do you fight fires that are totally unpredictable with less and still maintain a quality department where human life is at stake.
What type of Leader does not know when the belt is tight enough,than blame Obama for unemployment when you as a Leader will put almost 500 of unskilled people on the street.
People don't move to Cities where services are in decline.How do you justify
closing neighborhood parks and building new parks for a few young people downtown,using park department budget for upkeep.
Councilman Atkins needs $40,000 to keep his three Rec.centers open other Council Members need various amounts well below $300,000.00.
What a shame,what a shame my Doctor told me to let it go because of health concerns but I can't.I care about this city,I was born here and to see what is happening makes me very sad.

Update On Lipscomb !

I finally located Mr.Lipscomb after going to the other place and he was discharged.He is now at Globe Rehab,Mr Schenkel told me the street name I forgot so I drove down every street off Stemmons until I found Rehab.Mr.Al was his old self again,talking the staff has spoiled him.He was sitting up doing arm exercise and looking very good.The first day I saw him at hospital after Attorney John Barr and Floyd Richards went and rescued him from poor care and almost death was so different.True friends will always show up.

Thanks John Barr,Floyd Richards,Pete Schenkel for saving Mr.Lipscomb's life and demanding the best health care available for him.
Mr.Lipscomb has done so much for so many and to think he laid in a hospital bed going down every day because people just had given up are didn't care or know what to do,that's hard to believe.
For those who care Mr.Lipscomb is doing so much better,thanks to some white men who really cared about the person.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parkland Reduction in Tax / Dallas Housing Authority !

Two Points I must speak to!

I respect Commissioner Maurine Dickey and Commissioner Ken Mayfield both are Republicans and hard workers. I wonder why they believe all that rhetoric their Party has said about the New Health Care reform.

Dr.Ron Anderson knows the Health Care back and forth inside and out. Dr. Anderson also helped shape many of the issues because of being a respected Public Health Director. The reason Dr. Anderson can offer a budget with a Tax deduction is number one he is a Great administrator and hires the best staff available and he has always employed the Finance person.

Dr. Anderson knows the message sent to the public by Republicans on Health Care was and is a lie. It will not cost more in fact it will cost less and every one using local property tax to support health care will get a break.

One of Parkland's major cost is caring for uninsured patients, with Health Care reform that expense will be gone. All people will now be insured by some plan or the other the dependence of property tax revenue will decrease over time. Dr. Anderson was smart to reduce his tax rate it helps Dallas County in case they need to raise their tax, the increase won’t be as bad with one going down the other up.

I hope this serves as notice to People that political parties lie to win elections.

Dallas Housing Moving Homeless Residents into Cliff Manor:

I told Councilman Newman whom I support and have the utmost respect for, that DHA could not stop or delay moving homeless people into a DHA HUD owned property and Ms.Russ should have told him and Mayor Leppert the truth. I’m not sure now if Mary Ann knew the rule. It was Mr. Broussard who informed the committee last night that DHA never made that commitment. I know Mr. Broussard and he is well informed on all HUD rules and regulation and all aspects of DHA operations. Homeless is not a special group designation of the government and people can not be denied housing based on being homeless. Ex Offenders are a special define group and rules are different. In a perfect world the Board would also know this but they don’t they rely on staff.

PS: I served on both Parkland and DHA board of management in case you want to know how I know.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tim Cowlishaw ,Gerry Fraley Dez Bryant Is From Lufkin,Texas!

Dear Journalist who earn big salaries Dez Brayant is from Lufkin, hazing is not something done in the hood.
This young man has been working on his craft so hard to escape negative images he has not been involved in the small stuff.

As soon as I heard it I instantly knew no one had told him that many different things could be done in initiation of Rookies.This young Man is trying to fit in stop being so hard on him his mistakes or of unknown things not arrogance.

Well Hell ! I Told Dave Newman Mary Ann Could Not Stop Housing At Cliff Manor

I know people think ,I think I know every thing .When you live 69 years and serve as Manager,Director or whatever ,you do know most things. I emailed Councilman Newman weeks ago when the news said DHA would put move of homeless into Cliff Manor on hold .I told him Mary Russ could not put moving people into Cliff Manor on hold.I told him Mary Ann should have told him and the Mayor the truth.
Mary Ann knew or should have known it was a violation of Federal Housing law to stop the move in.There was no reason to make the public believe that story. Cliff Manor is owned by the Federal Government,managed by DHA with pass Thur money for admit and maintenance.The group can meet until J.R comes back to South fork but people will move in.It's the law and DHA cannot receive HUD money and be in violation of Federal law.

Homelessness is not a define group that is excluded from standard housing by law. Ex Offenders are a special group.

If the City of Dallas attempts to stop the move HUD may stop every dollar being sent into this City,including all the money used to build  Downtown,Uptown and every other project.

From now on just ask Betty and you won't be disappointed.I know I'm not a Ivy league graduate and my grammar is not always correct, but I'll be dam .I know all the written rules and regulations and can stop games from being played on volunteer Elected Officials and neighborhood groups.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Please DHA and MHA Get A Grip!

DHA has gone and reinvented a wheel.Mary Ann moved the Director and VP of Housing Voucher choice program and reassign them to Public Housing,a month or so after her arrival wrong move, all  programs now having trouble are under that division.VP had worked for Plano housing and new community opposition and how to clam fears,Director had worked for Dallas County HUD housing and new properties and always checked the crime stats prior to moving any new program Clients into a neighborhood.

Mary Ann does not know what she is doing and all the new people she brought to Dallas from Houston don't know what they are doing,they don't even know where the areas are. Houston has no zoning or neighborhood groups.
Mary Ann moving people around in agency  to make Board think some great reorganization is going on is dangerous,now you see results of moving people who knew Voucher program at the time of bringing on large new program.
In the past when DHA had vouchers for Ex Offenders the first criteria for placement was, 1.crime stats of area 2.DART line3.Grocery stores4.laundry facilities.None of that was  done.

I'm not sure who made up that fact of Mary Ann having a history of cleaning up Housing Authorities her resume and work history did not reflect that. What she did with the Church service tells you she does not even know HUD basic rules.To put ex offenders in a high crime area is crazy and had been against DHA policy, you would need to know policy or read it.

The Board and Mayor should Man up and admit they made a mistake in hiring this woman and  retiree her before she runs DHA into the ground and that old reputation we worked so hard to change will return.

I hope the DMN will call for her head the same way they did for Ann Lott's. Everyone knows Mary Ann is in over her hear the longer she stays the worst it's going to be and no one is being served at this time with thousands of people on waiting list needn't affordable housing.Mary Ann kills every thing she touches.

Why ? Oh Why? Please Help Lord Help !

Miles Austin seems to be a nice young man.I saw his mother and father which means he's from a stable two parent family. Miles was unknown until T.O. was gone and he made some major plays and was thrust into the Media spotlight.
Woman like Kim Kardashass look for men like Miles Austin,he has never been in contact with this type of woman.Professional groupie who zoom in on men of means.Kim Kardashass knows more about worldly ways and using sex to lure a young country guy into a web that will cause heartbreak and major detraction's.
Miles is in for the time of his life.What price will he pay or lose behind this nasty trashy woman? How can bright intelligent men fall for these sluts? The sister who married the basketball player after six weeks, what kind of mind does he have,why would her mother allow this,she knows nothing about him either.How can it be love they don't know what to love or who they're loving.
Sad shame Miles should ask his Father and Reggie before he takes the plunge ,with that  big long ass air head KIM. These woman party all day and night football players can't do that.Miles is not from that type of environment.
This is my opinion the only one that matter on this blog.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

May Jayne Peters and Daughter Rest In Peace.

I had the opportunity to meet Jayne Peters twice once during a public hearing before the City Plan Commission when Coppell was opposed to a zoning case close to their City limit line where they believed certain type of people would hurt Coppell and its School District.The next time as a member of DFW Airport Board. I hope she rest in peace.
As a Depression Survivor, I find some of Jayne's action a bit strange for a depressed person. Thinking ahead and planning a murder is something that not many depressed people do.I'm no Doctor but I did a lot of research on the disorder after my diagnoses. Jayne according to news reports continued to lie and tell stories that only benefited her continuing to live a life style. she could no longer afford. To Lie about  hand gun training,go to gun range,borrow gun knowing she plan to kill daughter was premeditated. Jayne rented car Dtr. told people it was her new car,Dtr. packed car, Jayne kills Dtr.leaves her dead in laundry room .Return car walks back home write notes to first responders goes in selects location. for her death all this time Dtr. in room dead. I believe Jayne and Dtr had argument about college and the fact she was not going,why would Dtr. stand there and allow mother to kill her, after going through all that trouble packing.
Jayne Peters was so caught up in impressing outside people that it drove her into desperation.

Jayne could have very easily downsized,I did from large house to apartment told son truth he got a job and helped with bill while attending Lake Highland High School playing basketball and remain on honor roll. It can be done however I never cared about what people think or said. I lost a job we were called in and told our jobs were gone as of 5PM that day. Lost of income is devestating many people are dealing with it,Jayne's dtr. could have started school here in North Texas Mayors have kid that attend local colleges.

One of the things I liked about kay Granger she kept it real and she continues to do a very good job.There is no need to try and make Jayne's case a depression act  she had not been diagnosed far as we know,then that tumor story to many lies for a depressed person we don't do a lot of talking and explaning to anyone.Again may she rest in peace.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Will Someone Please Tell Me ? What's Going On !

City of Dallas: I know we have rules and regulations but, when economic development encourages neighborhood development and walk-ability in certain areas we must know traffic will come with it.Some people will not walk to area store because of safety concerns,health reasons or just plain lazy.If parking is going to be a problem allow for temporary permit until necessary paper work is in place.I support the police for closing valet parking lots without permits, I also know how long it takes to get process finish at city hall.The city attorney,planning,police should have an emergency temporary parking permit for areas impacted by the opening of new venues in a growing area until such time paper work can be processed.Closing five lots on Henderson is causing more problems than lack of parking. Bruce Richardson Dallas needs as much sales tax from Plano it can get.I don't care if they come from Oklahoma or Louisiana since all our people go there to gamble.

LeBron James

Why are people so taken by LeBron James ? The young man is a good ball player but a fool. He continues to have babies out of wed lock with his high school girlfriend and he and his mother thinks  it's alright.LaBron went on National TV to announce his decision to play for the Heat, before he could name team he said "South Beach " anyone who's been been to Florida knows what that means..

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsy Lohan sad case of drug addicted young woman being killed by her mother,sister and Doctor.The list of drugs the Court  will allow her to take while in jail include dilaudid a pain medication know on the street as synthetic heroin.The drug is used to treat stage four cancer patients for extreme pain.Lohan has no known health problem that would require such strong pain medicine.The doctor who wrote the prescription should be investigated. This woman's money is killing her, as did Micheal Jackson's kill him. Micheal was trying to be safe with a doctor on staff but that didn't work .There is no right way to do wrong.

Hispanic Service Attendant

I shop with neighborhood business  because I want to thank them for staying and their product is just as good. My corner State inspection  site also has other services. tire,oil and filter change and when I need that I go there.My tire pressure light came on and I stopped there the Attendant came out I ask him to check my tire air pressure he informed me the machine was broke, told me to go down to Texaco I tried to ask could he see if something was wrong with tire he turned his back on me and waved his hands in the air as a flip off.
I got out of the car to remind him that I was a regular customer and had purchased gloves for him and others when the weather was so cold, he stood there laughing. I drove off feeling very disrespected and that my loyalty to them was one way.I drove to Firestone who also had remained in area, not only did I need tires but both my stickers were out and oil and filter needed change. The store I had been so faithful too had been so eager to not wast time on me because they get tired of people driving off the street asking for pressure check ,that they lost a customer and a $700.00 purchase that day.
I went back and told the owner about the situation and the fact that his hired help cost him a sale he said he had spoken with them after I left I hope he did.All the people work there are Hispanic owned Indian customer base mixed majority Black I'm not sure why Hispanic worker was so rude to Senior they normally treat people with respect.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Does It Make Sense?

I finish college 47 years ago.I  finish high school 51 years ago. One commenter on this blog said people were laughing at me because of  my blog writing skills.Spelling and grammar. They also said I was suppose to educated and intelligent, they went on to say I don't care but the writer said  he or she cared.

Thank you for caring about my writing ability and telling me every time you come to my blog. I have tried to tell you that I don't care what people say about me never did. I even tried to respect your concern when I told you for 20 years I had a paid special assistant who wrote all my correspondence you were still not happy.
You have a problem, do you think I don't know how to write on word spell and grammar check hit edit copy and paste corrected writing on to blank space on blog space? I know what and how to do everything I need or want to do. Please stop worrying about my non paid unprofessional writing and pray for Peace in war time,homes for the homeless,sales tax for the City anything but a poorly written blog .Pray for these young people texing using something other than  English.

Mayor Leppert Not Gulity of All People Say !

People often lie on me. I often repeat what I hear people say about Politicians. I don't always check the information. I'm very guilty of that. I said something about Mayor Leppert that was not true because I had been told another story that was believable. I am apologizing to Mayor Leppery and I will never repeat another tale that I am told about him or anyone else unless I check it out. Hope others follow.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

David Brown Jr.'s , Girlfriend Could Have Saved Lives !

In a tragedy we often think about what could have prevented the event, as a professional planner for catastrophic events, we would sat around  table and pitch ideas , until we have enough to write a report, on how to prevent another occurrence.

The key in this case, first person to contact authorities about complainant, if news reports are correct that call was made, subject ,man in pool without clothes, Officers responded subject was not taken into custody.
Later call according to news report came from, live in Girlfriend of  suspect, officers interviewed complainant and observed suspect  talking about , children reading bible. Girlfriend had opportunity to speak with
Police and tell the truth as she knew it, about what was wrong with suspect. Call to 911 girlfriend said he acts like someone on PCP, it is my belief , she knew  the subject had taken PCP, medical examiner has confirmed his blood had some trace of PCP and weed and alcohol to what degree was not specified.

This woman told Police she did not want man taken to jail, because he had not hit her and no crime was committed, this woman also was the person who injected the Dallas Chief of Police name into her conversation with Lancaster Police, she used all her power ,to prevent this man from being transported to a hospital or jail. This unknown faceless woman used the system half way and refused the other half ,because of her feeling for the suspect, not the well being of her children ,herself  or suspect. Three men or dead, three families suffering, City split down middle, police groups angry , small group of agitators using this painful time to promote their agenda, there are no winners in this situation.

In my opinion she could have avoid this whole tragedy, by simply telling the truth about what he had digested into his system., police could , and in all likely hood , would have called EMS and transport to hospital.

I am trying to put this highly emotional issue in some context of understanding. Glenn White had always been disruptive, I know none of us agreed to a honor guard for the slain shooter, however some of us realize that it was not an honor guard, DPA put out the honor guard notice, no one on street knew the wiser. Glenn White said , DPD or DPA would never forget it, well Glenn White, I will never forget the shooting of Mr. David Horton or Ms. Etta or Santo Rodriguez , by DPD , innocent people killed by the people who are paid to protect them.

While I ,won't forget thee murders of Dallas Citizens  by Dallas police officers, I have moved on to make peace with my feeling , for the good of this City and its people. I expect you and your association to do the same for the good of this City.
If you cannot follow the command of the Chief of Police, who ever that might be, you should do your self and Dallas tax payers a favor  resign , find work in the City or County where you live and pay property tax .. The majority of DPD officers do not reside within the City of Dallas, not safe enough for their families. I have supported DPD in spite of,with the hope that we could all live together, these recent actions show we have not moved very far.

I pray for all involved, the Officer that was killed, Young father who was killed, Father ,who's son was killed.

The man who killed police officer, recieved the ultimate punishment , death by gunfire.

Monday, June 28, 2010

What About Tragedy, Don't People Understand ? Once In A Lifetime Tragedy!

Sunday June 20,2010 was the first time in history a tragedy, effected so many lives in so many different ways. Never in the history of Dallas County have two Police Chief's had to answer the same death call,one as a boss ,one as a father,another as the father of shooter.
In times like these everyone is in shock and going through the motions,that are necessary to do the business of burring the dead and comforting the grieving family members.
It's easy for some to condemn the action of people trying to be in service to others, if Glenn White had been on Central looking at the dangerous  situation developing because of an accident, and potential of another,would he have ask for help with traffic? A good Leader acts in time of crisis and takes responsibility for his action regardless of outcome,Cato has done that. It seems the media would have us think ,Honor guard for Brown Jr, ,when we know it was a traffic detail, they return to schedule duty after traffic condition was under control.,and performed an Honor Escort for officer Shaw's service.
Officer Shaw's family is angry they have been led ,by Glenn White and media to believe that an honor guard was sent to Brown Jr. procession, and that's a lie.Shaw family in your grief please don't allow Dallas to use
you for their real purpose,grieve your loss and avoid racial politics of Dallas.
Chief Brown and other Dallas citizens were in that procession,their lives were also in danger,the Shaw family did not even know ,some of the officers went to help with traffic,the Devils inside DPD leaked all that information to the press. The group that did not want David Brown to become chief are the same ones who would like to use this very tragedy to destroy him.

DPD is in pain because of a fallen Officer,so is Chief Brown,his pain is deeper because he is a Police Officer
by profession the only people he knows, his pain is like no other, that only he can feel that his birth Son killed a member of his fraternity,that Chief Brown has worked and honored all his life.
How than can members of his own fraternity turn so cold on their own,how can they call for members job's so freely without hesitation, over an action, they know was not meant as an honor guard. If an Honor Guard had been planned for Brown Jr. procession it would not have been staged at another location,it would have been on site of detail, the private escort would not have been hired if that was a fact.
What concerns me is the people who are making the noise know the truth, this is a move to remove the top command of DPD. This is the big take over attempt. I have always supported DPD even when ,I have known there is a core group of trouble makers , always present along with a certain DMN reporter who loves giving minority officers hell. Chief Bolton was not making up what he said was going on in that Department, he just went about the process wrong and it cost him credibility.

I feel so sorry for the Shaw family, McMillan family, Brown family, Lancaster Police Department family, Dallas Police Department family  and Chief David Brown. I will say ,Chief Cato, Officer Bernal  and other members of DPD, that can wear three hats (officer,human,boss) and not lose sight of reality, stay strong for your Chief,department and your family, God will not let the good of many be destroyed by the evil of a few.Stay strong,know this community is with you and if a mistake was made,it was just that a mistake,during a trying time and it to will be forgiven.

I stand with you and will be present when needed to express my support any day,time or year.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Had To Take A Break , from Dallas,Only To Return To Much Madness !

One week away from this place ,can help one's mind regroup. While I was gone I got news of the triple shooting in Lancaster.My first mind was ,how tragic the shooting were, second call identified one of the persons dead, as a Lancaster Police Officer, another as young man with his family, another young man doing the shooting. My first though was, maybe gang or drug related, as I followed news on line the scene was becoming clear and the shooter had been identified as Chief Browns son.

I had already felt for the first news I received and my sorrow was there, I than felt deep pain for Chief Brown,who I know, for the lost of a child. My feeling of pain for David  Brown was as a Father not Chief Brown.
It seems that some of the people who ,are lashing out at Chief Brown are doing so ,because he was not their choice for Chief, and now that he's down and they think, in his weakest hour,the hate has come full circle.

What is strange to me, is they are so full of down right hate about Chief Brown being Chief,just as Obama being President, that what brains they did have , or re-fried and have no juice left.
First off ,Chief Browns son was 27 years old, a man living on his own. I never heard anyone charge Hinckley's father for him shooting President Reagan.
Second,You would have to be an idiot not to realize Brown Jr. had snapped and lost his mind,none of his action were those of a sane man.
Thirdly, When Officer Banal called for traffic support,he felt as a police officer,the private escort was not adequate for the traffic on I45 and lives were in danger,mainly his police Chief and other fellow Officers,he did not call for a Funeral Escort for the dead Brown Jr.,his family had already paid for escort. You people know nothing about police work,funeral business,traffic control,and your fault finding and hate is so strong,you don't give a dam.
Fourth.Chief David Brown has ask no one from the City,County or any other government agency for anything, he simply does not roll like that. His son the cop killer is dead and buried ,but he is still his son.
I will still support David Brown in the lost of his son,the Shaw family in the lost of their Loved one,the McMillan family in the lost of their Loved one and the Lancaster Police Department in the lost of a fellow Officer.
If your heart and mind are right , you also can mourn the lost of ,three Son's,a Police Officer, three Fathers and their families. At that same time , can pray for the salvation of the man who took their lives.

I know Mary Suhm, she is no push over,so you angry folk don't make a mistake.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Please Remember, Every Woman , Is Not BEYONCE KNOWLES !

Hot weather is here, it has already caused women , to shed clothes in an attempt to  stay cool. What most woman fail to realize ,is every woman cannot wear the popular styles. Styles are the season designers plan for normal bodies ,to wear their clothes, like on the runway. Plus size styles are designed ,for Plus style woman and they are comfortable.  Plus size women should wear Plus size clothes , cover up body parts that are not meant to be exposed. Plus size breast  hanging  out of  blouses are not sexy, its nasty.
Please ladies have some respect for your self , children and  public.

Small woman you to,show  all your body parts, clothes are made for cover. Cleavage has been around for years,Movie Stars will sometimes show almost all of their breast, that is not correct,however they are entertainers and when the camera goes off , the clothes go back on.
Please stop showing your behind and breast,at Target,Walmart and Church.

Tight pants will cause vaginal infection,you need to wear skirts and dresses so air can circulate , for health reasons.

I know, when Beyonce made the song about Big butts,all woman related to the song,thinking the bigger your butt was the better you looked,simply not true.Beyonce, has enough money to have a big butt one day and small butt next day. It was a song ,not real life drama. I have seen more big butts, since that song than in my entire life. If you are in a public place,all I see are extremely large behinds,everywhere,with tight pants, as if someone poured them into the pants.

Ladies, I am simply trying to help save your life,tight pant are not healthy, wearing pants every day is not healthy, eating and not exercising because you want your butt big,and bigger, later in life you will develop leg pain,foot and joint pain.Your frame is built for so much weight,overloaded frames cause health problems.

Please for the sake of womanhood ,cover up your breast,be sexy but with class.Your butt does not need to be as big as a box car,please lose some weight,live longer, eat correctly.Live for your self and kids.Beyonce is rich,we are not.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dallas News Should, Take Some Responsible, Latest DHA Fumble.

I try not to write about everything I know,but it's very difficult to have information and not share when I see, what headache are caused by bad decisions.
History of How I Got to DHA.
Mayor Leppert was a new Mayor taking office with a lot on his agenda,out going Mayor Miller had trouble, in City Hall with charges of corruption and DHA in the headlines,Director and Board Chair fighting,Board Chair tries to fire Director, hire City Housing Director,unbeknown to City manager.
Mayor Miller had called me, out of retirement to bring order to the Plan Commission ,I accepted because, I had been there before , it should have been easy.Oddly enough,I had not served under 14-1 Council form of government and much to my surprise,the Plan Commission had become ,this 15 member body,with 14 people establishing themselves as, Mayor,Manager and Indian Chief of 14 pieces of City zoning.The hardest job was,managing Neil Emmons,he had the majority of members thinking no one had knowledge but Neil.Neil had convinced the Dallas Morning News Editorial group, that I was some horrible person, I knew the Commission rules ,in fact ,helped to write them , I was not going to allow Neil to break them ,as he had done in the past.the ED began to paint me in a very negative light. First,I felt bad about them calling me names,but later,I understood the fact that many of these people, were not on the Editorial Board ,when I served before,and knew nothing about me, were willing to take the word of Neil Emmons,said a lot about them.
Part Two Why I was Chosen.
When Mayor Miller called that January day,as DHA was in the news daily,she knew I had run two housing agencies , was fair,she knew I would get to the bottom of the problem,call it like it is and not turn my Board service into a money making opportunity for myself and friends.

Mayor Leppert ask me to stay on another 12 months in hold over position until he got around to appointing his Board,I said sure. As Chair,I did discover the problems, and worked with Ms.Lott to solve most of them.Ms. Lott was a good advocate for the residents.
Dallas News Continued To Attack New Board.
The Dallas News came first ,with Board needs to be removed after the first audit was released,I called the Mayor and Ms.Lott and I met with him and advised him of the audit prior ,to it becoming public,I still cannot figure how the news had the information 39 minutes after we ended our meeting at City Hall.When the audit became public,again Dallas News called for the heads of the Board,never mind the fact,that three of us were new members and the audit did not cover our tenure on the Board.I knew than there was a plan afloat to rid the Board of a minority, majority.
Editorial Board Had View On Board,From Where is Mystery?
The Palin Group ,Editorial Board, actually believed the reason Ms.Lott had not been terminated was that she was Black.I don't know why intelligent White folk think every move Black people make ,is about color.
DMN people, believe the hype,that Sharpton,Jackson,Price and other say in 2010 ,keep using that race card and white people stay scared,no one believes that rapping junk talk but them.I remember former Councilman Fantroy,could scare them to death, with that,"People going Take to the street if you all don't do this or that",the Black community would be laughing and asking,Do they (white people)really believe what he's saying.We knew no one was going to rally about wrong doing.
Dallas News Panic.
Well ,the DMN got wind of the fact that the DHA Board was interviewing for the Directors job,the week we were doing the second round of interview's of candidates.James Ragland wrote a story,saying Mayor Leppert had better hurry and pick his Board members,because the old Board was about to name a new Director of DHA.The article ran on Wednesday,the Mayors office contacted the two Black Board members the next day made appointment for both of us on Friday and informed us that as of that day we would no longer be members of the Board,it's ironic that the other member who's time was up happen, to be Anglo and Mayor Leppert reappointed him.The man is a very fine man and good board member,so I have no problem with him serving,its just the two Black ,Miller members did not make it but the White one did.How can White folk continue to judge Blacks like we are all one big family.White people believe, all Black people know each other,I had to say several times,I had never met Ann Lott or Board member Rod Washington or Ms.Davis.DMN just knew ,(nothing was fartherest from truth),we Blacks members, would hire a Black from within to replace Ms.Lott ,and they wanted a White outsider who could put these Blacks in their place. Mayor Leppert appointed good people,just not housing or community connected people.
Why Outsiders Do Not Aways Make Best Person for Job.
Community people would know about Fort Worth Avenue and what they are doing
to rebuild the area,it's looking good.
Background on Bridge Operation.
The housing of the formally homeless people will not effect the quality of life at all. I wrote the bridge program in 2003 and presented it to the Chair Councilwoman Lois Finkelman and Karen R=====,cannot spell her last name,at the time she was Director of environmental and Human Service for City of Dallas, I did it for Laura Miller,just like I design the Assistance center, when others wanted to build an out door pavilion and flying all over looking at what was on Internet for free.I take nor want credit for it ,but the staff knows who wrote it and they cleaned it up and added here and there, I do Lot's of things in this City,the Palin group has no idea who and what I am or what I do. As Larry ,the cable guy says ,Getter done.
Why It Matters To Me.
You can't pass a street or development or anything worthwhile,that I didn't have a hand in getting done,all volunteer work,what makes me happy is know someone was served and the Greater good of the city was made better
by my action,its not for man's recognition or plaques,God rewards me daily.
Why Editorial Boards Don't Always Know Best.
DMN you were in a rush to remove the Black Board members, and pushed Mayor Leppert to hurriedly appoint new Board and they,being new had to hurry and act on a Director for out of the agency and City,so now you have this woman trying to do DHA's part in housing formally homeless people,which is responsible for housing low income people .Cliff Manor is ideal for the program,because of the apartment size,on bus line,near retail and safe area.
Program Criteria
People eligible for this type of housing,are the one who have been working with Social workers and others to get their lines on track,they are moving from the inside housing at the Bridge,not from outside laying in the yard,they have completed a step in the program,after becoming employed they can move on are remain there.All residents must obey the rules of DHA and the Bridge program,they are less likely to commit any type of action in their neighborhood,their people just like you and I,looking to go forward not backward.

I hope my doing Mary Ann's job ,explaining the program ,residents will feel comfortable with who they are.

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Former Councilman Al Lipscomb,Gravely Ill !

I received a call today from a very good friend of Mr. Lipscomb,he had come to Dallas to check on him,after being told he was Methodist Charleston Hospital,a month not doing well.The friend had Mr. Lipscomb transferred to Methodist Central, I've been told the Doctors ,want him to see some people.
I am on my way to the Hospital,Mr Lipscomb has done to much in this community and in a hospital and I did not know it,I am not sure if you all knew it,but I sure did not. It is a shame that a man came from another City to see about our Loved one, what is wrong in this Town.Two White men had to call me about,a man that has helped me and all of you, and we did not see about him and for some reason no one of his family members called me,but sent me an invitation to a birthday party, just last week.

What the hell is going on?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Beautiful Poodle Puppies For Sale !

Four Beautiful Poodle puppies were born to Sasha Culbreath,May 10,2010 Mothers day.ACA. registered.
Snap Culbreath Sire, AKC registered.

Two male puppies remain for sale , two are already sold.Price $400.00 each.
Puppies ready to make new home June 29,2010.

If you are interested please contact by email.Non refundable Deposit required. 214-502-6009 serious buyers only.Apricot color/w white making

What Is Going On In Dallas?

First, the City old water main breaks.Second, flood Dallas County Records building where all computer equipment is stored.Third ,Two years ago,Commissioners were told to store back up in another place,in case,what happened, happens, Commissioners in two years have not followed recommendation,now their main building where all records are stored,flooded and shut down,the County is closed.Fourth, remember when the County Judge dismantled the IT committee,because they were causing trouble for It staff,well Foster was right ,if the IT department had been able to do their
job without Political interference from commissioner,this day would not have happen.Fifth,John Price thinks that's cute saying they have purchased some new equipment,I will bet the cost doubled.Sixth,City of Dallas should test water mains and fix or replace old pipes,City took in 30 million dollars for storm water and used it in general fund,now they want to raise,water by the same percentage they decreased the trash pick up.Do these people think ,we the general Public are Fools?
It makes me sick to look and hear what they say and expect us to believe it.
Matthew 23:9-29 says, Woe, You Hypocrites.

Friday, May 28, 2010

The White Man did It ! What?

One of my Friday rituals, is picking up the weekly community papers and the Dallas Observer.The Observer always has some interesting article,that main stream media normally will not print.The minority papers and the Voice gives different views on local and national happenings.
I open one paper and the first thing,Kwame Kirkpatrick:humbled, I am a believer in second chances,I had one and my Son has one,this is not about the chance,its about what you do and how you do it.Kwame comes from a privileged family,his mother is a Congresswoman in Michigan,he had a very good future ahead of him.No one in Dallas knows how the people of Detroit, feel about what has happen to them as a community,but for our media to print ,what someone says about his crime,being his business, meaning the affair,it just plain mis-education of a community.Kwame was not found guilty of having an affair,he was guilty of lying to government officials in sworn deposition.Was his sentence fair, is an opinion. To claim he has done nothing wrong is a lie.If you owe a fine and restitution it must be paid as part of Court settlement,you can't move to Texas and spend almost $10,000.00 or more per month on living expense,and not pay your restitution,if you were a regular person maybe so,being an Elected Official is different.All the glory you receive as an Official,goes against you when you betray your community.
Next paper was saying ,Terri Hodge troubles started when some White people, were trying to take black folk property in her District by eminent domain,first and foremost no one was trying to take Black folk property,they were trying to relax a rule to make absent land owners clean up and fix up their property,so the Frazier Community could come alive again,there are building that have set there for years,without on coat of paint,windows boarded,trash and etc.To claim that when Ms. Hodge walked into that meeting and spoke,some Magic White man called the FBI and said,we need to get her is simply to far out.I went to St.Peters Academy,private catholic school with Terri Hodge,I have always liked and respected her,and will continue as her friend not State Rep.The insult to the public,when this writer compared Terri income tax guilty plea with some other Politicians who had income tax problem is another mis-education of the public.Every reasonable person knows Terri faced many more serious charges and was allowed to plea on the lesser charge.Where is the White ghost? When I got to the article BLACK MEDIA REPS DEMAND MORE BLACK-OWNED CHANNELS, not one named group, of people wanting to buy channel.
How is the White Man to blame for that? When Colon Powell's son was over the FCC, he tried with all he had to involve more Minorities in TV and Radio ownership,money
was the problem ,not access to the rights.I know some Black fellows who owned a FM license and could not get station going. The time spent blaming the White man is so wasted and it only keeps minorities believing there is a real barrier to business ownership.When they are their own barrier.
End results,we are so brain washed ,we keep electing these people, who preach hate, and the White man did it,so you can't see who really is responsible for doing nothing in our community.The buildings sitting on Spring Ave vacant and run down, with drugs being sold out front,had Black City Council person for 25 years,Black County Commissioner 25 years, Black State Rep.25 years, Black Senator 25 years, the buildings were still there last time I drove by. I just put the papers down,I want to read something, we did positive ,not what the invisible White man didn't allow us to do. Dallas can we wake up and follow the example set by Houston ,start acting like we have opportunity and exercising our ability to achieve.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Watkins,Dallas County District Attorney:

I write this letter ,as a mother to a Son,who has experience a rare opportunity,many men will not. You were reared in a middle class two parent home,extended family support and early community support.
Craig, the first time I met you and your mother, she was sitting in front of the Old K Mart building on Lancaster Rd,I had spot next to her and she was distributing your campaign literature, your first run for DA.I can't even remember the year, no one took your campaign very serious that time,your mother, however was serious and worked hard ,that day to make sure everyone attending the event,knew who Craig Watkins was ,and the fact that he would be, and should be Dallas County, next District Attorney.It took a while but her dream for her Son has come true.

No other Dallas County Official, has the responsibility and authority as you .You are the top Law enforcement officer in this County ,in a position to correct injustice, positively impact crime and establish a standard of fairness in Dallas County Justice system, ensuring every person, receive equal treatment under the law of the-State of Texas.

District Attorney in Detroit, has learned,law enforcement means making decisions that people of your race or party do not agree with.It also means that in your desire to be equal and fair and up hold the law, Friends and Political colleagues will be prosecuted. You are the DA, charged with making sure that everyone charged with a crime is given competent prosecution no hidden evidence or obstruction of justice. The day you won the election,my mind went back to that day years ago , when I met you and your mother,I was proud and all of a sudden ,felt safe the system would be fair,no more Linell Getter's.

In closing you cannot allow party,friendship,politics or any other reason cause,you to trade your Position for someone Else's.If it opens a can of worms ,so be it,when something happens, Man Up, people forgive mistakes all day,in fact we love forgiving,its God way. I'm not sure who your advisers are ,the one lesson my Father taught me , Pick Your Fox Hole Buddy carefully,that's the only person who has your back.Life lessons have taught me another thing,I have never witness a person in Court asking to take the condemned persons place,nor at a funeral trying to change places with the deceased,they fall on top of casket,never inside.
Everyone loves you when you're up,they don't remember you when your gone.
Stay strong young man,pray hard trust God.


Betty Culbreath

Monday, May 24, 2010

Houston So Peaceful, Dallas Full of Drama ! What's the Difference?

(Dallas Was Fun During These Days)

I spent time in Houston this last weekend.The moment I ,arrived in the Woodland suburbs, its almost as if a transition occurred.First there are no large stretches of vacant land.There are businesses on either side of the Freeway and they all seems active.
The local radio plays music,talk is about current events, no racial identity on who's doing what.News is news.
Restaurants are totally diverse,high-end and fast food types.People don't seem to fear each other in public places.

The wedding I attended was totally diverse, a beautiful string orchestra played for ceremony,Asian photographer,White videographer,Black minister racially mixed audience and sit down dinner.
There are predominantly black areas and other ethnic groups also have area they prefer to live but it's not heavily identified when you pick up a newspaper or listen to radio. It just seem so different.
I knew they had a history of voting out elected Officials who mess up.There is no repeated offence in Houston ,you are out when you commit your first public blunder, regardless of what it happen to be.Houston also has a strong Mayor form of government,maybe that's the difference,The Mayor has real power.

Also Houston does not use zoning to separate classes of people and businesses.
The City Council also does not pass Ordinances to correct social problems,no wet dry section of Town,Office Tower can house bar and not sell food.Downtown is viable and busy.
I lived in Houston about a year,working on special classified military project for
Texas Instrument ,I enjoyed the City very much.My only problem with Houston,was the humid weather and my sinus and hair. I could leave home and return with a new hair style complement of the weather.I moved back home to Dallas ,Drama City of Texas.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DMN Make Much of Nothing, Poker House? Mayor Caraway

When I read that Exclusive report, Mayor Caraway ,intervene for Poker House, I said why is the DMN telling that lie in May,about something that happen in January.
Well is seems to me someone wants ,very hard to discredit Caraway.First of all anyone who has been in or around City Hall, has heard Caraway talk about better utilization of Police manpower,when ever he hears of something he fells is silliness or wrong doing by officers.

Caraway was out in the community years before he was elected,he went in crack houses with me to find my child,and other folks kids.
DMN had it all wrong and knew it was wrong,first of all Caraway was contacted by one of his constituents about receiving a parking ticket on the street in front of the poker house,the gentleman was not illegally parked, he took pictures went to Court and ticket was dismissed.House occupant ,fixed back yard so people could park,since the police continued to ticket people parked on street ,in front of house.
Caraway was again contacted when people parked in rear of home were ticked.Imagine a police officer,parking his Police car on the street ,walking back behind a house writing tickets ,for parking violation,on private property.Now if you don't see any thing wrong with that,something is wrong.Mr Caraway did go to the Manager,but the ticket writing continued,Mr Caraway also said if it was the Poker house ,they were targeting just follow the law and Raid the Poker house.
Not one time did Caraway ask any Official to ignore or not raid the Poker House ,if it was a problem.All Caraway ask was why are the people who park on private property being harassed.Never did he mention Poker House,as DMN implied.
Caraway saying ,he and his father had played poker at the house,was a statement to let the public know, it was a safe and decent place,no crime going on inside,good enough for them to have visited.He was not bragging about the place,it's been there 20 years or so.Why now has it become such a problem,DMN even mention barred windows on house,every house in South Dallas has bares to keep the criminals out not police,if police were in area there would be no need for bares.
Someone with Power,is sending the Officers over there, to harasses the people,plain and simple. Caraway was complaining about,undo harassment of people parked on private property,NOT the Poker House.There are Laws on the books to work on the Poker House,if illegal gaming is going on,use it,Caraway has also said use the proper law to fit the crime.Miss use of laws have plague the minority community for years,all he ask was to apply the law fairly,not use it for an unlawful purpose.
As Chair of Public Safety that is his duty,someone said I was taking up for Caraway,nothing could be farther from the truth,If you know me are follow my Blog,you would know it's dedicated to Truth no matter who is involved, just as I call people out when they are wrong, I also call out Truth when they are being lied on.
The Media is powerful,it can write a story that passes the legal test by the position certain words are in,but still not be the whole truth,Once upon a time it made me mad,but know that regular people have blog we can counter those lies or twisted stories.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Reasons We Grew Up Strong , Amidst The Struggle

This was so funny but so true! Enjoy the memories!


There used to be a time when Black children were the best behaved children in the world, now look at them. Time out my foot!!!

1. Have you ever been called downstairs from upstairs, the back of the house, or from the front of the house to get the remote, change the channel, or bring her a glass of ice water?

2. Have you ever been hit with an extension cord, a switch, or the nearest shoe?

3. Have you ever had to pick your own switch off the tree and got sent back because the one you picked was too little?

4. Have you ever been burned on your ear with a straightening comb?

5. Have you ever been hit in the head or knuckles with a comb or hair brush?

6. Have you ever been told to 'Shut up or I'll give you something t o cry about' or beat with a belt while she pronounces every syllable, 'Didn't---I---tell---you---not---to-do---that---no---more?!'

7... Your ponytails or plaits were so tight, you got those little bumps around your scalp?

8. The white people in the school office (principal, secretary, etc.) were afraid of her?

9. You were scared to go home when you had a bad report card?

10. Alcohol, peroxide, cocoa butter, and vaseline were the main items in the bathroom cabinet. And that red hot water bottle hanging behind the bathroom door?

11 You were never 'on punishment' - just got whooping right out of the shower.

12. Have you ever been pinched for going to sleep in church?

13. She made you participate in every church activity (choir, Sunday school, Junior Usher board, Easter play, Christmas Play, etc.?)

14. Has she ever come inside and picked you up from school dance in hair rollers and her gown or pajamas on under her coat?

15. When you ask her for something, her response was..'You got a job?'

16. Have you ever been beaten for something your brother or sister did just because you were around?

17. She vacuums everyday just so the carpet can have lines in it?

18. Have you ever been told to turn off the TV, get off the phone, or sit down and be quiet when it's storming outside because the Lord was doing his work?

19. Friends, family, and friends of the family try to keep you out of trouble because they know your mother and how she is?

20. You were afraid to call the child abuse hotline (because you weren't allowed to use the phone without her permission)?

21. She had to talk to God.. 'Lord, please don't let me hurt this child!!!' before she gives you a whipping.

22. You knew NOT to talk about what went on! in your house with Anybody (other family members, friends, school authority, etc), because you were told, 'What goes on in this house, stays in this house!!!'

If you can relate to any of these things, then pass this on to ALL your friends and see if they can relate to 'KNOWING THAT THEY HAD A BEAUTIFUL BLACK MOTHER, WHO DIDN'T TAKE NO MESS WHEN THEY WERE GROWING UP!'