Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zach Thompson Doing Good Job ! Had Good Teacher .

I stopped by Health Department yesterday and saw Zach doing what he was taught be on top of your program.Zach was down in lobby watching and making sure operation was going smooth,with extra staff people walking around checking the movement flow of clients.I looked there was the water already iced to give people suffering from heat.I saw Zach on TV last night real good job in not allowing blame for long line to fall on his department.Very Good job.One woman in line made statement about building being large enough to allow people on the inside" what she and most people don't know is there are areas in that building that people cannot enter if they are not being treated because of State Privacy Laws,the elevators cannot accommodate that crowd and if they could who will run up and down to get them,he had no other place to put them,they should have come year around. Dallas County has always worked with less staff than most agencies it's size so there are no extra people sitting around.If one job is cut at Dallas County that's about four jobs in one everyone does three or four jobs.I know I helped combined them if I knew than what I know now I would never have done that and I never will again. Things look good Zach and when I make comments about the County it's never personal.

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