Saturday, March 07, 2009

Something to laugh about

I saw this guy I know driving a older Mercedes Benz and it had stopped on the road and when I notice who it was, I pulled over to see if I could help. When we spoke I ask if it was anything I could do. He went on to say the car had been giving him trouble and I ask why not buy another car? His answer was, I am not financial right now. I then suggested he try a KIA because I had good result from mine and that another friend of ours had purchased on, he turned to me and said,Betty I wouldn't be caught dead driving a KIA, I only drive BENZ. Until that day I had no idea what a big fool he was. He would rather sit on the side of a Highway in a broken down Benz the ride down a highway in a KIA.

I stopped at the Texaco Service station on Hampton at HWY 67 there was a young good looking guy driving a wide body new Lexus we both went to pay at the same time he ask for $5.00 worth of gas on number one. I almost passed out.

Why do we put ourselves in these situations. We need to stop trying to show other people how much we are worth and be ourselves. Got real be who you are,drive what you can afford.

Jerry Jones Caves In To The Dallas Way !

Jerry Jones caves In to Dallas Way!
T.O. Owens is a born Leader with talent to match. T.O. has the ability to analyze problems and design solutions that he or anyone else could execute if they had talent.
The Dallas Way does not allow a rich, know it all black guy from who knows were to tell
A white guy in waiting for a head coaching job, his scheme is not working. The Black guy must be a fool to think he has a better brain then an All American white guy who works for another from out of no where very rich and successful guy from someplace down in Arkansas who came to Town and stole the golden goose. With the goose went so did the King of football Honorable Tom Landry. Jerry Jones was marked from that day .The Dallas Way refuse to acknowledge Jerry Jones did not fire Tom Landry. Bum Bright knew selling the Team to Jerry Jones meant a new coach would be hired. It was Bum who should have spoken with Coach Landry and prepared him for the New Owner and his new Coach, only in Dallas are you blamed for something you did’t do.
I knew when channel 8 and the DMN gave a week to print and televise the 20 years of Jerry Jones ownership it was for pressure on Jones to fire his team members who did not fit the Dallas Way. Packman was a fool so he does not count. T.O. was first and Williams had to go. No more ex-offenders or loud mouth rich Black guys , telling a white guy he’s wrong and two other players are playing favorites with the ball and causing the Team to lose, that message might get around give those guys a FLOAT Out of Town. That’s what they called it when they sent most people out of Dallas back in the day. Never mind Tony Romo was throwing interception, fumbling balls, missing hand off and etc. the chemistry in the locker room made him do IT! What will Tony use this season? What will Jason Garrett use this season? Whiten is a very nice guy but he does not have the talent of T.O. and never will. The Dallas Way has kept this City from making progress and moving into the World of Reality. These fifty plus very good guys making Decisions based on their day need to take a rest and allow their Sons to run the Business Community’s affairs. The Frank Sinatra generation is done. The nerve of some paid sports writers to say Jerry is listening because he fired some guys who did not make Tony feel comfortable. Tony Romo, Jason Garrett and Whiten work for a living. We all do. I worked 13 years for an organization that allowed one of it’s own to harass employees at will. None of us allowed that to interfere with our work product. We all knew we must deal with that Fool one day a week so we decided to grin and bear it. So should Tony Romo and Whiten and Garrett.
T.O. had problems maybe he should not have been hired but to say Wade Phillips, Jason Garrett, Tony Romo, Whiten can’t do their jobs because of T.O. is the biggest lie ever been told. Chemistry in the locker room, hell the game is played on the field. I wonder how Troy Aikman played with Michael Irvin’s troubles. How did Roger S. play with Harvey Martin and his problems? Leaders are successful in spite of adversity, that is how Leaders are judged what they show when the Chemistry mix is not good. Anyone can lead when the chemistry is good. I guess President Obama should run for the Hills if the world lived by the Sports theory.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

John Price and Defamation Go Togeather !

John Price has spent years defaming people. On his radio programs and in public. He has said things about people that could have been liable. Most people let it slide because of the Community and they just didn't want to get involved in a public fight with Commissioner Price. I believe the line of People would wrap around the Court house of people he has defamed or hurt in his capacity as County Commissioner.
He has spent all these years in Office and nothing has changed but the amount of money in his bank account and property he owns.The man has grown older and meaner yet
we keep electing him to office. The white community still believes he's the man downtown because we continue to elect him.His power is being given by US. We have created this monster and I wonder what and when the people will see it for what it is. It took me a very long time to see and feel it so I understand.
Congresswoman Johnson and County Judge Foster are just the latest in his line of people. He wants to depose them prior to filling his lawsuit because he really wants to know what they really know, he thinks that's the way to go.When he holler call the FBI on him, he knows that some people in the Black community believes he is employed by the FBI so the call goes unanswered. I wonder how could he possible do the things to people that other people have been sent to jail for and not ever face any kind of investigation unless he has connection to FBI or CIA.

DISD asking for 4% more in tax over Tax limit.

Did you know a bill has been filled to give DISD 4% more in property tax revenue over the State limit.I believe it HB 5118 not sure about the number but call your State Representative and ask them to vote No on giving DISD more tax money to waste. The Federal government is giving DISD million more in money so why do they need a property tax limit increase. Vote No!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Thanks Dallas City Council

Thanks to the members of the Dallas City Council for your support of my nomination to the DFW Airport Board. I will serve Dallas to the best of my ability.

Thanks Dallas City Council

People Who Lived and Served their Communities.

There are people who lived and served their Communities that I might no know. If you know someone who has passed on and was a servant in his or her community , please email their names. I would like to make a list of them for a special presentation.

Rich People Pay Your Tax!

Why in the hell won't the rich people with money pay their tax? I pay mine every month and at the end of the year. President Obama does not need all the head ache you none paying tax people are giving him. When ever I am nominated for anything I go and check to see if I owe any tax,fine lien or anything else that might be a determent to my being appointed or elected.We owe it to the people supporting us to have our business in order.