Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm Sorry Friends !


My Dear Friends ,I'm so sorry I gave you a scare. I have been looking for a house in another City. I love where I live and really hate to move. I can not continue to pay Tax in a School District that does not care about the people who pay the bills. I tried not paying them in protest and boy did I pay dearly for that.

I love this City so much , when things go wrong I take it personal.That affects my health. Please don't tell me ignore it, I have tried and I can't. If I move I think my worry about everything in Dallas will stop. I can read the small town five page News Paper , visit a Bank where all employee know your name, come to Town once a month shop and return home to my fishing pond.

I have known for years about the Dallas Way, but somehow in the past few years it has become so FAKE. I can tell one person something and when it ends I will have talked with seven different folks and not know it. It's almost like a soap opera, it never ends the actors just change positions and conduct business as usual.

Thank those of you who called because you care about me. My friend, Lynn Flint Shaw is dead.It's like she never lived in this City.I will never see her again.My heart is broken that she was murdered and a couple is wiped out because of the political climate in this City.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dallas, Oh Dallas, How Can I ?

If You Find Errors in my Blog correct them:

I was born at the corner of Maple and Oak Lawn in the now closed Parkland hospital. I can remember what the place looked like, from the years after my birth when I went to visit other sick relatives. You see Blacks could only go to one hospital in Dallas until the Catholic church started admitting us to St Paul.
Blacks were housed in the basement of Parkland regardless to their illness, so I was as a new born in the basement with all the other Black folks. Thank God times changed and I became the first Black Director of Admission of a 750 bed hospital in North Texas,Parkland Hospital on Harry Hines, later I was appointed to serve on the Board of Managers for the Hospital. My how times change.

My point, Oh Dallas How can I , want to leave you after 67 years of loving you and working for you. How good you have been to me and my family. Dallas today is not the Dallas I enjoyed so much growing up fussing with people on different subjects and winning some and losing many , at days end we went to the store, bar, restaurant or park had a drink soft or alcohol and laughed until we all went home to start a new day and another argument. None of it lasted, no hard feelings time never came that you were mad because someone had a different opinion. In Dallas today you can not express your opinion unless you offend someone. People have taken others right to have freedom of speech, if its not what they want to hear.

John Price has taken Judge Fosters right to be an American, how then does John Price think he should have the right. Jack Lowe has taken the right of DISD taxpayers that elected him to office for his right to make money from the District. The DISD Board has taken the right of the District 5 taxpayers when they refuse to treat Carla Ranger as an equal, she speaks for us, our voices are not being heard the way she is being treated. The Dallas City Council does not work for me because the other member think only Vonciel Hill represents me and that is just not true.We have trash in a yard for five days in Councilwoman Hill neighborhood. I called her office she was out of Town on City business trash is still there seven days later.

Dallas County Commissioners Court think only John Price speaks for me nothing could be farther from the truth.

Lynn Flint Shaw was murdered and not one word has been said about honoring her service to Dallas, the Arts,DART,Parkland and many others. I have started along with Carl to do something in her honor so people of Dallas will know she lived and her son will know she is not forgotten.

I started looking for a house a few days ago, I'm ready to leave Dallas it's to hard for me to look at all that is going on and not get involved. God knows I want to stay out of it, but when I see injustice being done I just speak and I cannot help it.So I must move on from the home and City of my birth. I wonder will I be able to read a news paper, see TV news and just not respond in my new City? Or will I think about Dallas from afar?