Sunday, August 29, 2010

Congresswoman Duped Black Community Again-Story DMN 8-29-2010

Comments based on information published in DMN 8-29-2010 Proof also printed in news. Congresswoman duped Community again. Congresswoman Eddie B Johnson is either out of touch is arrogant enough to think People in District 30 are fools. Congresswoman Johnson said “I doubt if there is anybody in my district going to question me giving to a kid to help him with college”. Congress woman you are very wrong. I and many other people in the district question you using money from a foundation meant for needy students in district 30 to give money to 1.People who don't live in district 30.2 money to relatives someone close as a grandchild.3.allowing a staff member to give to their kids money. The foundation was set up to help poor minority kids attend college, it’s a fund other non minority Congress members do not enjoy. The most disturbing is for Congresswoman Johnson to declare lack of “very worthy students” biggest lie ever been told. The GPA of 2.5 is the lowest of any I know. There are thousands of students in Johnson’s district with a 2.5 GPA who are college bound. Where did Johnson’s office post the availability of the funds? I serve on a committee and we beat the bush trying to find help for kids with higher GPA in the district. The other very disturbing thing is Johnson claim to not know the rules. How can you give a college grant program and not know the rule? How can we pay you and your staff and neither know the rule. The amount of money is so small that Johnson could have given it from her pocket, if they needed help. Johnson could have also helped Givens if he needed help. Johnson used that money because she has access and power over the money plain and simple. Not one person related to her or Givens was a hardship case. Greed is the name of the game. The fact that it is Johnson gives me deep pain. I have supported Johnson since her first State for Office. I assumed she played by the rule and was honest but now I Have lost what little trust I had in elected Leadership. To be a Congressperson and take money from the least of thee is a sin of the worst kind. Young people working two jobs trying to attend school would have been able to pay for almost a half semester with that money, given by corporations for their benefit only to learn that the very person charged with following rule and making sure they received it gave it to her own. Sad part most people won’t hear about this Black community won’t talk about it like always Johnson will be reelected. Black Voters and single member districts are still being duped.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Ellen Nordegren ,Fantasia and Others

Ellen and Friends: woman all over this World are hurt daily by men in their lives.Cheating is the number one cause of pain in a marriage many couples remain in their marriage for various reasons.Many of us are tagged as fools,friends say we're being used all sorts of titles are given woman who remain in troubled marriages.No one really knows why they really stay we try and answer that question but really there is no answer.Ellen talked about her pain,most women don't have that outlet there is no money for therapy and all the classes that wealth people are afforded.Ellen I am sorry for your pain but not as sorry as I am for women who must suffer with no help or money.One Hundred million dollars could do a lot for my pain and suffering move on and stop telling your story it's old, we all have on. Fantasia get your act together,drop your family move start your life over,hire a financial adviser and trust him or her ask Opera for a name of someone who can help you or Quincy Jones,you see MJ moved away from his leach family members.God has given you a second chance live it.

Freedom of Speech Works Both Ways.

When I read comments by people I take them for what they are.I sometimes respond if I feel the facts or wrong but when it's there opinion I have nothing to say.People who read this blog feel the need to "Get Me Told" Back in the day that meant disagreement and telling you in your face about it.Today they write it on the Internet most won't even sign their names. Young people don't have a clue what is important they spend so much time on bull shit that if something real comes along it's missed,gone forgotten. Men who worship men and agree with what ever is said to get along with the Man.Black man I mean.Men who think they own their life and livelihood to a man,because once upon a time he helped them never taking in consideration there is a God and he controls your destiny. That sad group, who hides who they really are,to fool a man,they have no idea who he really is they're all fooling each other and all doing the same thing,what a Joke. When it all comes down,Oh what a day it's going to be.How do you allow one man to control your brain,control who you like,talk with,agree with.How do you pray and sing and participate in Church when your love and faith are of man not God.How do you smoke weed drink by night and turn into a Saint by day,while the man you are fooling doesn't know God does. Hope this helps some of you grow up.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Zach Thompson Doing Good Job ! Had Good Teacher .

I stopped by Health Department yesterday and saw Zach doing what he was taught be on top of your program.Zach was down in lobby watching and making sure operation was going smooth,with extra staff people walking around checking the movement flow of clients.I looked there was the water already iced to give people suffering from heat.I saw Zach on TV last night real good job in not allowing blame for long line to fall on his department.Very Good job.One woman in line made statement about building being large enough to allow people on the inside" what she and most people don't know is there are areas in that building that people cannot enter if they are not being treated because of State Privacy Laws,the elevators cannot accommodate that crowd and if they could who will run up and down to get them,he had no other place to put them,they should have come year around. Dallas County has always worked with less staff than most agencies it's size so there are no extra people sitting around.If one job is cut at Dallas County that's about four jobs in one everyone does three or four jobs.I know I helped combined them if I knew than what I know now I would never have done that and I never will again. Things look good Zach and when I make comments about the County it's never personal.

Judge Foster Making A Closing Statement.

Judge Foster is making a name on his way out.Foster we've seen since the March election is the one who should have shown up all the time.Dallas Counties budget is on the hand and heart of Jim Foster. Republicans will not vote for Tax increase because of the Tea Party folk and Sara Palin's of the world.That's the problem with extreme politicians somehow they intimidate all Office holders to follow their silliness and will cripple this Country for a November vote. What is happening in Dallas has nothing to do with Austin,Nevada or any place else place this is not a clone.Dallas County and City needs a small tax increase to maintain current service levels. How about that Rick Perry asking President Obama for border patrol,Slick Rick is Governor he should hire Texas Rangers for Texas patrol.Rick Perry said he wanted nothing from Washington so keep your word Perry.

Fantasia Get On With It ! Drop Your Family ! Move To Another City!

Fantasia, I have supported you since American Idol,buying you music every new release.You have been given an opportunity most young women would die for.Stop the foolishness.Leave the past behind.Take your child,housekeeper and move away from all those begging relatives and mostly your Father.You are grown continue your education learn your business and move on with your life.If you die your Family will live on,big and great with your money.i will not continue to buy music if you don't want to live and enjoy your blessings.

Oncor $1 million Donation ? Not Really ! All Customer Will Pay! State Law.

While it's nice to have Oncor say they are donating I million dollars to City Parks Department and I am happy that Mike Rawlings facilitated that move. The subscribers will pay the million and receive no credit/Oncor could have given the money to any Organization but chose to help the City Parks we needed the money and more to keep current services.Oncor will get Tax break for using our money to get positive publicity for their company.Mayor Leppert will get mileage for his campaign for holding Tax down and every thing will seem cozy. Police and Fire will still have furlough days that is no way to run City and expect Chief Brown to keep crime at the same level with fewer Officers. It's a Ghost when you claim no Tax increase, water bill goes up by 7% Oncor service up by 2%,library fees up 5%.recreation center use fee 5$ sanitation service down and etc. AS Dallas Turns.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

City Of Dallas Needs a Shot of Energy.

Something is wrong with a City that only knows 2 things. Cut Jobs and furlough. There is also something very wrong with a city that does not want to raise Tax but will raise water rate and call it fees.Dallas City Manager has proposed raising water for the past four years which amounts to a 14% increase on all water bills, that amount is higher than what the tax raise would have been.The storm water rate increase grossed 30 million dollars in one year,the sanitation increase has grossed 9 million more than is needed to run department all this extra money and not a word of where its going.We are proud of new Arts District buildings but try driving down Ross to attend function and your car is almost totaled. This City is going to hell fast and unless someone steeps up soon this strong Mayor form of government we now have will send the Southern sector further into the hole.I understand how North Dallas Council Members don't have the same problems as the South,they see a totally different Dallas than we see from just driving down Central Expressway.I don't blame the Manager for keeping 8 North Dallas folk happy that's the number to keep the job and raises coming. I would love to move but I have to much invested where I live.In this economy I cannot afford to lose $100,000.00 to get away from City and County government.

Commissioner District 3 Residents Should Be Mad As Hell ! BUT THEIR NOT ?

Dallas County Residents and County Employees should be very angry with members of the Dallas County Commissioners Court. The Commissioners Court has played games with Tax payer’s money for years and sat down on the end of Elm Street without Public outrage. The entire 200 million dollar tab for the jail expense was caused by Commissioners Court members who wanted Sheriff Bowles gone, you saw what happen after he left, and jail could not pass inspection for seven years. Sheriff Bowles begged for three years to have that fire system fixed to no avail the Court kept saying no. Facilities management borrowed what parts they could from the 2377 Stemmons building to make it pass City of Dallas fire inspections which caused 2377 not have a working fire alarm system for some time. The most recent action by the Commissioners is shameful, John Price sat there and tried to run the IT department and when Judge Foster tried to correct some of the problems the IT Director was fired or run off by Commissioner Price and look at what happen. Dallas County records system was completely shut down. The official records of the entire County shut down. The vote to raise Tax failed with Foster, Dickey, and Mayfield voted no. That vote was no to John Price it hurt Dallas County taxpayers and employees. Commissioner Price had threatened, cursed and started campaigns to take the seat of Foster and Mayfield, he intimidates anyone who speaks up and he punishes all who disagree with him using the power of his office to eliminate you. How can these other members of the Court expect to support him after the way they have been treated and disrespected. The only way is to vote against him and Vote against him they have when it mattered to him the most. Commissioner Mayfield District does not want a tax increase nor does Dickey’s and Foster has no dog in fight, Price was successful in his bid against him. The lost of the lone Black Member to the NTTA board was due in large part to John Price his action and behavior towards this colleague on the Court. How could he ask them to Vote for Mr. Sims when he does not even talk with them. The Court overlooked Price’s behavior for years they tried to respect the fact of him being the voice of the large black population in Southern Dallas County Commissioner District 3. In the past 25 years of serving on the Commissioners Court Commissioner Price’s behavior has been on and off nothing coming from that Office of benefit to the County Taxpayers yet District 3 voters keep sending him back year after year at what time does the Voters say no more. When do Black voters look at what a person is doing or not doing and decide its time for a change. The Commissioners Court members have said no more and their votes over the past weeks have shown it. The people of District 3 are being short changed big time. The 4000 jobs of the Inland Port slowed to crawl, $200 million needlessly spent, Department Heads afraid to run department, Court Administrator afraid to say anything. Sheriff has given her department over. I wonder if incoming County Judge will stand up and be a Man and lead the County or allow the Boy Child to continue on his tantrums and lead the County into the Dark Hole.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Southern Sector Council Members Working Hard !

I must say from the bottom of my heart the Southern Sector Council Members are really working this budget for their communities.
I was watching on TV and it got so good,I drove downtown to see it first hand.Councilman Caraway was talking when I left home and still speaking when I got to City Hall but he was right on.My Councilwoman Hill was right on with her questions,Atkins was adamant about the need to raise tax to cover basic city services,Carolyn Davis ask some very good questions and held staff to task for police and fire furlough days.

I speak when I don't like their actions so I'm letting you know they are on the case.
I also heard through the grapevine the business Community is a bit concerned that Mayor Tom has lost control of his minority Council members.The Love Field contract,the budget,wet/dry election and a few other issues that have caused the minority council members to ban together for the good of their communities.One only needs to drive north and the look is different for city service.
I am proud of the Minority Council Members.

Where Is DHA Board Leadership?

I have been waiting on the Chair of DHA to say something about the mess going on.I wonder if it would interfere with his real job at the Mavericks.Mark Cuban seems to be an OK guy.I know a couple of the board members they are great guys not much on being out front but very good stable people.No disrespect to them,I just wondered why the Mayor is doing all the talking taking all the heat when I was Chair I took all the heat.
As the World Turns.


Hope all is well on the other end of the world.Enjoy life its so hot in Texas every time I step outside it's like I am being baked.
See you in the fall.

Dallas City Council Spend $300,000 on Bullet Proof of Horseshoe & Conference Room!

I was down at Dallas City Hall Monday to hear budget briefing only one other person in public area.As I was leaving I saw this new door and wall.I also saw some extra material in the light switch,I ask what it was and was told it was bullet proof material same as used by President and police personnel.
Could someone please explain to me ,why if money is so tight that people who cut lawns at the parks lowest paying job in City budget are being fired and the Council spent that much money to bullet proof their area ,that's only used twice a month.Why would they need to exit through special door when they had three exits available and armed security guards at each entrance and metal detector with guards posted at both public entrances to Council chamber. While I agree that public officials need protection what has been done at City Hall is a waste of money,the area behind the horseshoe has been fixed so they can get down and hide under horseshoe.Who in the World want to kill this group?What decision could they make that would cause anyone to attack them.Most time people are attacked because they are doing something,Dallas City hall is the last place to find that.Maybe they think all the people, who are being laid off because Council refuse to raise tax ,because it might hurt their future political careers will come down with their guns a blazing.How do you put your self
ahead of people you were elected to serve.
How do you speak of people not wanting to come into Dallas if the tax rate is to high,yet you are not concern about people already living here.
Who ever heard of Police and Firefighters having furlough days.How do you control when people are on or off.How does Chief Brown fight crime with fewer resources and less Officers? What about Chief Burns how do you fight fires that are totally unpredictable with less and still maintain a quality department where human life is at stake.
What type of Leader does not know when the belt is tight enough,than blame Obama for unemployment when you as a Leader will put almost 500 of unskilled people on the street.
People don't move to Cities where services are in decline.How do you justify
closing neighborhood parks and building new parks for a few young people downtown,using park department budget for upkeep.
Councilman Atkins needs $40,000 to keep his three Rec.centers open other Council Members need various amounts well below $300,000.00.
What a shame,what a shame my Doctor told me to let it go because of health concerns but I can't.I care about this city,I was born here and to see what is happening makes me very sad.

Update On Lipscomb !

I finally located Mr.Lipscomb after going to the other place and he was discharged.He is now at Globe Rehab,Mr Schenkel told me the street name I forgot so I drove down every street off Stemmons until I found Rehab.Mr.Al was his old self again,talking the staff has spoiled him.He was sitting up doing arm exercise and looking very good.The first day I saw him at hospital after Attorney John Barr and Floyd Richards went and rescued him from poor care and almost death was so different.True friends will always show up.

Thanks John Barr,Floyd Richards,Pete Schenkel for saving Mr.Lipscomb's life and demanding the best health care available for him.
Mr.Lipscomb has done so much for so many and to think he laid in a hospital bed going down every day because people just had given up are didn't care or know what to do,that's hard to believe.
For those who care Mr.Lipscomb is doing so much better,thanks to some white men who really cared about the person.