Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Ghost of Ann Lott's still Dancing at DHA.

The Ghost of Ann Lott is in the house at 3939 Hampton Rd. The Ghost continues to influence staff to do things that are wrong and incorrect and makes the public think they are crazy are just corrupt. I think it’s the Ghost. People who are so loyal to a Ghost are a little bit insane, but when it comes to their job one would think they at least cared about themselves or their family.
Ann Lott gave her job away simple truth. Ann Lott and her warriors think I got rid of her.
Nothing could be farther from the truth but I write this to share how misguided people can bring so much pain on themselves and the people or person they want to hurt ends up blessed and not hurt at all. I have served on so many Boards and never had to terminate a Director on any in fact many that are there now are people I helped to hire. Ann Lott was gone when I went to DHA Board, I signed her new 3 year contract /raise and travel does that sound like someone trying to fire her.

Let me share this with you, I served from 2006 until November 2008. When I went on the Board the new Annual report was coming out in February so I was Chair of Board when book was published. The former Board was in report and former Chair. The next book which is for 2007-2008 has Terdema Ursery picture as chair. Now Mr. Ursery came on the Board November 6, 2008 the book had been at the printer since October with my picture and letter from the Chair in it. This staff person went to the trouble to cut me out of the book and did not even have letter from Chair. The Ghost of Ann Lott is powerful and it really does not matter who the Board is of President/ CEO if they do not clean house nothing will change because the evil is deep and in so many of them.
Now here is where the rubber meets the road an Annual report is to provide information to shareholders in your organization. In an effort to not have me in any Annual report these fools have cut an 18 month period from the history of the agency. My signature is on documents going everyplace that DHA does business as Chair how can that be undone?
How silly is it to use a DHA Annual report to hurt a former Chair who you believe fired you beloved President? How foolish is it to print the name of a Compliance Officer who’s been gone from the agency for over a year in the same book. The cost of the information preparation for this book cost over 20,000.00 and professional staff at DHA supervising it. I bring this up because if it’s done to me it will be done again, next time it could be worst. Mine was only a picture and name what if it were a check, voucher, empty apartment unit. Annual report is accurate information for Public use any one wrong item puts the entire report in questions.

The General Council of DHA is leaving to join Ann Lott at her new job that’s a good move they complement each other.

Well so much for Ghost! Next week I will be only talking about Change and working as President Obama ask.

FYI Betty Culbreath is Not a Candidate for Dallas City Council

Thank all of you for your good wishes. However I want to live the remainder of my life care free and happy. Elected officials work hard if they are doing the job correct. I do not want to work hard anymore. Service on the Dallas Housing Authority Board was like going to work every day, only difference I was not paid.

So friends feel good for me that I now know it's alright to just do nothing and have fun.

Also I was interested in service on another Board last year when my term expired on DHA,however Mayor Leppert called me and ask me to stay at DHA until he picked his appointees. I stayed 11 months so now I am available to serve on another Board. My service has nothing to do with anyone running for City Council this has been a year long process. So haters please stop trying to build a case for me not running for Dallas City Council, I do not want to run end of story.I can count from the audience.
I want an RV and some gas money and that's all.

Pastor Mack T. Flemmings ! What a Man ! What a Pastor!

I had the pleasure of attending the Freedom Missionary Baptist Church, Presidential Inaugural Ball Jan. 20, 2009. 6:30 PM in the Fellowship hall next door to the church.
As I entered the building I did not recognize the hallway, it was beautifully decorated with red, white and blue balloons perfectly placed. A large backdrop of the Presidential seal was there so attendees could take pictures. Entering the Ball room I though I was in the Fairmont Hotel. Everything was there, the table covering, table decoration, table souvenirs with Presidential seal. The young Adult ministry did not miss a beat. I attended Clinton inaugural and went to the Arkansas Ball, believe me these young people covered it all, with sit down dinner, DJ and non alcohol champagne. I spoke on the comparison of President Obama’s victory and King David.

Pastor Flemmings and his Sister Judy King had the first dance and others followed. The Ball had an over flow crowd. The Ball was also approved by the Presidential inaugural committee and listed on the Official web site of President Obama inaugural activities. The ball was wonderful and Pastor Flemmings was great to have the idea of hosting the Ball. So many members wanted to witness history and be a past of it so the Pastor accommodated us and the Public was invited. Freedom Missionary Baptist Church will now be listed in the History of the 44th and First Black President.
We also received a Thank You from President Obama for hosting the ball. This was indeed a people’s inaugural.

Thank Pastor Mack T. Flemmings for taking a leap towards change and understanding that joy come from the Lord. The bible says make a joyful noise to the Lord. King David dances and shouted full of joy for the Lord.

Councilwoman Hill On Top of Sack and Save building.

I had an opportunity to speak with Councilwoman Vonciel Hill at City Hall last week.
I was so pleased to get fresh information on a property in District 5 near my home. I have always spoken when I did not approve of an action by an Elected Official and I have also spoken when I have been wrong. I also speak when an Official is doing something good or right. I take my Politics serious and it’s not a game with me.

Councilwoman Hill is working with the owner of the Sack and save property to bring in another anchor tenant. It’s going to be hard to convince a grocer but she is trying. The Councilwoman has also spoke with the owner about the type of business that she does not want in the center. Happy to know progress is being made and the Councilwoman is on top of it.

Dallas County Fine Collection ! What Next?

Dallas County Fine and Fee Collection what will they try next. Someone has a loose screw connection at Dallas County or everyone has been there to long for a new idea. The County first established a central collection office which is done in modern times. The County spent big money on that center and it was going pretty good, until some other County Elected Justice of the Peace wanted their cash flow back in each office. The ego and not being willing to try a new method to collect closed the central pay station. The County went to Warrant Round up. Stevie Wonder could have told them if a man can not pay when he’s out, how in the hell can he pay in Jail. The then went to their property Tax
Collection Lawyer who can’t collect property tax, without going to Court but the County thinks they can collect fines.
Now the County is going to hold up automobile registration until the people pay their fines and fees. Crazies’ thing I ever heard! How do you stop guaranteed money? Who in their right thinking would stop sure money for hopeful money? The fines and fees in Dallas County are too high. The County has turned tickets, Court fines and fees into tax revenue and because they can the fees go up and are just too HIGH. People just cannot pay them.
I have seen long lines in Precinct 1 JP Court Thomas Jones people trying to pay traffic fines, waiting as long as 45 minutes or more on any given day. You see what most people don’t know is the County Budget office does the staffing based on cases and collection so if the budget office does not authorize position you can not hire people. Unlike DISD where they hire people just because they need them. The Dallas County way is better but some times it needs changing based on traffic and time spent helping Clients one person might be easy to help where three more can take up to 30 minutes.

At any rate the County need to cut its losses and as the IRS does send notices and cut the fees and fines in half for people financial enough to pay.

Thanks Commissioner Dickey, Price and Judge Foster for lifting the band on condom distribution.

Republican Official Not Helping Texas !

Texas Republican are not helping the Republican Party playing silly Politics. How can the Governor of Texas say, Texas does not need a bailout? How could Congressman Joe Barton say the pending bill is a “big social spending splurge”? I have always respected Joe Barton but now it seems he’s drinking from a little bottle in his breast pocket. Thousands in Texas being laid off, long lines at Texas Workforce centers and these fool are talking as if they do not live in Texas. The State has a surplus but who can spend the money on meat and bread. How much has the State budget been allocated for auto, homeowners and health insurance for working middle class? At least Senator Hutchinson said package worries her.
Professor Weinstein say’s the bill should include more money for transportation and other construction, those two fields limit the job opportunities. Where as Job training creates jobs. Medicaid goes to providers and they spend with other providers and that puts money into circulation and people are kept healthy. Spending is not limited to people going shopping. The bill includes money for Highways, Transit, guide ways and clean water all those include construction.
Education programs have construction built in as well as Pell grant money and special education.

How can this bill be called social splurge, the only near social program is Food stamps and that is a food bill not social, Medicaid is a health expense not Social so just what is Barton talking about in the Social Service category? Funding for the homeless.

Any elected Official from Texas who say’s Texas does not need or want the money is a misguided fool. All Texans pay Federal Tax and we have a right to enjoy the fruit of our Tax as any other State. If our Officials communicate to the President that Texas will not take the money the Official should face impeachment, because he or she is not speaking for me. No one has done a survey asking Texans if they want to refuse the Federal money and give it to another State. Until our will is known Governor Perry should shut the HELL up and Joe Barton put that little bottle up, if that is what has him talking silly.

President Bush ran a larger deficit then any President in modern time and now Republicans have a problem with cost to pull this Country out! What the Hell!

Friday, January 09, 2009

Southern Dallasr JP Offices ?

I had the opportunity to file civil papers it Justice Thomas Jones Court about three years ago and I was very pleased with the outcome. I also have visited the Court on other matters and the office was full of people and most were being helped as fact as possible.
The Court is very busy and the space in which the court is located is very small, people are all in the hallway. The Constable’s office across from the Court is large and seems to a lot of space not being used. I wonder why Commissioner John Price doesn’t fix the problem. Commissioner Price said in the DMN on 1-09-2009 the Court is under staffed,
Well the staffing pattern is approved by the Commissioners Court. Who is to blame? The action inside of the Court is under the jurisdiction of the Judge. In the past year I have ask for a change of venue on my civil matters because of what I felt was some political influence from outside sources. I have visited the JP # 5 office and felt I was treated fairly. I am not sure what the problem is in Judge Jones Court but, for the good of the people I hope every thing turns out ok. John Price took action against Judge Rose over complaints as serious as the charges against Judge Jones. I glade to see him let Judge Jones case run its course in the Court.

Councilwoman Hill The Flag Scarf A Bit Much!

I attended a brief meeting today and overheard some young political type's talking about the Flag scarf Councilwoman Hill wore to the City Council meeting yesterday.They were saying it was a insult to them that it seemed she used this occasion of Officer Smith's death to display her patriotism wearing the scarf.I saw the meeting on TV and listens to her speech. I know she was sincere about the lost of the Office as everyone else is. I notice the big flag scarf and it seemed it was a made for photo opportunity scarf.All people must live with their own decisions in life. If a Council member has done a good job or is doing a good job there is no need to stage TV.

There have been many murders in District 5 during the past two years that Councilwoman Hill has been in Office. One the young Solider shot in the front of his Parents house, she and I must pass there every time we leave home, not one time has she called for O tolerance on crime. Not one time has she called on the residents of District 5 to help stop the crime. I want to help but I have no Leader and as Obama says there is only one Councilwoman in Office at a time.

George Bush My Friend !

The Bush family are friends of mine. I met the younger Bush when I volunteered for his father back in the day for U.S. Senator. They are really nice people. Barbara Bush is the best. I never got to really know Laura only saw her a few times but she seems nice. I have disagreed with most of Georges policies on the war, deregulation
and some other things. I am sure happy he got the Medicare prescription bill passed sure saves me and other Seniors a lot of money.President Bush did a lot of other good things that most people don't know or don't care about. Bush had more Blacks in his administrator then any other President in the History of this Country. I welcome him home and wish him well. I know his heart was in the right place even if the outcome was wrong. Bush believed in the American dream and tried to make it possible for all American to own their home, not realizing people would take advantage of the situation. Just maybe his big mistake was trusting others to much. Maybe he and I will walk again in the Martin Luther King Jr. day parade like we did before he was ever Elected to Public Office.

Welcome Home My Friend, You Gave Your Best:

I Take My Politics Very Serious !

I take my Politics very serious, always have. When I speak about an issue that involves Elected Official it has nothing to do with the person, its about the position and job. Politics are not personal with me. When a person run for Public Office or allow him/her to be appointed to public office criticism and comment comes with the territory. I like most of the people who hold Public Office some better then others, I respect the job and position that each hold . I lived in North Dallas most of my life, live in the Southern sector past 21 years. I speak about where I live mostly unless I have an opinion on a issue of City Wide importance.Please stop rolling your eyes when you see me, I still love you I just disagree with your position on certain issues. When the issue is over the disagreement is over.

DMN/ Sometimes Sound Like the Palin Group !

January 8, 2009

DMN Editorial staff sounds like the Palin group on some days. Jan.9, 2009 the Palin group blamed drug users, Southern sector neglect, drug sellers, landlords, video-porn, and City Leaders for Senior Cpl. Norman Smiths death.

The Palin group first wrote that the death was a preventable tragedy and drug users share the blame in the Officers death. The second opinion was every other person is to blame.

The Palin group went far enough to say Mayor Pro Tem Elba Garcia took a donation from the property owner. Then the Palin group said that goes to the root of the problem Council members complain vigorously about the need to clean up their Southern Dallas district taking donations that the Palin Group says don’t add up. The Palin group said Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Dwain Caraway accepted $2,000 from a video-porn dealer and his wife in 2007. Last I checked there are not video-porn operations in the Southern sector or District 4. The one being proposed was in District 8 and the Council Atkins stopped that. Then they question Ms. Garcia board appointment.

First, the person responsible for the death of Officer Smith is the shooter, preventable yes, however I believe in the Bible and predestination on when my time will end. I also believe it will not end until God calls my number.

Officer Smith was an angle I remember when my son first traveled into South Dallas trying to but crack, he was just getting started into his addiction, and Officer Smith saw him in his Corvette, suit and tie in the wrong area and chased him out of there. Each time Officer Smith saw him he tried to talk with my son and explain why he did not need to be there but my son did not listen. So my love for Office Smith started before his death, he tried to save my child. I also knew and worked with his wife Regina a lovely human being.

Second, the residents are responsible to call 911 when they know illegal activity is on-going next to them. The residents allow illegal activity to occur and say nothing and when ask by police the decline to answer. The on site management is to blame for not evicting tenants who violate policy. Many owners do not know what is going on and depend on site manager to report activity. I have no history on Stolarski but I trust what the Palin group says about him. If some tenants are on Section 8 as the New stated the property is inspected before move in and again each year code violations would not be allowed.
There is no new housing being built in Southern Dallas for low income people, that is the main reason older type apartments remain viable and criminals take advantage of them.
Brian Potashnik came into town trying to correct the situation and was attack by a vicious group of greedy elected Officials and now the building has stopped. The old property owners know the people have no place to live so they continue to make money from the older properties. The same type of condition exists in East Dallas.

Third, Public Officials and residents are to blame for not making a statement about their dislike for the activity and taking a public stand against it. Council woman Hill with her American flag scarf draped around her neck on Wednesday making a speech from City Hall did little to let the people in District 5 know that she would not tolerate the criminal element any more. Photo ops are not what we need. A stand against dope and crime is what we need lead by the Council, Police Chief, Sherriff, Constables, FBI, DEA and all other law enforcement agencies. The public need to say we are not taking it any more and that silly cry of racism when you are stopped in the neighborhood will fall on deaf ears. I will support as Ross Perot said one time a door to door search to ride our community of dope and guns and any other criminal activity.

I do agree with the Sara Palin group City Hall, manager and Council need to give Chief Kunkle the authority” by any means necessary” to clean up this City . In the area of most need. If America can fight for the rights of people in Iraq then it can help Dallas fight for the rights of its citizens. Officer Smith was fighting each day in his own way to save a community for its people. The City Council should take up his fight and clean this City up and let ever one know Dallas has O tolerance on Crime.

Friday, January 02, 2009

Dallas Is About the Money! Ron Kirk Please Be Kind To Obama!

Ron Kirk please be kind to President Obama. President Obama might be the smartest man on earth but he has never lived or worked in Dallas, Texas. I worked Chicago during Harold Washington for Mayor campaign. I had never seen anything like it, the Union involvement the seriousness of it all. In Chicago it's a life or death situation and everyone knows it and no one plays around with the campaign or the election process.
In Dallas it's all about the money nothing is life or death. People don't matter, kids education ,old people, homeless, housing, streets ,floods none of that matters to Dallas Politicians it's all about the money.
I hope what I believed about President-Elect Obama being about the people remains true.
I had high hopes for Obama someone who was really about the people. One of the main reasons I supported Laura Miller was she was about the people and doing some good for the people. I think one of the reasons she got out of Politics was she learned the hard way that it was all about the money and nobody wanted anything to change because it would mess with the wealth and the money.

After all these years volunteering in public service ,I finally learned its all about the money. How could I have been such a fool? I had no idea people were being paid for the type of work and service I was giving. I knew my phone ring all times of night and day with people needing help with some problem or just information about how to navigate the system. Well I learned in November 2008 it's all about the money. I am not motivated by money nor am I greedy I don't fit in with this new group. Thank God I don't.

I also found out why the DMN editorial Board tries to make me sound so bad, why didn't someone tell me that when I met with them I was to be intimidated and not speak my mind. Somehow the DMN editorial board has forgotten I held professional jobs in Dallas for the last 40 years with an earned degree, managed people, money,grants . First Director of the Nacogodoches Housing Authority and grew Dallas County Housing from 27 vouchers to over 4000 without any HUD audit.DMN and WFAA archives hold the stories of my life and work from the Community Council of Greater Dallas to Parkland Memorial Hospital where I was the first Black Director of admission of a 750 bed hospital in North Texas that was in 1979. So I have nothing to hide I have worked all my life and held volunteer job during the same time. I feel good about my jobs and work, just sorry it took so long for me to know the truth
about the money.Maybe I would be living on Houston Street at Victory Place!

Ron Kirk Please?

Jerry Jones Love : Is The Problem/w Cowboys!

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is the problem with his team. Jerry loves his team too much. Mr. Jones is in love with his Franchise. He loves it more then he loves himself. In Dallas with this new age group of Players that makes for a bad combination. Dallas Cowboys have had every type of Coach and still not wins. They have every Star player in the league. If money could fix the problem, Dallas would be on the way to Super Bowl.

Jerry Jones love for his organization is killing it. I almost loved my Son to death and not until I applied tough love did anything change. Jerry Jones need to try tough love with his Organization, first replace Calvin Hill and his wife who have no program to deal with the Adam Jones of the world. Calvin is an ex player living through the eyes of the players. Second: signing bonus for Player who might play good, players who are put off of other Teams with no place to go, why a signing bonus, he should hold their first paycheck until they prove their ability to work and live in a free world with rules.

Football players are employees and should be treated as such, Tony Romo’s statement after the game sounded like a high school boy. Tony must realize he is being paid to play ball it should be the most important thing to him on a day he did not earn his pay. If Jerry Jones would deduct $10,000 per interception per game I think Tony would feel different.

If the Cowboys are to having a winning Season Jerry Jones and Party must stop treating Players like family and Friends and treat them as paid employees. Coach Phillips has the correct attitude, he teaches them what to do, they are paid to execute and when they don’t it’s the players fault. Coach Phillips can not teach and play the game for them. Jason Garrett was another love of the Organization mistake Jerry Jones made, he loves Jason for the Team and in his heart believes this guy will become great someday and serve the Team well. In the mean time he’s looking for another job and not so great. Some reporters said the Team looked confused on the field, how can anyone person stops 11 men from being confused? The confusion is with in the Teams mentality, little racism, jealous and not connecting as a Team.

Jerry Jones I like and respect you as a Business man and community Leader. Please step away from the Players stop thinking family and start treating them as employees quick. They are not responding to the money it only makes them lazy, try deduction as reason to show up for work ready to work. Every morning Jerry goes to work and works why does he not demand that same work ethics from his employees. Try it Jerry it works. We will go to Super Bowl with a little tough love from the Owner/GM.