Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Ghost of Ann Lott's still Dancing at DHA.

The Ghost of Ann Lott is in the house at 3939 Hampton Rd. The Ghost continues to influence staff to do things that are wrong and incorrect and makes the public think they are crazy are just corrupt. I think it’s the Ghost. People who are so loyal to a Ghost are a little bit insane, but when it comes to their job one would think they at least cared about themselves or their family.
Ann Lott gave her job away simple truth. Ann Lott and her warriors think I got rid of her.
Nothing could be farther from the truth but I write this to share how misguided people can bring so much pain on themselves and the people or person they want to hurt ends up blessed and not hurt at all. I have served on so many Boards and never had to terminate a Director on any in fact many that are there now are people I helped to hire. Ann Lott was gone when I went to DHA Board, I signed her new 3 year contract /raise and travel does that sound like someone trying to fire her.

Let me share this with you, I served from 2006 until November 2008. When I went on the Board the new Annual report was coming out in February so I was Chair of Board when book was published. The former Board was in report and former Chair. The next book which is for 2007-2008 has Terdema Ursery picture as chair. Now Mr. Ursery came on the Board November 6, 2008 the book had been at the printer since October with my picture and letter from the Chair in it. This staff person went to the trouble to cut me out of the book and did not even have letter from Chair. The Ghost of Ann Lott is powerful and it really does not matter who the Board is of President/ CEO if they do not clean house nothing will change because the evil is deep and in so many of them.
Now here is where the rubber meets the road an Annual report is to provide information to shareholders in your organization. In an effort to not have me in any Annual report these fools have cut an 18 month period from the history of the agency. My signature is on documents going everyplace that DHA does business as Chair how can that be undone?
How silly is it to use a DHA Annual report to hurt a former Chair who you believe fired you beloved President? How foolish is it to print the name of a Compliance Officer who’s been gone from the agency for over a year in the same book. The cost of the information preparation for this book cost over 20,000.00 and professional staff at DHA supervising it. I bring this up because if it’s done to me it will be done again, next time it could be worst. Mine was only a picture and name what if it were a check, voucher, empty apartment unit. Annual report is accurate information for Public use any one wrong item puts the entire report in questions.

The General Council of DHA is leaving to join Ann Lott at her new job that’s a good move they complement each other.

Well so much for Ghost! Next week I will be only talking about Change and working as President Obama ask.

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