Saturday, July 30, 2011

Republicans Please,President Obama took Office with 12 Trillion Debt.Tell The F------ Truth.

My Dear Voters the Congress keeps saying on National TV we have a 14 Trillion dollar debt.What they are not saying is 1.0 Trillion is from before Reagan for war and economic downturns.1.9 Trillion from Reagan peacetime spending and permanent tax cut 81-89.1.5 George H W Bush first Gulf war low revenue from recession. 1.4 Trillion Clinton despite two years surplus carry over from other years.6.1 Trillion George W. Bush tax cut,Iraq war,Afghan war,medicare drug plan economic downturn. 2.0 Trillion Obama Stimulus spending and tax cut, 2007-2009 recession,lost revenue,unemployment compensation. None of what is happening now, happen under President Obama's watch.Tea Party folk hate Obama so much that they would kill America to win. These People need emergency mental health care.Sara Palin has not a clue what the consequences are with the US failing to pay its debt.World damage. A person of Palin background cannot even count enough or high enough to master what is going on and new Congress member listen to her.Media says Tea Party in charge well that means no One is in charge and President Obama does not have the authority to move without them.I am not sure who is calling the shots but big business could not be happy about what is going on in DC right about now.Hope my SS check is on time and yours also.

Dallas First Black Fire Chief , Burns: Resign ,Retire or Just Plain Messed UP?

When I heard that Chief Burns was leaving,I knew time and situations had finally caught up to him. When a 51 year old man reaches the top of his profession after 30 years doing same job he becomes restless. Chief Burns is also a very good looking 50 + man and seems to be in great shape.Pictures from dance floor at club look very good and he seems to be good dancer,I mention this because they are all ingredients for some men to think its fun time,and life change moment. I never got to know New Chief however I was aware of some early problems with the large Firemen's union not being happy with his selection that's just how they are unless its one of them. I wish Chief Burns much success and admire him for moving on not stirring up stink when outcome would be the same.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Two South Central Sub Station,They were Waiting On Me.

Sergent Morgan, Officer, who told me to come back today was in Court ,so said young female Officer who ran out of back office,to greet me.I though she had been instructed to meet me the way she bounced out the door and said "How can I help you? I said I have an appointment with Sergent Morgan he not here.This woman with very tight pants,in dress uniform and hat, began to tell me what ,Officers told her from day before.I said so you have formed your opinion based on what they said,she replied "they told you it was Civil,I said there are two side to every story ,and what you just said is not what I told anyone,I said ,I do not want to speak with you since your opinion is already made from what your fellow Cult members told you,I would like to speak with an Officer who has not made up his or her mind about me based on what "They said".Another Officer came out he wanted to know what My problem was,I told him I came in with positive attitude to see Sergent Morgan who told me to return,I also told him about the Young lady who rushed out to put me in my place,based on lies the three stooges had told her.There could not be much excitement going on in South Central service area ,if they have time to inform everyone about what happen the day before. I finally ask to see New Chief Hale,this Officer looked around,out the door towards parking area and said Chief Hale is not here,now I saw car parked in Chief parking space when I drove up,I make a habit of being observant of my surroundings ,space was marked Chief ,gray police car parked there.As God would have it while this man was giving me run around Chief Hale walked around corner,I could tell he had heard our conversation,he ask the Officer,whats the problem,same time Chief Hale extended his hand to introduce himself to me,he informed the Officer that he had spoke with me and to see that I am taken care of from that point I was given respect that all citizens should receive in a Public building.I spoke with Detective Black very professional Officer who listen to my complaint. Chief Hale has only been there two weeks. I know Chief Brown is aware of the problems at South Central because there has been a Leadership change.I am informing you ,the public, of this so when Chief Hale starts to clean the Social Club/Cult up first thing they are going to cry is Racism,discrimination,unfair treatment and Chief Brown and Hail are doing them wrong. Take it from me and many others that this has happen to,some of the Black Officers do not respect residents and do not know how to speak or hold a decent conversation. I have been trying for the past eight years to count 8 votes to settle the Police pay lawsuit that has been in Court 20 + years and to have these young Black Officer talk and treat me so bad really makes me wonder is it worth my time.One Detective said to me there are hundreds of Police here you cannot judge all because of action of few,he is so right the six I dealt with should not be on front desk and needs some type of training to get along with their people.Some Officers have lost their way with their own people,seems house in suburb car and half has run them silly when they return to their hometown they see Southern Dallas so why get so high on the Hog when push comes to shove you are going to be happy for a Security Guard.Calm down,that gun on your hip is for protection of public,property and yourself not intimidated of Citizens. Matured as I am your gun does not intimidate me I have one also for the sole purpose of procting myself against criminals not Officers of the law.

Monday, July 25, 2011

South Central Sub Station ,Camp Wisdom Road : Needs Sensitivity Training Real Bad!

I had cause to visit South Central Police Sub Station this evening about 4:45.I went there to report a crime.What I got was a young woman working the desk who rolls her eyes at the Public if they ask her two questions.You all know me I stopped her and ask why are you rolling your eyes at me? She than goes and get a bald head Black Officer who came out the door to speak with me.I ask if he came to do something about the woman rolling her eyes at me,he said no I came to take care of you,I then started to explain why I was there,This my of law ask me did I call police,I said no I came here because you all are short of help and I did not want dispatch to call a squad from the street when I could very easily come here,that man looked at me,turned his back used his entry card and said loud " She is Crazy" this is a man on public payroll,looking at a Senior citizen in 105 degree weather reporting her A/C has been stolen and all he can do is holler "She's Crazy" my cell phone was in car I did say to them wait until I get my phone you will see how Crazy I am. I sat in my car for 45 minutes until I got someone from City Hall to send someone to speak with me. I spent years walking,talking and begging for Black folk to be hired in Police and Sheriff departments all over this State and for a young dumb man and silly ass woman don't know how to treat people what was my work for. I am going to ask Chief Brown to take the Negro Officers who do not like or respect their own people, please send them to Preston Wood,Lake Highland,White Rock any where but out here with us.If I had been in possession of anything I would have used it.Both people who spoke to me acted as if they were mad because I interrupted their chatting session.I then ask if Chief Scott was in a tall dark one said no she's not,this fool did not say she no longer work there.I could tell they were being ugly to me because if indeed anyone of them though I was crazy,why did they not follow protocol and call Mobil Mental Health Team,EMS or transport me to Parkland. I feel for Chief Brown ,the action of those three people shot my opinion of Dallas Police to 0.I am now afraid to come in contact with a Black Police Officer,I never had this feeling in all my 70 years of living not even during the Civil Rights era.

FBI Doing its Job .Nothing Racist about Doing Ones Job.

There is real Racism still alive in the USA just look at the hell President Obama goes through when he says or does something the very same way as another President. I am resigned to there is racial prejudice between people so it is what it is.Elected Officials can not cry Racism when their time comes. Black's are the only group that still play that card,even Rev.Sharpton has stopped using that and he is sounding much better and being ask to speak at a cross section of people.Poor Jesse Jackson still pimping funerals and protest he should learn a new game from Rev. Sharpton. Please stop killing people with this race shit. When real fight starts you will have used everyone up.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Let Me Make My Statement Clear! No Need to Ask Anyone.This Is My Official Site.

First of all: I have been very clear for some time on what I did not like about what John Price was doing as an Elected Official.As a tax payer that right is mine.I have also been forthcoming about any elected or appointed Official or Public person, when I felt their action were not proper with the position they held dealing with tax money,programs federal control,or public money provide their income. I have never ask for any type of punishment of John Price,as a Dallas County employee any problem I had went to proper authority for resolve. I served with honor and said nothing public about any of the five Commissioners I work for no matter what. I said in Dallas Morning News today,I have feelings and love for John.I did not like who he had become,and still do not, it has nothing to do with FBI. I knew he was under undue influence's from people who feed off his position for their survivor.These people feed into negative mode every day and filled him with negative energy about everyone and every thing. The John Price, I knew and love would never have treated Ms. Dickey the way he did from the first day she was sworn into Office until now, because she is a woman.John was taught how to treat women and he always did follow that teaching,John Price was a gentleman when I left his Office in 1991.What happen after that and the women he came in contact with did a number on him. The kind gentle fun loving, good dancing (little wild)man some of us knew turned into grumpy evil for evil at any cost in my opinion.John had his ways but deep inside was a wonderful human,I wonder what and who caused him to go deeper inside while grumpy hateful spirit emerged.I really think there are two or maybe three of them inside him different events trigger which one appears. Say what you may about me but long after this is over,and press is gone,Bentley is sold, I know who will be picking up the pieces Little John and I. Right now I support President Obama and Erick Holder to conduct a clean fair investigation of all facts and reach a conclusion until then this is my statement and I stand by it.