Thursday, July 28, 2011

Day Two South Central Sub Station,They were Waiting On Me.

Sergent Morgan, Officer, who told me to come back today was in Court ,so said young female Officer who ran out of back office,to greet me.I though she had been instructed to meet me the way she bounced out the door and said "How can I help you? I said I have an appointment with Sergent Morgan he not here.This woman with very tight pants,in dress uniform and hat, began to tell me what ,Officers told her from day before.I said so you have formed your opinion based on what they said,she replied "they told you it was Civil,I said there are two side to every story ,and what you just said is not what I told anyone,I said ,I do not want to speak with you since your opinion is already made from what your fellow Cult members told you,I would like to speak with an Officer who has not made up his or her mind about me based on what "They said".Another Officer came out he wanted to know what My problem was,I told him I came in with positive attitude to see Sergent Morgan who told me to return,I also told him about the Young lady who rushed out to put me in my place,based on lies the three stooges had told her.There could not be much excitement going on in South Central service area ,if they have time to inform everyone about what happen the day before. I finally ask to see New Chief Hale,this Officer looked around,out the door towards parking area and said Chief Hale is not here,now I saw car parked in Chief parking space when I drove up,I make a habit of being observant of my surroundings ,space was marked Chief ,gray police car parked there.As God would have it while this man was giving me run around Chief Hale walked around corner,I could tell he had heard our conversation,he ask the Officer,whats the problem,same time Chief Hale extended his hand to introduce himself to me,he informed the Officer that he had spoke with me and to see that I am taken care of from that point I was given respect that all citizens should receive in a Public building.I spoke with Detective Black very professional Officer who listen to my complaint. Chief Hale has only been there two weeks. I know Chief Brown is aware of the problems at South Central because there has been a Leadership change.I am informing you ,the public, of this so when Chief Hale starts to clean the Social Club/Cult up first thing they are going to cry is Racism,discrimination,unfair treatment and Chief Brown and Hail are doing them wrong. Take it from me and many others that this has happen to,some of the Black Officers do not respect residents and do not know how to speak or hold a decent conversation. I have been trying for the past eight years to count 8 votes to settle the Police pay lawsuit that has been in Court 20 + years and to have these young Black Officer talk and treat me so bad really makes me wonder is it worth my time.One Detective said to me there are hundreds of Police here you cannot judge all because of action of few,he is so right the six I dealt with should not be on front desk and needs some type of training to get along with their people.Some Officers have lost their way with their own people,seems house in suburb car and half has run them silly when they return to their hometown they see Southern Dallas so why get so high on the Hog when push comes to shove you are going to be happy for a Security Guard.Calm down,that gun on your hip is for protection of public,property and yourself not intimidated of Citizens. Matured as I am your gun does not intimidate me I have one also for the sole purpose of procting myself against criminals not Officers of the law.

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