Saturday, July 02, 2011

Let Me Make My Statement Clear! No Need to Ask Anyone.This Is My Official Site.

First of all: I have been very clear for some time on what I did not like about what John Price was doing as an Elected Official.As a tax payer that right is mine.I have also been forthcoming about any elected or appointed Official or Public person, when I felt their action were not proper with the position they held dealing with tax money,programs federal control,or public money provide their income. I have never ask for any type of punishment of John Price,as a Dallas County employee any problem I had went to proper authority for resolve. I served with honor and said nothing public about any of the five Commissioners I work for no matter what. I said in Dallas Morning News today,I have feelings and love for John.I did not like who he had become,and still do not, it has nothing to do with FBI. I knew he was under undue influence's from people who feed off his position for their survivor.These people feed into negative mode every day and filled him with negative energy about everyone and every thing. The John Price, I knew and love would never have treated Ms. Dickey the way he did from the first day she was sworn into Office until now, because she is a woman.John was taught how to treat women and he always did follow that teaching,John Price was a gentleman when I left his Office in 1991.What happen after that and the women he came in contact with did a number on him. The kind gentle fun loving, good dancing (little wild)man some of us knew turned into grumpy evil for evil at any cost in my opinion.John had his ways but deep inside was a wonderful human,I wonder what and who caused him to go deeper inside while grumpy hateful spirit emerged.I really think there are two or maybe three of them inside him different events trigger which one appears. Say what you may about me but long after this is over,and press is gone,Bentley is sold, I know who will be picking up the pieces Little John and I. Right now I support President Obama and Erick Holder to conduct a clean fair investigation of all facts and reach a conclusion until then this is my statement and I stand by it.

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