Monday, May 28, 2007

District 5 Council Race

When I entered the Council race I had been out of the day to day running of a political campaign

for some time. I remembered when it was fun and candidates told the truth or as near to truth as possible. Candidates did not embellish a lie. My opponent sent our a race betting campaign piece and it is sad that in 2007 she is still talking about 14-1. She said I did not support 14-1the election was held and 14-1 was defeated. The Court finally approved 14-1 16 years ago but what does that have to do with crime in District 5? She also has on the piece that I am a Republican well this is a non partisan election so what does party matter,only to race haters. She also said I supported Laura Miller this again trying to push the hate button of the people in District 5, Laura Miller is a Democrat I also supported Ron Kirk but she failed to mention that and also she ,John Price,Kathy Nealy, Demetris Sampson big leader in the Democrat party supported Republican Max Wells Mayor so what is the difference.

What Ms. Hill failed to do is include what she has done to improve the community. What has Ms. Hill ever done other then work for the City of Dallas and bring home a pay check. She had 24 years to volunteer and do something but she did nothing. I hope the voters in district 5 will not be confused by the slick talk and will demand to see a record of work done on their behalf.
Vote smart.Vote for the person with a proven track record in the community.

VOTE Betty Culbreath City Council District 5 June 16,2007

Early voting starts June 4-12, 2007.

Rep.Yvonne Davis-Democrat Dallas Kill Law School

I find it very hard to believe that State Rep. Yvonne Davis killed the UNT Law School planned for Downtown Dallas. The very fact that Senator West had found a way for the bill to pass and she killed the bill on a tech. is beyond reason .

The school would have given so many minority students an opportunity to attend law school and growth of our higher education community . From what I read in the news Ms. Davis said she was not satisfied with some wording in the eminent domain bill. The eminent domain passes any way and she cut the Law School. I live in her district and voted for her and contributed to her campaign, but she did not carry out my wish on that issue. She lost my support and respect because I think she killed the bill because she does not get along with Senator West. The UNT bill was bigger than Ms. Davis and Senator West it was about the need of thousand's of young people in this region. The lost of the Law School is the very reason that Black Leadership is at

the crossroads. When A double minority Democrat lawmaker from Dallas Texas kills a bill

that would benefit the masses we are in critical need of new Leadership. Not one person from the black news media has said anything about it. The DMN had the story in a little box.

People ask why I ran for Council, for things like this. We have small minded people who get elected telling all kinds of lies, then get in office and do the opposite. The eminent domain bill had built in protection for homeowners and a court process, even if it did not say just what Rep. Davis wanted why kill the Law school for 2 more years? Why did she not work on eminent domain for 2 more years? Shame on Yvonne Davis for what ever reason she killed the UNT Law School Bill.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Power !

I have often wondered what made people do things that were so out of reason and how they could sleep with themselves. I also had time to reflect on why people that I had helped along the way had such short memories. I have always worked from the heart and all ways tried to do what was right by everyone for the greater good of the people. Maybe I stayed out of politics to long.

I worked so hard at Dallas County Health and Human Service making sure the people of Dallas County were safe and healthy I had no time for politics.

This campaign for City Council has shown me that I have missed out on a new lesson. It is not a good lesson , it's just a lesson. I have never seen such dishonesty , lies to get votes and etc. I told one worker from another campaign that we were not running for a cure to save a life, it's just a seat on the Council without power.

I will continue to run a fact based campaign and hope the voters will understand.

A very wise man said"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Do not forget I am in the run-off election June 16,2007. I need your help!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Thanks to the people who cast a vote for me on May 12. 2007. We have another battle to fight.

Stay with me and we will win. Early voting begins June 4, 2007. Election day June 16,2007. Again Thank you.

Monday, May 07, 2007

DMN How About Complete Story ?

I was reading some remarks in the DMN about District 5 candidates and what we had to say. First let me say I faxed a copy of my signed Court Order to the news but they chose to say Betty Culbreath contends she has resolved her issue, they have document in hand that proves it. The News however wants the establishment candidate to win so bad they are miss leading the public. The News stopped short of endorsing her, but uses every trick in the book to help the Dallas establishment candidate running for District 5. They are now making you believe that Don Robinson cannot be seated if elected because of his 1979 offence and they say I "contend" even after they have the evidence.

In the article it quoted Ms. Hill as saying she would use her connection and her professional and personal friend to bring new jobs and development to the Southern sector. That statement in and of it self is a conflict and would cause an FBI investigation if in fact she did what she says. As an elected official to use personal connection to influence business is against the law, and this lady is an Attorney. We are also under City Manager form of Government and Council members are to leave those negotiations up to the manager. It is legal for Ms. Hill as a private citizen to use her connection to help District 5 . I wonder why she has not done that in the 20 years she has lived here. I wonder if the DMN really think that people in District 5 do not have enough intelligence to know that we never heard any thing from Ms. Hill until she was Not reappointed by the Dallas City Council to her Judgeship. I never saw her at the homeowners meeting. I have no problem with anyone running for public office but I do have a problem when the daily news paper continues to write about the District candidates and not tell the complete story.