Monday, May 21, 2007

Power !

I have often wondered what made people do things that were so out of reason and how they could sleep with themselves. I also had time to reflect on why people that I had helped along the way had such short memories. I have always worked from the heart and all ways tried to do what was right by everyone for the greater good of the people. Maybe I stayed out of politics to long.

I worked so hard at Dallas County Health and Human Service making sure the people of Dallas County were safe and healthy I had no time for politics.

This campaign for City Council has shown me that I have missed out on a new lesson. It is not a good lesson , it's just a lesson. I have never seen such dishonesty , lies to get votes and etc. I told one worker from another campaign that we were not running for a cure to save a life, it's just a seat on the Council without power.

I will continue to run a fact based campaign and hope the voters will understand.

A very wise man said"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely"

Do not forget I am in the run-off election June 16,2007. I need your help!

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