Tuesday, October 31, 2006

New Wright

I still would like to know where will the competition come from at Love Field with only 20 gates. Southwest owns 16, American owns 2, Continental owns 2 .The agreement says they will destroy any gates that might be used by another Airline. So DMN where will the competition come from or better question FLY from?
Mayor Miller did a good job but she did not know all the language that the Airport People and Airlines Executives use. Some parts of the deal are the same as we had on the table last time this issue came up. The new parts are the 20 gates because the Love Field study called for 32 gates so some other low cost Carriers could offer really low fares. Southwest will start out with the 99.00 fares until they get people educated to the Through Ticketing meaning you stop one time but you do not need to deplane or recheck you bags. When the ticket prices go up the same as DFW please remember Betty Culbreath told you first.

Mayor Race / 2007

You know it is to early for this but I read something that I just had to comment on. It was on another Blog and it said "Darrell Jordan would bring us together." Us who? I am trying for the life of me to find out where we are apart. This whole conversation about Dallas having some racial divide that I do not see and have not felt is still a mystery to me. That was one of the big things Mayor Millers critics beat her over the head with. I wonder why she just didn't ask them what the hell are you talking about? Black,White,Brown and all other groups are busy in this Community working together and making money and progress. Mr. Jordan is a nice guy .What we need in a Mayor is someone that can hit the ground running and continue to do the work already started by Mayor Miller. We also need a person that knows their way around City Hall, if you do not know City Hall the learning curve can be a long process. Ed Oakley is a man who knows the job, is Dallas ready? Should be!

Ron Price DISD Trustee Again

I do not know what it will take to stop poor DISD trustee Ron Price from telling lies. The man fair de lied on me , on KKDA radio. I attended DISD
board meeting last Thursday and moved from one seat to another and he could not see me in the back of the room so he proceeded to tell a radio audience that "I missed most of the meeting". Poor soul trying to defend himself on the vote of last week on the Spanish speaking issue. Thanks to Trustee Carla Ranger and Lew Blackburn for voting for the people. Ron Price voted for the deal he had cut prior to the meeting. I found out how he was going to vote on the outside of the building and low and behold it went just as my informant said. I do not have a problem with getting votes but , I do have one with people who speak at the meeting and Ron Price did , saying all kind of things before the vote was cast about the item knowing full and well he knew all the time how he was going to vote.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Club Blue

I still think it is wrong to use police to close business if it is operating legal, just because someone does not want them Downtown .What will happen when it's your business? If Club Blue was breaking the law why has the TABC not enforced the State law. If the trouble is all Club Blue where are the off duty Police patrolling the out side. Why does Blue have a different set of rules than other clubs? I remember when the Skin Heads took over Deep Elm and that is when I stopped going because they targeted blacks to hurt .I do not remember any one closing down Deep Elm or running off the Skin Heads the Blacks just stopped going. Now why is club Blue being treated this way. Mayor Miller should move careful in using the City Police to deny a person the right to own and operate a legal business in the City Dallas. The people who attend the club should act like people with good sense, but they do not. The owner should do every thing with in his power to operate a safe environment for patrons. The City and Owned should work this out tax payers have an interest in that building we invested in it and did not know it. I think in the future all of these so called tax deals involving city money should be published in the paper to give citizen a chance to protest. We saw what happen with Cinimark and others people when the city use tissue paper rules to stop them. We have spent millions on law suites and settlement and have been overturned by higher Courts. People already are not coming to this City for entertainment, the convention center is dead, Deep Elm is dead, West end is dead and something need to happen. Maybe appoint a Assistant City manager for hospitality some one young
enough to understand night life and what people want to do and enjoy themselves downtown every one does not go uptown. Some one do something quick I am 65 and enjoy a smooth dance at a beautiful place but I can not find one in Dallas. Do you know of one please let me know.

People I think about often!

I think about people a lot. I just think about them and remember what they mean to me or just how good they were if they have passed on.
Just to name a few:
David Fox , George Allen Sr., George McGowan Jr.my father made me the woman I am today, how I miss him wish he could see me now. Marvin Thomas, W.O. Bankston, Alto McGowan, John Stemmons ,Patricia Beck my friend from the Community Council day's I was paid she was a volunteer, Jimmy Bankston I think I will go to the Country and visit him.
Jesse Dawson, Al Lipscomb, Retired police officer Dwayne Bishop, Arthur Busby, Burl Jernigan, Thomas Jones, Cleo Steele, Robert Jones Waco Texas followed me on TV and news paper. Jim Bowles, Sharon Boyd, Steve Bartlett, Al Gonzales, Eddie Hill, Jeff Fagan, Kevin Cox ,Lucy Patterson. Well that's enough tonight it makes me sad that some of them have passed on. I have more!

Trinity River Project / Good Thing

I know why people in power do not want people like me to have a lot of information because I am not a freezer :I cannot keep it! The Trinity River project is a good thing for Dallas and in the long run every one Should benefit. In the short run a lot of low income housing is going away, small business people are going to be removed, property is going to be rezoned and tax will go up. The problem is that the real People that are going to be effected by it the most right now are the least ones that can afford it.
We had a zoning case of blocks of property in South Dallas along Bexar St for a fancy mixed use development and everyone on the bus tour wondered how could the area support the development. Low and behold
the back of area sits on the bank of the Trinity River. Eleven black people showed up to ask the Plan Commission to delay the action until they could find out what was going on in their area. We ask staff if any meeting had been held with the neighbors and nobody knew, that means no. The people were not asking for denial just information. How could Leo Chaney have such a radical zoning request on the CPC agenda and keep it from the people it impact the most. The Ideal neighborhood is on the Trinity Project map as an identifiable area to be changed yet the people in attendance knew nothing about the plan and live in Ideal neighborhood.
This Trinity River project, if they are not careful will start another FBI investigation and this time it will involve the little people and they are going to tell. All they have worked for are in the homes they own
and paid for. They cannot afford to buy new ones for 100,000.00 . I did
ask Councilman Ed Oakley Chair of the council Trinity River committee to make sure that the people are treated right and I know he will. We have enough money in the bond program to do this right . I hope the manager ,staff and elected officials will do the right thing because I came off the picked line in 1967 but now that a higher power has made me new I can walk again in spite of Wal-Mart.

So Much to Think About!

I have been out of the City on City of Dallas business and oh my so much to blog about. Word that I was in Corpus got to some local people and they called the hotel wanting a meeting about some land use issues they had. I guess when you are good at helping real folk that gets around. I did check on their issue and sure enough they had the same problem that we had with I 45 splitting a neighborhood. The same thing has happen to them now they are not in the Downtown development district so their property value is low. It happens a lot to low income area's.
I did speak with their staff and inquire about it and they promise to meet with the neighborhood and explain the situation.

Well see where John Price the deal maker cut a deal with Chris Bell camp on Sunday the Lords day for: DMN says around 50,000.00 .I guess Carol Strayhorn had sense enough to keep her money knowing 90% of the Black Community that go and vote or going to vote democrat smart move on her part, but Chris got that extra million and felt obligated after a few Black elected Dallas democrat's twisted his arm into meeting with Price the deal maker so they would not feel the raft of Price on the Local level after the election. As if the County has something they need.
Here is the dream budget I think: $20,000 for Kathy Nealy ,$20,000 for Price the deal maker, $10,000 for the people semi homeless that you see going door to door putting literature in your front door and Gromer calls that a machine. At least some poor people will get a good day 's pay and lunch. Shameful, shameful how Good White people keep doing the same things expecting different result. .

Sunday, October 15, 2006

NAACP President / Poor Judgement

What is it about people that would make them think that because they hold a position it exempts them from the law. When the NAACP President was stopped why did he not just take his ticket sign it or write refuse to sign and move on. Why would the Black County Peace Officers go talk to the Deputy if in fact they supported the Officer. Bob L. Should be ashamed of himself for letting such a simple matter cause conflict on a man and his job. The Leadership in this Community is suffering in every area. City, County and local organizations, they are all so miss directed and living and thinking in the 60" or beyond. When will some new people step up to the plate and not be afraid to take them on, they can be BEAT. Young people please step up.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Can We All Work Together / Kathy Nealy

I notice in the DMN that Carol Reed was the manager of the Bond campaign so that means she got the contract and her competitor Rob Allen did not. As I continued to read about the money spent and how it was being spent low and behold Ms. Red paid Rob's company to do some work for her. That Ms. Nealy is the way business people get along and work together. Real business people do not cry wolf and make a big fuss over nothing. I hope this little drama has grown some people up because the Voters are finally paying attention and getting real sick and tired of paying Tax and seeing their neighborhood's go down, driving to Cedar Hill to shop, tearing up their cars on these streets, no new development of jobs. All the warehouse jobs going to Ennis, and down 35 and 67 out of the Dallas County. So wake up people look at what is happens to our community and think about who is in charge.

Monday, October 09, 2006


Why did T.O. not get the ball until 3rd quarter? Please someone tell me.

Roger B. Brown/ What School

Roger B.Brown sport's director KKDA radio said this morning he attended the Cedar Hill and Desoto football game Friday night and it was so many Black people it "looked like a jungle bunnies movie was being made". Willis Johnson Host of the show told him he could not say that on the air, Roger B. Brown repeated the statement that it looked like "jungle bunnies" and he was black so it was ok for him to say. What school of journalism did he attend that said it is alright to use derogatory names to describe people regardless to what race you are. There are many White people who listen to KKDA radio and they must have been insulted by what was said, because I was and so was Alicia and she let Mr. Brown know it. It is a sad commentary when professional people think that any thing they say about there own people is ok! As Andy Young did and had to resign, but Roger B. Brown is a professional and should know better.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Consultant gets 10,000 per month

I wondered why Kathy Nealy was so mad about Mr. Johnson getting the GOTV contract on the Bond election, now I know why. Rumor has it she has signed on to Max Wells for Mayor campaign for 10,000.00 per month. That meant she lost about 20,000.00 for that
Bond campaign. That will make anyone mad. I am mad as hell because I worked for free
did not know they make that kind of money! Well I guess I need a GOTV program for the
next election. Just kidding I don't want an Elected officials money because after the election they owe you nothing in terms of community improvement commitment.

Comments from readers:

Well I sure got some heated comments from one person who did not like my stand on paying school tax. Good thing for me that they do not put you in jail this person wanted me jailed for not paying them, even after I said they were in an escrow account in the District name I did not spend the money I saved it for the DISD until they stop spending tax money like it's water. I paid some after Dr.M.H. was hired. I trust him and he will do a good job.

The other one was about my support of Chief Kunkle: I have been a wife and been cheated on and I do know just how bad it hurts but, the good part is" A Rose is still a Rose" and will live on after the pain is healed. There is nothing you can do about human emotions or feeling when they are not FOR you. Pray for peace and relief of the hurt do things to keep your mind occupied and move on to higher ground. I want to get married again. Marriage is good for the soul.

John Price rethinks endorsement !

The voting public must be thinking about now: " What is going on with Commissioner John Wiley Price"? Well it's about the money! The commissioners endorsement of Carol Strayhorn was against every thing the democrats party stands for. The Strayhorn camp must have though it was about them ,but now it seems it was about GOTV money. Get Out The Vote in other words. You see GOTV means money paid to a Political consultant to do GOTV. In steps Kathy Nealy with her GOTV proposal worth thousands of dollars, who gets the GOTV contract with the campaign.Contract to turn out the Black Community for candidate, who by the way are already going to the Polls
and vote Democrate. Price said in DMN article "I don't know who the hell is advising her".I don't know what the hell is going on". Well they are not paying Kathy Nealy for advise or to Get Out The Vote because they know it's a waste of money. The bad part is what he said about his long time Friend Jesse Jackson because
Chris Bell Democrate candidate for Governor canceled a meeting with him and visited
Jesse Jackson in Houston. Houston is Mr.Bell's home turf he did the right thing,John Price was only meeting to see what GOTV money was available for Kathy Nealy for the November election. That is so sad when the Minority community is in such bad need of real Leadership someone who really cares again.

Monday, October 02, 2006

Black on Black Business Attack

Only in Dallas Texas in 2006 are Black people still calling White people to try and take business from other Black people. A campaign committee hired a Black Consultant to work on the November Bond election another Black Consultant with heavy black political ties did not get the work. The Consultant who did not get the work called her Black elected and formerly elected buddies to Cry foul: "why didn't you all make sure I got this job" well there was a process and the Consultant who got the work followed it. The Good Old Boy system is what blacks said was keeping them down and the one's in Public say it loud and proud but what do you say now. The Good Old Black
Boy system is doing the very same thing in this Community and it has hurt some very qualified people in business. The Good old Black Boy system will also get you fired from your job with lies, keep your child from getting work, file tax liens on your property using measures not normally used on other people, black ball you from purchasing list and it goes on and on. The Good old Boy's did not do that. The Good Old Boy system just meant they helped their friend FIRST and then every one else. You were not cut out of deals, your family was not hurt,they did not do bad things to you personally. It was about business but this Good Old Black Boy System is filled with evil and money grab. So sad, So sad. I hope the Black Community will wake up and vote for new Leadership and put this Good Old Black Boy system out to pasture.
The sad part about the Consultant who did not get the contract: She has no recent history of getting the Black vote out. When Ron Kirk won the Mayor race it was about Ron Kirk being Black he did not need a consultant, black people were going to vote for him anyway. The consultant lost the Dunnung for Mayor race, Price (panty bandit)school board race and she trained him ,he attended her school and she did not do a background check on him. When you are so accustomed to getting business using the Good Old Black Boy system :how can you of all people cry foul when a process is follow and you did not participate. Then have the nerve to call White people to bitch
about another Black getting the contract. The one reason White people do not respect the Black Community in Dallas is because of this very behavior of some Blacks.

Mayor Miller/Please Give Club Blue A Break!

Mayor Laura Miller was very out spoken on the People who developer Club. Not the manager or owner but the Developer. There has to be something wrong with government when a Developer is held totally responsible for the action of a tenant. Club Blue
has had some problems but all of the Downtown Clubs have. The people who attend the
clubs cause the problems outside of the Club and around City streets. I agree that Club management should follow State law and not allow underage people into the Club.
they should also have enough people to make sure that Club guest do not take glasses out side of the facility. The TABC regulates liquor sales if in fact the Club is selling to minors the TABC should investigate. To deny the Developer tax credit from the City to develop another property because of Club Blue is not good government.