Monday, October 02, 2006

Black on Black Business Attack

Only in Dallas Texas in 2006 are Black people still calling White people to try and take business from other Black people. A campaign committee hired a Black Consultant to work on the November Bond election another Black Consultant with heavy black political ties did not get the work. The Consultant who did not get the work called her Black elected and formerly elected buddies to Cry foul: "why didn't you all make sure I got this job" well there was a process and the Consultant who got the work followed it. The Good Old Boy system is what blacks said was keeping them down and the one's in Public say it loud and proud but what do you say now. The Good Old Black
Boy system is doing the very same thing in this Community and it has hurt some very qualified people in business. The Good old Black Boy system will also get you fired from your job with lies, keep your child from getting work, file tax liens on your property using measures not normally used on other people, black ball you from purchasing list and it goes on and on. The Good old Boy's did not do that. The Good Old Boy system just meant they helped their friend FIRST and then every one else. You were not cut out of deals, your family was not hurt,they did not do bad things to you personally. It was about business but this Good Old Black Boy System is filled with evil and money grab. So sad, So sad. I hope the Black Community will wake up and vote for new Leadership and put this Good Old Black Boy system out to pasture.
The sad part about the Consultant who did not get the contract: She has no recent history of getting the Black vote out. When Ron Kirk won the Mayor race it was about Ron Kirk being Black he did not need a consultant, black people were going to vote for him anyway. The consultant lost the Dunnung for Mayor race, Price (panty bandit)school board race and she trained him ,he attended her school and she did not do a background check on him. When you are so accustomed to getting business using the Good Old Black Boy system :how can you of all people cry foul when a process is follow and you did not participate. Then have the nerve to call White people to bitch
about another Black getting the contract. The one reason White people do not respect the Black Community in Dallas is because of this very behavior of some Blacks.

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