Thursday, May 26, 2011

Is Tampering With Government Documents a Crime? Not In Dallas County.

If law says, you must have person, being served papers,sign the order.How can deputy Constables not follow law,get caught,using County automobile for non county business , falsify documents, and the Elected Constables are the ones who decide their punishment.What happen to the DA and Police?How do you decide punishment when a State and County law has been violated.Everyone in the County jail ,wish they could pick the persons deciding their punishment. What is happening in Dallas ,can every one at the County level do wrong,or what they want to? How can a indicted Boss punish a non indicted Deputy,for breaking the law.Party affiliation could not be reason other Elected Officials are willing to risk their careers to cover up or save a Democrat who is breaking the law.How can Citizens trust anyone these days.I had the utmost respect for DA Watkins,and supported him back in the day,when his family was his campaign team,for free.Mr.DA please do your job,please don't allow Dallas to become another Bonnie and Clyde involving Elected officials.If they do not care enough to do their very best you can not save them. last night,on news,Fort Worth City Councilwoman Hicks,driving a $100,000 sports car with her mothers State District license plate,that is against the law,worse why would you invest in a expensive car, and not spend $78.00 to buy plates? That's just plain crazy,unless something about the car keeps it from being registered,or she and her mother use the same car. Each of them know who they are,educated,smart,out spoken women working for their community and always have helped all.There's no reason the plate should make a big difference. God Please Help Us All!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Please Don't Say ,What You Will Do For Southern Sector,Let Us Get Serious First

I hope in the next 29 days ,Candidates will not say what they will do for the Southern Sector.The Southern Sector must help itself.I have said for years that image is the one major obstacles along with infrastructure that keeps people from investing in Southern Dallas.I went and ask the Dallas City Council to dedicate money for a Southern Sector image campaign much like the ones the fund on other projects,but they did not do it.In general people think every one in the Southern Sector is ,on dope,welfare,section 8,wic and walking around with a 9mm pistol ready to shot. I was selling some poodle puppies and most of the people were from North Dallas,Keller,Frisco.When they got to my house all of them said" I did not know this was the way Oak Cliff looked,its beautiful out here" I said yes I know,that's why I moved from North Dallas out here for space,trees and quality of life. Black people we have had Black elected Officials for the past 30 years and all along our community was going down,no City services,businesses moving out the time has come that we must fend for ourselves.We must take our community back,we must say to young thug we are not taking it any more.One or two bad groups can cause enough trouble to give our area a bad name,we must change it. There is no more room in Desoto,Cedar Hill or Duncanville,Red Oak and other Cities South.We can stop waiting on the Elected Officials to help us,their minds are on themselves and being power hungry.We will do it without them,We will raise the money for the Image Campaign in Southern Dallas,we will help people to understand Oak Cliff,North,South,East and West each section has a flavor and charter of its own,people of various backgrounds that make up the beauty of Oak Cliff,it has White people lots of them,Black and Hispanics.Gays,all groups and we all get along fine.What you see on TV are isolated cases in various areas of Oak Cliff.I was surprised when the other night on 48 Hours the Dallas homicide people were on,the commentator said the shooting happen in a very bad area of Oak Cliff,on National TV he said Oak Cliff,he should have said bad section of Dallas. Oak Cliff is put down in every circle.There is nothing positive said about Oak Cliff,and when it is they make a note to say North Oak Cliff,I have nothing wrong with selling North Oak Cliff,but could people stop bad mouthing the remainder of Oak Cliff.Black people in Oak Cliff do not eat White people or any other people that I know of.

Dallas City Hall,When Truth Is Told,Is Broke, and In Debt ,Up To Its Nose!

When all the good people of this City ,want the Beautiful buildings,Hotels and Bridges,City staff comes up with a good Bond program,City Attorney fix language so they can use money as they wish.Citizen Council helps raise money for bond campaign. Citizens go out vote for the Bong package, no one ever ask,or never told,what the pay back schedule is.We are still paying for Reunion Arena and its not even there anymore.If we were to demolish our home and still owe a mortgage ,we would go to jail. Why do we keep building, without funds to operate? Why does DISD continue to build schools,with no operating capital or, for that matter,Students or Teachers.How can public Official use taxpayers money to keep local construction companies in business and making money. I love Dallas, its my home ,and I intend to be buried here.What is going on here now, seems like a dream.I am waiting ,to wake up and it not be real. We have a Black power crazed County Commissioner,who has no respect for anyone a County Judge who allows him to run the County,We Had, a Mayor who wanted to illegally take money from DFW and put in City General Fund,We have City Council people who want the New DFW General Counsel ,Report to Dallas City Attorney Tom Perkins,who can't keep the City Counsel out of Court,but they want him to approve all legal business at DFW,Perkins does not serve as DART General Counsel's boss,why DFW.Dallas County Constable Derrick Evans is an indicted Constable,on County job daily wearing a gun and being paid.Now in charge of putting men on Leave from information he discovered.What a Hoot! Rooster supervising Chickens.Dallas City Council trying to do right,being told half story ,dollar amounts in units never total cost, where Counsel will get clear picture of what is being done.DART building lines to get people out of BMW,Benz to get on bus or train to downtown,when all the jobs to employ real labor or semi skilled people are going the other way. Hinojosa made a fool out of DISD board,they knew that man was waiting on the first opportunity to get out of here,his cheese had been moved when Lowe said he was not running again.Hinojosa wanted more money so his retirement check would be large,since its based on last salary earned.I really did like Dr.Hinojosa,one thing I thought being a Hispanic from Dallas with Parents still living here meant there was Honor and respect for them and he would do the right thing.I see now when people get educated and make big money they change just like the Black ones have.Lord Bless our Souls.The Black men,Hispanic men have taken on the roll of the devil,nothing matters but them. Dallas Morning New think they run something and don't know how the City operates. Well this is all for tonight.

Cornell West /Always A Fool To Me!

The one thing ,that has always let me know that going to an Ivy League was not all its suppose to be, by the actions of some of their Graduates.George Bush, West and Leppert are just a few. Some of these people give their schools bad names.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

John Price, All Over The Place ! What Will It Take ?

Commissioner Price Making A Fool of Black People Once Again. When will people stop, John Price from taking his people (Black Voters Southern Sector) as being so ignorant, that we do not know the difference in David Kunkle and Laura Miller? First, we allowed John Price and others to convince us that Laura Miller did not like Black people. The fact of the matter is John Price, others were doing things that the DMN would not write, and no other Reporter would touch the truth but Laura Miller and the Dallas Observer. Laura Miller wrote what she believed was the truth and about John Price and others, it must have been true, none of them sued Laura Miller or the Observer. We have allowed this man to earn money, remain in his job 25 years with race baiting, and miss using his County position to hurt and ruin people who do not agree with him. I have been waiting on the Lord to correct him, but it seems God is taking his time. Every day it gets worse. This is the first time there have been three men in a Mayor’s race and I like them all, for different reasons. I could feel good with either one being Mayor, in fact Mayor Caraway is doing a helve good job, and thrown the Dallas Morning News editorial board for a loop. I am not sure why they believed Dallas would freeze over if evil Leppert resigned. People if you believe Laura Miller’s name is on the ballot for Mayor Vote against her, if her name is not on the ballot, vote for the candidate of your choice. Please do not allow the public to see us fall for that slavery time message John Price is selling. Please do not believe he likes Mike Rawling enough to work free. One of these day God will make Price pay for all the wrong he has done to his people, including me, there will not be enough money in the world to pay to ease his pain that God himself will inflect upon him.