Friday, September 28, 2007

Trinity River Park !

The Lakewood paper wrote a story on the Trinity and they ask the same question I have ask for the past year. I have read the Trinity Plan, Forward Dallas, The Balanced Vision and looked at the DVD given the Plan Commission, and I have yet to find a Park. I have ask City staff , Trinity staff and they all say Trinity Parkway.
In the last staff presentation I ask the new Director of the Trinity office how would people access the Trinity from downtown because ,I had notice no streets or roadway leading to what I though might be a park over between the levy, he said we have not figured that out yet. I think the Trinity Yes people think there is a Park planned for some place in the downtown area, I have not seen it in any plan. I have seen it on pictures of a park but not on design documents. The Trinity No people know there is no Park downtown, it's wet lands, natural growth areas and all sorts of
wild lands. You may sail a boat from one wet land to another but that is about it. I know you think I am crazy but ask someone to show you the Park on the regulation drawing at City Hall, not Parkway but Park.

What's Next ?

With the pending indictments , I wonder what the regular hard working Black citizens of Dallas will think and do. We have Faithfully supported our Officials and what they stood for. Some of you have gone against people you know are truthful and honest for ones that sell their Souls. I said many times this last group of City Officials were the worst I had seen in the 41 years I've been in and out of Dallas City Hall. I have been punished for saying the truth about people and issues that were not popular with the Black Leaders.
In Dallas and I can only speak of Dallas for the last 20 years, we have had every opportunity to build business, work for any corporation and live in the best communities in the world. Black people who wanted to be successful have been, Blacks have led every major government agency in Dallas County and no door has been shut. Blacks have been elected to every position in Dallas. At the present time the Black community should have no complaints about anything, we have Black Leadership in every branch of government and if they cannot get it done then we should find and elect people of any race to get it done.
In my heart I wish every person well as they go through this legal maze. I have been there not for Public Integrity but, been there and it is not a good feeling or position to be in. Public service is free, doing what is right is moral, harming your people through public action is bad. May Justice prevail. My prayer is for Black Dallas to hold your head high and not take the blame for what a few people have been charged with doing. Money and Power is the root to all Evil and that has not changed because the race of the people has.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

False Alarm Fees ! / Water rate UP !

Since the Dallas City Council reverse the Verified Response ordinance I hope that the new money received from false alarms will now go to the Police department budget.
The money was lost last year so the City Manager was not counting it in her budget so Mayor Leppert please ask her to consider it.
I hope the people in District 5 saw that the water rate is going up by 7.7 % and not a Council member ask one question. Sewer going up .68.That is a 10% raise in tax. Oh
how they fool the public.

O.J. Sad Fellow !

I am one person who thinks O.J. is guilty. The Justice system in America work's and it's the only one we have. A jury said he was not guilty so no matter what I think he is a free man. According to the American Justice system should have all the rights of a free man. I never think about O.J. unless he's in the news . Sad Fellow!

Monday, September 03, 2007

Community People Do Community Things.

Ms. Foreman ask on this blog in her comment "why I was so involved in this DART board issue". I am a Community worked I am involved in most things that happen in this Community and have been for 41 years. As I said before I heard about what was going on and I had an opinion. I am an American and have the right to speak on any issue that I feel the need to. However I did not lobby against Ms. Foreman. I visited a Council woman I though was a friend and I wrote a note "saying Ms. Foreman used the race card to much", at that time I knew that Council person was a committed vote for Ms. Foreman and was not going to change ,I hoped she would speak with Ms. Foreman about over use of the race card. One thing that has hurt Black people in this City is the over use of the Race card. Other minorities do not cry Race every time an issue comes up. We need to stop it! I have served under 5 Mayors
and re-appointed to all Boards and Commissions and served until my 8 years expired.What the Dallas Morning news write about me does not matter because if you check the record it speaks for it self. When I need to get people corrected I use any means necessary and I never use the Race card. I use policy and procedures and I have never lost one yet. There is a right way and a not so right way. After some years you learn how. There were 8 Council persons coming back and 7 new ones , Ms Foreman should have had her 8 votes signed sealed and delivered before the new people ever got there. Nomination should have been signed by all old Council Members
that is the way the game is played.When you play and do not win it's no ones fault but your own. These are my last comments on this subject. I must move on to crime in the area.

Dr. H. Please ? DISD Budget Means Budget!

Dr. H. the next department or Director or employee that cause the DISD to make the Dallas Morning News in a negative manner should be fired. How on earth can a payroll department pay stipends to employees that are not approved and no money budgeted for it. How can a school Principle decide to pay an employee extra money without checking a budget, human resources,area Superintendent or someone and it's paid? There are all sorts of departments,directors,and managers at DISD on Ross but it's like money just walks out the door. Why stipends at all? A job description is written salary should include all extra duties and compensation should be adjusted accordingly at the beginning of school year. If money is not in budget it should not be paid. Payroll should check line item budget for each department before any money is spent. They only pay once a month so it should not be a problem. Dr. H . I know you are doing every thing humanly possible to correct the District and I support you. Keep up the good work it will change one day. It took years for the system to
become what it has ,so it will take a while to change it.