Friday, September 28, 2007

What's Next ?

With the pending indictments , I wonder what the regular hard working Black citizens of Dallas will think and do. We have Faithfully supported our Officials and what they stood for. Some of you have gone against people you know are truthful and honest for ones that sell their Souls. I said many times this last group of City Officials were the worst I had seen in the 41 years I've been in and out of Dallas City Hall. I have been punished for saying the truth about people and issues that were not popular with the Black Leaders.
In Dallas and I can only speak of Dallas for the last 20 years, we have had every opportunity to build business, work for any corporation and live in the best communities in the world. Black people who wanted to be successful have been, Blacks have led every major government agency in Dallas County and no door has been shut. Blacks have been elected to every position in Dallas. At the present time the Black community should have no complaints about anything, we have Black Leadership in every branch of government and if they cannot get it done then we should find and elect people of any race to get it done.
In my heart I wish every person well as they go through this legal maze. I have been there not for Public Integrity but, been there and it is not a good feeling or position to be in. Public service is free, doing what is right is moral, harming your people through public action is bad. May Justice prevail. My prayer is for Black Dallas to hold your head high and not take the blame for what a few people have been charged with doing. Money and Power is the root to all Evil and that has not changed because the race of the people has.

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