Monday, September 03, 2007

Dr. H. Please ? DISD Budget Means Budget!

Dr. H. the next department or Director or employee that cause the DISD to make the Dallas Morning News in a negative manner should be fired. How on earth can a payroll department pay stipends to employees that are not approved and no money budgeted for it. How can a school Principle decide to pay an employee extra money without checking a budget, human resources,area Superintendent or someone and it's paid? There are all sorts of departments,directors,and managers at DISD on Ross but it's like money just walks out the door. Why stipends at all? A job description is written salary should include all extra duties and compensation should be adjusted accordingly at the beginning of school year. If money is not in budget it should not be paid. Payroll should check line item budget for each department before any money is spent. They only pay once a month so it should not be a problem. Dr. H . I know you are doing every thing humanly possible to correct the District and I support you. Keep up the good work it will change one day. It took years for the system to
become what it has ,so it will take a while to change it.

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