Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blacks for Hillary Stop Her From Racial Campaign!

Hillary Clinton is doing more to divide the races then any KKK man could ever do. You Blacks, for her please demand that she stop. Do you have a voice with her? Is this more important then the Civic Rights Movement? This woman or her campaign staff is using racial divide and fear to get White and Hispanic votes. She has put Black voters in a sack yet Black leaders are out there for her as she does them in.

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My Friend Jim Schutz ! Give It A Rest

Jim , you are my friend ,for what? 30 years now. Please trust me there is nothing. Give it a rest. You have a fool on one end mad because he is not Mayor wanting to embarrass Mayor Leppert with any thing he can going back with an email from June 2007. You have the Hispanics thinking Leppert is being good to the Blacks. You have that other Black group mad at Leppert,Johnson,Shaw because of the DART vote. You have that other group mad at the consulting contract they did not get and Shaw got it for Johnson. You have that other guy that has always called and threaten the Mayor no matter who it was. This hand full of angry, evil little people are working to destroy every one they think is in their way of helping themselves more. Why are they so afraid of the changing of the Guard? By the way The Mayor meet with the Black Chamber and the Hispanic Chamber.

Tom Leppert is no crook, Willis Johnson has worked all his life and is no crook or politician. Lynn Flint Shaw was a hard working woman who supported her family and gave to her community. She was no crook on the take because she had no money and could not pay her bills. None of the above mention groups have that problem, they have plenty of money, fancy addresses, multiply real estate , fancy cars and etc. Lynn and Rufus lived in the house he purchased 30 years ago with an equity loan taken in 2005. Ms.Shaw could not have taken money from anyone ,or DART because she borrowed from a friend. What ever she did wrong was not against her community it was a desperate attempt to save her family. I just wish I could have helped but she kept it from me also.

So please my friend, my other friend is dead please let her rest in peace because my heart is heavy and I can not take what has happen and continue even after her death.
The story has ended anything else will only hurt her innocent Son and Rufus's other kid's.

Thanks Jim

I Am Mad As Hell and Won't Take It Anymore !

Tom Leppert is the Mayor of Dallas. Tom is a good man ,one who really wants this City to work for all people. Every Elected Official since I have worked in the political arena has had his or her people. All Elected people have their inner circle of people they trust to do the right thing for the People.

The same handful of mean spirited unhappy people keep trying to hurt Mayor Leppert using Black and Hispanics to do the dirty work. The group of Blacks need no help.

Willis Johnson has worked in this community I know for 30 odd years, he has always tried to match people to opportunities and help his community. A well know consultant was so angry when Mr. Johnson came on the political scene and got some work that normally went to her , she will not even stand in a room with Mr. Johnson. Fact that Ms.Shaw was responsible for bringing Mr. Johnson in went against Ms. Shaw. Shaw,Johnson and others supported Mayor Leppert put them all on a hit list.
The sad part about it is this Group had the run of the city hall for years before Laura Miller came into office and I can not see one minority they helped. I see they
helped themselves and the Developer at Victory.

How can money mean that much to hurt people. Slander them for no other reason then to laugh and get even.

Willis Johnson is not a dirty politician, Lynn Shaw was not a dirty politician if she was , she would be alive today because she would not have had any financial problems.
The group I am talking about have money because they sold their souls for money. They have plenty of money but no peace. I saw another one of them on TV the other night looking old, worn and ugly. I know it will take a little more time but I hope
no one else gives up on life before God brings down this evil group.

My friend Lynn is dead I will never hear her voice again , that french creole way she spoke , I will not hear Rufus answer the phone "Shaw".

Mayor Tom Leppert is a good man and Mayor. Willis Johnson is a good man. Lynn Flint Shaw was a good woman.

I Am Mad As Hell and Won't Take It Anymore !

My Friend is DEAD and I am mad as hell and won't take it anymore. My Friend Lynn Flint-Shaw did not kill herself and leave her Son, my Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she loved God and Life. My Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she knew every thing was going to be OK! My Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she did not care that much about public Opinion. My Friend Lynn supported her family 25 years in this community and never got tired, she attended mass at 6AM in the morning, she worked and attended Civic affairs, meetings, worked on various campaigns
and Loved Rufus Shaw UN-conditionally.

My Friend Lynn was being tormented by a hand full of very sick ,evil people who have very little to live for. They have money, position and public standing , yet they have no happiness. I saw one of them at my precinct convention the other night she, did not have the look of a woman of money, her face looked unhappy, she was dressed shabby casual not smart or rich casual. She could not look at most of us in the room I sensed guilt. Another sits downtown and send private information to the press to embarrass Black people. Every confidential communication he receives in his official capacity he shares with the media. He also has other people attack Black leaders and hid his hand. The other can not get over the fact that he did not win the Mayor race, the other cannot get over not being Chair of DART.The other one just mad at the world and unhappy in a position to help people and does not know how.Such silly reason to drive people to want death over life.

Now , My Friend Lynn might have done something wrong if she was in a jam but haven't we all? Maybe not the same but something for the survival of our family. I will always love my Friend Lynn because she stood when other would not, Rufus spoke when others would not. Their blood in on the hand of a few evil,wicked people and may God deal with them in time.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton Same Old Tricks as Bill!

The Hillary people are now busy trying to stop Obama with this trick" Who Is This Guy" do you really know him? I know about as much about Obama as I did when Bill Clinton took the stag for President. Jimmie Carter, Kerry, Kennedy and a host of others. The only person I knew was George Bush and I have been a friend to that family since 1963. I also knew President Johnson. I am so sick of Hillary dividing the Blacks and Brown and now there is a local war between them. She played to the Hispanic population and ignored the Blacks just because Obama is black and wrote us off. That is the same thing she will do if elected. I support Obama because he speaks to all the people. In Dallas Clinton did not try to reach black people. I do not want a retread of Bill. I want a new President and a different America.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dallas City Council No Place For Working People!

Many working Dallas City Council people have lost their business or families have suffered from the lack of money. Mr. Fantroy's Attorney said "how could he tell the citizen of Dallas he had run his business into the ground" not easy, but he should have found another way to pay bills not using the College fund. People run for City Council because they want to. Bill Blaydes did not run again because of financial reasons, Craig Holcomb the same. People need to stop trying to be what they can not. I did not run for Council until I was retired and had income coming in to pay my bills. Councilwoman Vonciel Hill is never at City Hall her Aide runs the office she goes into committee meeting and stay just long enough to be counted present and leave never to return. The Lady has a private law practice to run she can not be at both places at the same time so the Council and District 5 are hurting because of it.
You can tell the people who can afford to be in Office they are at City Hall when needed. In the mean time the District suffers because the Council person has to steal or go to work.

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Adelfa Callejo on Obama

It came as no surprise to me the comment by Ms. Adelfa Callejo about Obama problem is he's black. Most Hispanic,Asian, Indian's and others feel the same way about Black people and they are in this Country on our backs. What if Ms. Callejo was a Judge or in a position to make decisions on a Black persons life, how sad it would be for that person. I served on the DFW Airport Board with this lady and worked hard for her reappointment not knowing how she felt about Black people. Black people are the most hated people in the World.