Friday, May 28, 2010

The White Man did It ! What?

One of my Friday rituals, is picking up the weekly community papers and the Dallas Observer.The Observer always has some interesting article,that main stream media normally will not print.The minority papers and the Voice gives different views on local and national happenings.
I open one paper and the first thing,Kwame Kirkpatrick:humbled, I am a believer in second chances,I had one and my Son has one,this is not about the chance,its about what you do and how you do it.Kwame comes from a privileged family,his mother is a Congresswoman in Michigan,he had a very good future ahead of him.No one in Dallas knows how the people of Detroit, feel about what has happen to them as a community,but for our media to print ,what someone says about his crime,being his business, meaning the affair,it just plain mis-education of a community.Kwame was not found guilty of having an affair,he was guilty of lying to government officials in sworn deposition.Was his sentence fair, is an opinion. To claim he has done nothing wrong is a lie.If you owe a fine and restitution it must be paid as part of Court settlement,you can't move to Texas and spend almost $10,000.00 or more per month on living expense,and not pay your restitution,if you were a regular person maybe so,being an Elected Official is different.All the glory you receive as an Official,goes against you when you betray your community.
Next paper was saying ,Terri Hodge troubles started when some White people, were trying to take black folk property in her District by eminent domain,first and foremost no one was trying to take Black folk property,they were trying to relax a rule to make absent land owners clean up and fix up their property,so the Frazier Community could come alive again,there are building that have set there for years,without on coat of paint,windows boarded,trash and etc.To claim that when Ms. Hodge walked into that meeting and spoke,some Magic White man called the FBI and said,we need to get her is simply to far out.I went to St.Peters Academy,private catholic school with Terri Hodge,I have always liked and respected her,and will continue as her friend not State Rep.The insult to the public,when this writer compared Terri income tax guilty plea with some other Politicians who had income tax problem is another mis-education of the public.Every reasonable person knows Terri faced many more serious charges and was allowed to plea on the lesser charge.Where is the White ghost? When I got to the article BLACK MEDIA REPS DEMAND MORE BLACK-OWNED CHANNELS, not one named group, of people wanting to buy channel.
How is the White Man to blame for that? When Colon Powell's son was over the FCC, he tried with all he had to involve more Minorities in TV and Radio ownership,money
was the problem ,not access to the rights.I know some Black fellows who owned a FM license and could not get station going. The time spent blaming the White man is so wasted and it only keeps minorities believing there is a real barrier to business ownership.When they are their own barrier.
End results,we are so brain washed ,we keep electing these people, who preach hate, and the White man did it,so you can't see who really is responsible for doing nothing in our community.The buildings sitting on Spring Ave vacant and run down, with drugs being sold out front,had Black City Council person for 25 years,Black County Commissioner 25 years, Black State Rep.25 years, Black Senator 25 years, the buildings were still there last time I drove by. I just put the papers down,I want to read something, we did positive ,not what the invisible White man didn't allow us to do. Dallas can we wake up and follow the example set by Houston ,start acting like we have opportunity and exercising our ability to achieve.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dear Mr. Watkins,Dallas County District Attorney:

I write this letter ,as a mother to a Son,who has experience a rare opportunity,many men will not. You were reared in a middle class two parent home,extended family support and early community support.
Craig, the first time I met you and your mother, she was sitting in front of the Old K Mart building on Lancaster Rd,I had spot next to her and she was distributing your campaign literature, your first run for DA.I can't even remember the year, no one took your campaign very serious that time,your mother, however was serious and worked hard ,that day to make sure everyone attending the event,knew who Craig Watkins was ,and the fact that he would be, and should be Dallas County, next District Attorney.It took a while but her dream for her Son has come true.

No other Dallas County Official, has the responsibility and authority as you .You are the top Law enforcement officer in this County ,in a position to correct injustice, positively impact crime and establish a standard of fairness in Dallas County Justice system, ensuring every person, receive equal treatment under the law of the-State of Texas.

District Attorney in Detroit, has learned,law enforcement means making decisions that people of your race or party do not agree with.It also means that in your desire to be equal and fair and up hold the law, Friends and Political colleagues will be prosecuted. You are the DA, charged with making sure that everyone charged with a crime is given competent prosecution no hidden evidence or obstruction of justice. The day you won the election,my mind went back to that day years ago , when I met you and your mother,I was proud and all of a sudden ,felt safe the system would be fair,no more Linell Getter's.

In closing you cannot allow party,friendship,politics or any other reason cause,you to trade your Position for someone Else's.If it opens a can of worms ,so be it,when something happens, Man Up, people forgive mistakes all day,in fact we love forgiving,its God way. I'm not sure who your advisers are ,the one lesson my Father taught me , Pick Your Fox Hole Buddy carefully,that's the only person who has your back.Life lessons have taught me another thing,I have never witness a person in Court asking to take the condemned persons place,nor at a funeral trying to change places with the deceased,they fall on top of casket,never inside.
Everyone loves you when you're up,they don't remember you when your gone.
Stay strong young man,pray hard trust God.


Betty Culbreath

Monday, May 24, 2010

Houston So Peaceful, Dallas Full of Drama ! What's the Difference?

(Dallas Was Fun During These Days)

I spent time in Houston this last weekend.The moment I ,arrived in the Woodland suburbs, its almost as if a transition occurred.First there are no large stretches of vacant land.There are businesses on either side of the Freeway and they all seems active.
The local radio plays music,talk is about current events, no racial identity on who's doing what.News is news.
Restaurants are totally diverse,high-end and fast food types.People don't seem to fear each other in public places.

The wedding I attended was totally diverse, a beautiful string orchestra played for ceremony,Asian photographer,White videographer,Black minister racially mixed audience and sit down dinner.
There are predominantly black areas and other ethnic groups also have area they prefer to live but it's not heavily identified when you pick up a newspaper or listen to radio. It just seem so different.
I knew they had a history of voting out elected Officials who mess up.There is no repeated offence in Houston ,you are out when you commit your first public blunder, regardless of what it happen to be.Houston also has a strong Mayor form of government,maybe that's the difference,The Mayor has real power.

Also Houston does not use zoning to separate classes of people and businesses.
The City Council also does not pass Ordinances to correct social problems,no wet dry section of Town,Office Tower can house bar and not sell food.Downtown is viable and busy.
I lived in Houston about a year,working on special classified military project for
Texas Instrument ,I enjoyed the City very much.My only problem with Houston,was the humid weather and my sinus and hair. I could leave home and return with a new hair style complement of the weather.I moved back home to Dallas ,Drama City of Texas.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

DMN Make Much of Nothing, Poker House? Mayor Caraway

When I read that Exclusive report, Mayor Caraway ,intervene for Poker House, I said why is the DMN telling that lie in May,about something that happen in January.
Well is seems to me someone wants ,very hard to discredit Caraway.First of all anyone who has been in or around City Hall, has heard Caraway talk about better utilization of Police manpower,when ever he hears of something he fells is silliness or wrong doing by officers.

Caraway was out in the community years before he was elected,he went in crack houses with me to find my child,and other folks kids.
DMN had it all wrong and knew it was wrong,first of all Caraway was contacted by one of his constituents about receiving a parking ticket on the street in front of the poker house,the gentleman was not illegally parked, he took pictures went to Court and ticket was dismissed.House occupant ,fixed back yard so people could park,since the police continued to ticket people parked on street ,in front of house.
Caraway was again contacted when people parked in rear of home were ticked.Imagine a police officer,parking his Police car on the street ,walking back behind a house writing tickets ,for parking violation,on private property.Now if you don't see any thing wrong with that,something is wrong.Mr Caraway did go to the Manager,but the ticket writing continued,Mr Caraway also said if it was the Poker house ,they were targeting just follow the law and Raid the Poker house.
Not one time did Caraway ask any Official to ignore or not raid the Poker House ,if it was a problem.All Caraway ask was why are the people who park on private property being harassed.Never did he mention Poker House,as DMN implied.
Caraway saying ,he and his father had played poker at the house,was a statement to let the public know, it was a safe and decent place,no crime going on inside,good enough for them to have visited.He was not bragging about the place,it's been there 20 years or so.Why now has it become such a problem,DMN even mention barred windows on house,every house in South Dallas has bares to keep the criminals out not police,if police were in area there would be no need for bares.
Someone with Power,is sending the Officers over there, to harasses the people,plain and simple. Caraway was complaining about,undo harassment of people parked on private property,NOT the Poker House.There are Laws on the books to work on the Poker House,if illegal gaming is going on,use it,Caraway has also said use the proper law to fit the crime.Miss use of laws have plague the minority community for years,all he ask was to apply the law fairly,not use it for an unlawful purpose.
As Chair of Public Safety that is his duty,someone said I was taking up for Caraway,nothing could be farther from the truth,If you know me are follow my Blog,you would know it's dedicated to Truth no matter who is involved, just as I call people out when they are wrong, I also call out Truth when they are being lied on.
The Media is powerful,it can write a story that passes the legal test by the position certain words are in,but still not be the whole truth,Once upon a time it made me mad,but know that regular people have blog we can counter those lies or twisted stories.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

The Reasons We Grew Up Strong , Amidst The Struggle

This was so funny but so true! Enjoy the memories!


There used to be a time when Black children were the best behaved children in the world, now look at them. Time out my foot!!!

1. Have you ever been called downstairs from upstairs, the back of the house, or from the front of the house to get the remote, change the channel, or bring her a glass of ice water?

2. Have you ever been hit with an extension cord, a switch, or the nearest shoe?

3. Have you ever had to pick your own switch off the tree and got sent back because the one you picked was too little?

4. Have you ever been burned on your ear with a straightening comb?

5. Have you ever been hit in the head or knuckles with a comb or hair brush?

6. Have you ever been told to 'Shut up or I'll give you something t o cry about' or beat with a belt while she pronounces every syllable, 'Didn't---I---tell---you---not---to-do---that---no---more?!'

7... Your ponytails or plaits were so tight, you got those little bumps around your scalp?

8. The white people in the school office (principal, secretary, etc.) were afraid of her?

9. You were scared to go home when you had a bad report card?

10. Alcohol, peroxide, cocoa butter, and vaseline were the main items in the bathroom cabinet. And that red hot water bottle hanging behind the bathroom door?

11 You were never 'on punishment' - just got whooping right out of the shower.

12. Have you ever been pinched for going to sleep in church?

13. She made you participate in every church activity (choir, Sunday school, Junior Usher board, Easter play, Christmas Play, etc.?)

14. Has she ever come inside and picked you up from school dance in hair rollers and her gown or pajamas on under her coat?

15. When you ask her for something, her response was..'You got a job?'

16. Have you ever been beaten for something your brother or sister did just because you were around?

17. She vacuums everyday just so the carpet can have lines in it?

18. Have you ever been told to turn off the TV, get off the phone, or sit down and be quiet when it's storming outside because the Lord was doing his work?

19. Friends, family, and friends of the family try to keep you out of trouble because they know your mother and how she is?

20. You were afraid to call the child abuse hotline (because you weren't allowed to use the phone without her permission)?

21. She had to talk to God.. 'Lord, please don't let me hurt this child!!!' before she gives you a whipping.

22. You knew NOT to talk about what went on! in your house with Anybody (other family members, friends, school authority, etc), because you were told, 'What goes on in this house, stays in this house!!!'

If you can relate to any of these things, then pass this on to ALL your friends and see if they can relate to 'KNOWING THAT THEY HAD A BEAUTIFUL BLACK MOTHER, WHO DIDN'T TAKE NO MESS WHEN THEY WERE GROWING UP!'


Sunday, May 16, 2010

No One Owe's You Anything,You Get PAID !

Would someone please explain to these young people and some Old ones,that when you get paid for working,and you are Elected or appointed ,you are paid for what you do.
It does not matter what the salary is, when you ran for office or agreed to accept the appointment you knew all that,and what ever other cost associated with the job.
I am so sick of hearing people who have been in public office,a long time,and attend functions in that capacity complain about their time, hell it goes with the job. I heard an Official name a list of things she had done in the community,as if she deserved a trophy,she chose to do all that for what ever reason and has been rewarded by every organization in Texas.
I have been a volunteer in Dallas for the past 42 years,I only accept awards for my professional affiliations,and work done to help a group of people with common goals.
Next time you hear someone going on about all they do or have done, simply say,I know you are proud of yourself.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Is Everyone At DISD Crazy ?

How can the DISD board even think the Taxpayers, will not have a problem with a Tax hike. This is the same District that wants to allow a Charter school to train their Teachers and educate their students. This same group wants to take a business property that pays school tax and close it, run it away from the area,which could be used for a teaching lab for their District, since they sell special flowers.
This is the worst group of No Idea In The Brain,that I have ever observed.They have more special programs then in the history of the District, more Federal and State grants, yet they cannot retain or graduate 80 % of their students.
Something is wrong when you spend more money on a few students, than the whole.All DISD needs to do is implement as across the Board curriculum for all grads,teach and educate all students,Special schools should have this base curriculum and added courses for speciality education.
It does not take a rocket scientist to plan and educate Kid's others have done it for years.Stop playing politics and pleasing the Construction industry and do what your basic duty is, Educate Kids,cut administrative staff,all special programs that are not covered by Grant money, when grant ends cut program, do not add to General fund budget unless you can generate non tax revenue to support.Fixing DISD is very simple, but you will never get answers from people paid a six figure salary to say that because it would mean their job would end. At DISD it's job security and creating jobs for friends,friends of friends and etc.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Does Truth , Cause Such Pain, In Dallas ?

I must give a little history ,before I explain blog title. I met Tom Leppert,on a very cold icy day,at MLK Blvd.and Lamar St.I knew the man was strange,because he was out in the street,jacket no hat or gloves ,smiling ,shaking hands introducing himself to everyone driving up ,to take their position in the Elite News Martin Luther King Jr. parade. I had never met nor heard of Tom Leppert before that day. After carefully observing this man and his mannerism,I declared that day , he was going to be the next Mayor of Dallas ,when I told him he was going to win,he was kind and just smiled.Tom had no idea who I, and my extensive background in picking candidates and evaluating their electability, I was serious when I told him that,however he did not know how brilliant I was.
Some folk are born with Ivy League brains,I'm one of them,plus my age group could not attend a white college,State or Ivy league, but we took the same college entrance exams their students did,Dr.Leslie J. Patton ,Principal made sure that we did,he wanted the world to know his students,from Booker T.Washington High, were as smart and prepared as anyone in America ,regardless to the color of our skin. I digressed a bit,blame it on age.

Now, Mayor Leppert and I serve on the DFW Board ,we see each other every month,if the opportunity presents, we speak and move on.The Mayor does not need me to defend him and that is not what I'm doing, I must however tell the truth when the Mayor is being lied on , and I know it.
First of all Willis Johnson ,had JBJ marketing well before Tom Leppert's name became a household word.Willis Johnson has been a radio personality for close to 30 years and paid a handsome salary ,in North Texas,he and his name are in every household in some way or the other daily.Mr.Johnson got into the political consulting arena by accident,but he was a partner in his company WW ,I know in early 2000.

Mayor Leppert is not caring water for anyone , or business by the action he is taking on the Love Field concession contract.
Mayor Leppert's service on DFW Board gives him knowledge of how airports operate, he has an interest in every thing being done correct ,and without questions of fairness and integrity.People on one side of the issue have accused the Mayor of trying to help certain Minority business people from Atlanta ,gain entrance to opportunities in Dallas, nothing could be farther from the truth. The economy has caused all real business people to seek opportunities where ever they are.
HJ Russel has been in construction business almost 50 years,airport concession business about 30,the company has maintained an office in Dallas for years and quietly performed various jobs in North Texas,Their Concession company has operations in many airports in this United States,and had one location in DFW back in the 80 and 90's.HJ Russel has bid on job's all over North Texas and won the bid's based on bid price,ability to bond and perform the work and all the financing they need.HJ Russel did not come to Dallas,begging and politicking,they did it the professional way credentials.If some Black business people would do their job ,as well as they try ,and put some conspiracy theory ,with every New Business they hear about,they could be successful.It's time out for blaming everybody but yourself for your failure.It's time to stop blaming The White man for what is wrong with you and yours.It's time to stop blaming Hispanics because they are go-getter's and bring their people along with them.I receive emails daily from the Hispanic Construction Workers Association, advertising some good training for business people, they are busy training their people to do business.
Black people had the first shot at civil rights and open opportunities, if we blew it, there is no starting over.Hispanics and White woman were not even Minorities doing our time,we had it all,alone no one to compete with.
Let the truth set you free. Mayor Leppert did not go and bring Russel to Dallas,Russel was here before Leppert, Mayor Leppert is not making sure ,that Love Field concession contracts are done correctly and above board ,for Russel concessions,it's for the City of Dallas and its Citizens.It's what good Mayors do.
Remember when something doesn't make sense,its a lie. So stop telling that Lie on Mayor Leppert and poor Mr. Johnson ,he dose not know how to take people ,laying on him he's new to that part of politics,it will grow him and other honest young business people up,only in Dallas ,is truth so painful.Houston is so busy making money they don't operate like Dallas, they also vote out of Office people who try to play games,look at the history,black and white office holder are gone if they start any type of madness that might cause the City any harm.

Monday, May 10, 2010

State Law Needs To Change!When does Husband and Wife Stop Being In Charge?

The woman who's boyfriend shot her soon to be ex husband, is now going to be in charge of his estate and funeral arrangements, because in Texas the divorce is not final.

We need to change law, once the Court has a divorce case, and one of the Parties die,another next of Kin, should be appointed guardian over the estate, not the other Party in the divorce ,until Court decides who is the rightful survivor to take charge.Some divorces are so nasty and hateful, a deceased person might not receive a proper burial or service.

Let's change the Law, call your State Senator and State Rep.

Help,Help Help it's not right.

Very Good Businesses , Need Acknowledgement.

Many times we talk about business people when they do something wrong,but we don't say anything when they do something RIGHT.

Today I will, I purchased a Scott's Fertilizer spreader about two years ago,from Lows.
I was trying to use it last Thursday and discovered it was broke, where you lift the lip to open the dispenser. I took it to Lowe's without a receipt,and just as I was being helped,I became ill from heat(side effect from medicine) and had to leave for home. While I was cooling off,I looked the Scott's web site up and there was a section to ask questions about their product. I gave them the information on the spreader and what was wrong with it ,ask if it could be fixed with a new part,This morning ,I signed into my office computer and there it was, an order no. and information on the part and when it will be delivered,and thanking me for my faith in their product.That is great service,I will be a Scott's shopper for life.

Dallas House of Flowers, I had Church program and we were told to wear corsages,many people had their made with artificial flowers, my home training will not allow me to wear an artificial flower,so I went and ordered my corsage from Dallas House of Flowers,they told me very clear that they close at 12:00 noon on Saturday,as I walked out the door that Friday,again they said don't forget we close at 12 noon,I said don't worry ,I'll be here before than.Come Sat. morning my mind on everything I did not do the past week,then I decided on pedicure at last minute,I'm sitting very relaxed in chair, when cell phone ring 4PM,it had been on vibrate in chair, I could feel it,someone said Ms. Culbreath did you say you needed this flower for tomorrow,I said, oh my God I forgot,he said where are you,I said up the street in nail shop,they brought it to me,after waiting on me 4 hours,now that is Service, and their Flowers are the best. I got to know the quality of their floral designs when I was hospitalized in 2006,so many people showered me with Love,with Flowers and gifts,and Dallas House of Flowers being a FTD florist made and delivered them.If you need flowers or gifts for people you know or love ,try Dallas House of Flowers 214-339-1612 .

Buy Scott's products they are good and when they break they take care of them.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

My Mind Is So Full,I Forgot Others Birthday !

Mayor Dwain Caraway Birthday was April 24,2010

Commissioner Price Birthday was April 24,2010

Both same day as my Sister Dorthy Morgan ,Mom Bob, back in the day,these three people
would do something for each other, on that day.
Happy Birthday

Dwain,Bob and John

My Mind Is So Full,I Forgot Others Birthday !

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Birthday, May 5, Can't Celebrate,This Year.

I was born May 5,1941 , Wednesday May 5, is my birthday, it does not feel much like my birthday, with people I love, passing away for the last two weeks.First, Ms. Willie Faye Price, a woman who loved me and I her,Second, John L. Ware a man who loved his community and worked until he just could not go,I loved Mr.Ware he was such a steady Man in a time of need or crisis.

I know tomorrow is my date of birth, I will spend it attending John Ware's Memorial Service, the remainder of the day, I will spend thinking about all the problems, we solved with quietly talking them out, and implementing them. The men and women who were moved from the I45 bridge, the law suits ,and many other City issues ,that a lot of people took credit for. John's theory was, it doesn't matter ,as long as its done ,and works. Thanks to Domingo Garcia for making it happen in 1993 .

I will then smile, when I think of him dancing at the Reception given for him, when he was appointed City Manager, John could dance, but when he pulled up that pant leg,
Dianne Gibson and I though we would fall out,he had gone back to Old School.Mr. Ware you made an impression on a lot of us and we will never forget you,it's almost unreal to think that you are gone,he looks so natural in his coffin,as if he was asleep, waiting to sit up and give some more orders.

Rest In Peace John.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

John Ware, Dead At 62 Years of Age,What A Lost !

I remember that cold day, John Ware and I walked, in the Martin Luther King Jr. Parade, he said he didn't feel well,maybe on set of flu, my comment was you should see a Doctor and get it checked out. I said that ,because Mr. Ware had always seemed a strong man and most men,will not see a Doctor.Shortly after that encounter,I learned of his diagnosis, and I prayed with him and said all cancer is not a death sentence,he was very upbeat,as he prepared for his treatment in Houston.He lived and served his Community, he was very private and had strong opinions about a lot of things,the last time we talked, I told him that now,that he was President of the Citizen Council, I would need to treat him with more respect,he laughed. I ask about his health,as in his own way, he said ,I'm alright, now I know what he meant.

Rest In Peace John,you will remain in my heart forever. Thanks for all you did, and the help you extended to many.