Tuesday, May 04, 2010

My Birthday, May 5, Can't Celebrate,This Year.

I was born May 5,1941 , Wednesday May 5, is my birthday, it does not feel much like my birthday, with people I love, passing away for the last two weeks.First, Ms. Willie Faye Price, a woman who loved me and I her,Second, John L. Ware a man who loved his community and worked until he just could not go,I loved Mr.Ware he was such a steady Man in a time of need or crisis.

I know tomorrow is my date of birth, I will spend it attending John Ware's Memorial Service, the remainder of the day, I will spend thinking about all the problems, we solved with quietly talking them out, and implementing them. The men and women who were moved from the I45 bridge, the law suits ,and many other City issues ,that a lot of people took credit for. John's theory was, it doesn't matter ,as long as its done ,and works. Thanks to Domingo Garcia for making it happen in 1993 .

I will then smile, when I think of him dancing at the Reception given for him, when he was appointed City Manager, John could dance, but when he pulled up that pant leg,
Dianne Gibson and I though we would fall out,he had gone back to Old School.Mr. Ware you made an impression on a lot of us and we will never forget you,it's almost unreal to think that you are gone,he looks so natural in his coffin,as if he was asleep, waiting to sit up and give some more orders.

Rest In Peace John.

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