Sunday, May 16, 2010

No One Owe's You Anything,You Get PAID !

Would someone please explain to these young people and some Old ones,that when you get paid for working,and you are Elected or appointed ,you are paid for what you do.
It does not matter what the salary is, when you ran for office or agreed to accept the appointment you knew all that,and what ever other cost associated with the job.
I am so sick of hearing people who have been in public office,a long time,and attend functions in that capacity complain about their time, hell it goes with the job. I heard an Official name a list of things she had done in the community,as if she deserved a trophy,she chose to do all that for what ever reason and has been rewarded by every organization in Texas.
I have been a volunteer in Dallas for the past 42 years,I only accept awards for my professional affiliations,and work done to help a group of people with common goals.
Next time you hear someone going on about all they do or have done, simply say,I know you are proud of yourself.

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