Monday, May 24, 2010

Houston So Peaceful, Dallas Full of Drama ! What's the Difference?

(Dallas Was Fun During These Days)

I spent time in Houston this last weekend.The moment I ,arrived in the Woodland suburbs, its almost as if a transition occurred.First there are no large stretches of vacant land.There are businesses on either side of the Freeway and they all seems active.
The local radio plays music,talk is about current events, no racial identity on who's doing what.News is news.
Restaurants are totally diverse,high-end and fast food types.People don't seem to fear each other in public places.

The wedding I attended was totally diverse, a beautiful string orchestra played for ceremony,Asian photographer,White videographer,Black minister racially mixed audience and sit down dinner.
There are predominantly black areas and other ethnic groups also have area they prefer to live but it's not heavily identified when you pick up a newspaper or listen to radio. It just seem so different.
I knew they had a history of voting out elected Officials who mess up.There is no repeated offence in Houston ,you are out when you commit your first public blunder, regardless of what it happen to be.Houston also has a strong Mayor form of government,maybe that's the difference,The Mayor has real power.

Also Houston does not use zoning to separate classes of people and businesses.
The City Council also does not pass Ordinances to correct social problems,no wet dry section of Town,Office Tower can house bar and not sell food.Downtown is viable and busy.
I lived in Houston about a year,working on special classified military project for
Texas Instrument ,I enjoyed the City very much.My only problem with Houston,was the humid weather and my sinus and hair. I could leave home and return with a new hair style complement of the weather.I moved back home to Dallas ,Drama City of Texas.

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