Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Why Does Truth , Cause Such Pain, In Dallas ?

I must give a little history ,before I explain blog title. I met Tom Leppert,on a very cold icy day,at MLK Blvd.and Lamar St.I knew the man was strange,because he was out in the street,jacket no hat or gloves ,smiling ,shaking hands introducing himself to everyone driving up ,to take their position in the Elite News Martin Luther King Jr. parade. I had never met nor heard of Tom Leppert before that day. After carefully observing this man and his mannerism,I declared that day , he was going to be the next Mayor of Dallas ,when I told him he was going to win,he was kind and just smiled.Tom had no idea who I, and my extensive background in picking candidates and evaluating their electability, I was serious when I told him that,however he did not know how brilliant I was.
Some folk are born with Ivy League brains,I'm one of them,plus my age group could not attend a white college,State or Ivy league, but we took the same college entrance exams their students did,Dr.Leslie J. Patton ,Principal made sure that we did,he wanted the world to know his students,from Booker T.Washington High, were as smart and prepared as anyone in America ,regardless to the color of our skin. I digressed a bit,blame it on age.

Now, Mayor Leppert and I serve on the DFW Board ,we see each other every month,if the opportunity presents, we speak and move on.The Mayor does not need me to defend him and that is not what I'm doing, I must however tell the truth when the Mayor is being lied on , and I know it.
First of all Willis Johnson ,had JBJ marketing well before Tom Leppert's name became a household word.Willis Johnson has been a radio personality for close to 30 years and paid a handsome salary ,in North Texas,he and his name are in every household in some way or the other daily.Mr.Johnson got into the political consulting arena by accident,but he was a partner in his company WW ,I know in early 2000.

Mayor Leppert is not caring water for anyone , or business by the action he is taking on the Love Field concession contract.
Mayor Leppert's service on DFW Board gives him knowledge of how airports operate, he has an interest in every thing being done correct ,and without questions of fairness and integrity.People on one side of the issue have accused the Mayor of trying to help certain Minority business people from Atlanta ,gain entrance to opportunities in Dallas, nothing could be farther from the truth. The economy has caused all real business people to seek opportunities where ever they are.
HJ Russel has been in construction business almost 50 years,airport concession business about 30,the company has maintained an office in Dallas for years and quietly performed various jobs in North Texas,Their Concession company has operations in many airports in this United States,and had one location in DFW back in the 80 and 90's.HJ Russel has bid on job's all over North Texas and won the bid's based on bid price,ability to bond and perform the work and all the financing they need.HJ Russel did not come to Dallas,begging and politicking,they did it the professional way credentials.If some Black business people would do their job ,as well as they try ,and put some conspiracy theory ,with every New Business they hear about,they could be successful.It's time out for blaming everybody but yourself for your failure.It's time to stop blaming The White man for what is wrong with you and yours.It's time to stop blaming Hispanics because they are go-getter's and bring their people along with them.I receive emails daily from the Hispanic Construction Workers Association, advertising some good training for business people, they are busy training their people to do business.
Black people had the first shot at civil rights and open opportunities, if we blew it, there is no starting over.Hispanics and White woman were not even Minorities doing our time,we had it all,alone no one to compete with.
Let the truth set you free. Mayor Leppert did not go and bring Russel to Dallas,Russel was here before Leppert, Mayor Leppert is not making sure ,that Love Field concession contracts are done correctly and above board ,for Russel concessions,it's for the City of Dallas and its Citizens.It's what good Mayors do.
Remember when something doesn't make sense,its a lie. So stop telling that Lie on Mayor Leppert and poor Mr. Johnson ,he dose not know how to take people ,laying on him he's new to that part of politics,it will grow him and other honest young business people up,only in Dallas ,is truth so painful.Houston is so busy making money they don't operate like Dallas, they also vote out of Office people who try to play games,look at the history,black and white office holder are gone if they start any type of madness that might cause the City any harm.

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