Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parkland Reduction in Tax / Dallas Housing Authority !

Two Points I must speak to!

I respect Commissioner Maurine Dickey and Commissioner Ken Mayfield both are Republicans and hard workers. I wonder why they believe all that rhetoric their Party has said about the New Health Care reform.

Dr.Ron Anderson knows the Health Care back and forth inside and out. Dr. Anderson also helped shape many of the issues because of being a respected Public Health Director. The reason Dr. Anderson can offer a budget with a Tax deduction is number one he is a Great administrator and hires the best staff available and he has always employed the Finance person.

Dr. Anderson knows the message sent to the public by Republicans on Health Care was and is a lie. It will not cost more in fact it will cost less and every one using local property tax to support health care will get a break.

One of Parkland's major cost is caring for uninsured patients, with Health Care reform that expense will be gone. All people will now be insured by some plan or the other the dependence of property tax revenue will decrease over time. Dr. Anderson was smart to reduce his tax rate it helps Dallas County in case they need to raise their tax, the increase won’t be as bad with one going down the other up.

I hope this serves as notice to People that political parties lie to win elections.

Dallas Housing Moving Homeless Residents into Cliff Manor:

I told Councilman Newman whom I support and have the utmost respect for, that DHA could not stop or delay moving homeless people into a DHA HUD owned property and Ms.Russ should have told him and Mayor Leppert the truth. I’m not sure now if Mary Ann knew the rule. It was Mr. Broussard who informed the committee last night that DHA never made that commitment. I know Mr. Broussard and he is well informed on all HUD rules and regulation and all aspects of DHA operations. Homeless is not a special group designation of the government and people can not be denied housing based on being homeless. Ex Offenders are a special define group and rules are different. In a perfect world the Board would also know this but they don’t they rely on staff.

PS: I served on both Parkland and DHA board of management in case you want to know how I know.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tim Cowlishaw ,Gerry Fraley Dez Bryant Is From Lufkin,Texas!

Dear Journalist who earn big salaries Dez Brayant is from Lufkin, hazing is not something done in the hood.
This young man has been working on his craft so hard to escape negative images he has not been involved in the small stuff.

As soon as I heard it I instantly knew no one had told him that many different things could be done in initiation of Rookies.This young Man is trying to fit in stop being so hard on him his mistakes or of unknown things not arrogance.

Well Hell ! I Told Dave Newman Mary Ann Could Not Stop Housing At Cliff Manor

I know people think ,I think I know every thing .When you live 69 years and serve as Manager,Director or whatever ,you do know most things. I emailed Councilman Newman weeks ago when the news said DHA would put move of homeless into Cliff Manor on hold .I told him Mary Russ could not put moving people into Cliff Manor on hold.I told him Mary Ann should have told him and the Mayor the truth.
Mary Ann knew or should have known it was a violation of Federal Housing law to stop the move in.There was no reason to make the public believe that story. Cliff Manor is owned by the Federal Government,managed by DHA with pass Thur money for admit and maintenance.The group can meet until J.R comes back to South fork but people will move in.It's the law and DHA cannot receive HUD money and be in violation of Federal law.

Homelessness is not a define group that is excluded from standard housing by law. Ex Offenders are a special group.

If the City of Dallas attempts to stop the move HUD may stop every dollar being sent into this City,including all the money used to build  Downtown,Uptown and every other project.

From now on just ask Betty and you won't be disappointed.I know I'm not a Ivy league graduate and my grammar is not always correct, but I'll be dam .I know all the written rules and regulations and can stop games from being played on volunteer Elected Officials and neighborhood groups.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Please DHA and MHA Get A Grip!

DHA has gone and reinvented a wheel.Mary Ann moved the Director and VP of Housing Voucher choice program and reassign them to Public Housing,a month or so after her arrival wrong move, all  programs now having trouble are under that division.VP had worked for Plano housing and new community opposition and how to clam fears,Director had worked for Dallas County HUD housing and new properties and always checked the crime stats prior to moving any new program Clients into a neighborhood.

Mary Ann does not know what she is doing and all the new people she brought to Dallas from Houston don't know what they are doing,they don't even know where the areas are. Houston has no zoning or neighborhood groups.
Mary Ann moving people around in agency  to make Board think some great reorganization is going on is dangerous,now you see results of moving people who knew Voucher program at the time of bringing on large new program.
In the past when DHA had vouchers for Ex Offenders the first criteria for placement was, 1.crime stats of area 2.DART line3.Grocery stores4.laundry facilities.None of that was  done.

I'm not sure who made up that fact of Mary Ann having a history of cleaning up Housing Authorities her resume and work history did not reflect that. What she did with the Church service tells you she does not even know HUD basic rules.To put ex offenders in a high crime area is crazy and had been against DHA policy, you would need to know policy or read it.

The Board and Mayor should Man up and admit they made a mistake in hiring this woman and  retiree her before she runs DHA into the ground and that old reputation we worked so hard to change will return.

I hope the DMN will call for her head the same way they did for Ann Lott's. Everyone knows Mary Ann is in over her hear the longer she stays the worst it's going to be and no one is being served at this time with thousands of people on waiting list needn't affordable housing.Mary Ann kills every thing she touches.

Why ? Oh Why? Please Help Lord Help !

Miles Austin seems to be a nice young man.I saw his mother and father which means he's from a stable two parent family. Miles was unknown until T.O. was gone and he made some major plays and was thrust into the Media spotlight.
Woman like Kim Kardashass look for men like Miles Austin,he has never been in contact with this type of woman.Professional groupie who zoom in on men of means.Kim Kardashass knows more about worldly ways and using sex to lure a young country guy into a web that will cause heartbreak and major detraction's.
Miles is in for the time of his life.What price will he pay or lose behind this nasty trashy woman? How can bright intelligent men fall for these sluts? The sister who married the basketball player after six weeks, what kind of mind does he have,why would her mother allow this,she knows nothing about him either.How can it be love they don't know what to love or who they're loving.
Sad shame Miles should ask his Father and Reggie before he takes the plunge ,with that  big long ass air head KIM. These woman party all day and night football players can't do that.Miles is not from that type of environment.
This is my opinion the only one that matter on this blog.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

May Jayne Peters and Daughter Rest In Peace.

I had the opportunity to meet Jayne Peters twice once during a public hearing before the City Plan Commission when Coppell was opposed to a zoning case close to their City limit line where they believed certain type of people would hurt Coppell and its School District.The next time as a member of DFW Airport Board. I hope she rest in peace.
As a Depression Survivor, I find some of Jayne's action a bit strange for a depressed person. Thinking ahead and planning a murder is something that not many depressed people do.I'm no Doctor but I did a lot of research on the disorder after my diagnoses. Jayne according to news reports continued to lie and tell stories that only benefited her continuing to live a life style. she could no longer afford. To Lie about  hand gun training,go to gun range,borrow gun knowing she plan to kill daughter was premeditated. Jayne rented car Dtr. told people it was her new car,Dtr. packed car, Jayne kills Dtr.leaves her dead in laundry room .Return car walks back home write notes to first responders goes in selects location. for her death all this time Dtr. in room dead. I believe Jayne and Dtr had argument about college and the fact she was not going,why would Dtr. stand there and allow mother to kill her, after going through all that trouble packing.
Jayne Peters was so caught up in impressing outside people that it drove her into desperation.

Jayne could have very easily downsized,I did from large house to apartment told son truth he got a job and helped with bill while attending Lake Highland High School playing basketball and remain on honor roll. It can be done however I never cared about what people think or said. I lost a job we were called in and told our jobs were gone as of 5PM that day. Lost of income is devestating many people are dealing with it,Jayne's dtr. could have started school here in North Texas Mayors have kid that attend local colleges.

One of the things I liked about kay Granger she kept it real and she continues to do a very good job.There is no need to try and make Jayne's case a depression act  she had not been diagnosed far as we know,then that tumor story to many lies for a depressed person we don't do a lot of talking and explaning to anyone.Again may she rest in peace.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Will Someone Please Tell Me ? What's Going On !

City of Dallas: I know we have rules and regulations but, when economic development encourages neighborhood development and walk-ability in certain areas we must know traffic will come with it.Some people will not walk to area store because of safety concerns,health reasons or just plain lazy.If parking is going to be a problem allow for temporary permit until necessary paper work is in place.I support the police for closing valet parking lots without permits, I also know how long it takes to get process finish at city hall.The city attorney,planning,police should have an emergency temporary parking permit for areas impacted by the opening of new venues in a growing area until such time paper work can be processed.Closing five lots on Henderson is causing more problems than lack of parking. Bruce Richardson Dallas needs as much sales tax from Plano it can get.I don't care if they come from Oklahoma or Louisiana since all our people go there to gamble.

LeBron James

Why are people so taken by LeBron James ? The young man is a good ball player but a fool. He continues to have babies out of wed lock with his high school girlfriend and he and his mother thinks  it's alright.LaBron went on National TV to announce his decision to play for the Heat, before he could name team he said "South Beach " anyone who's been been to Florida knows what that means..

Lindsey Lohan

Lindsy Lohan sad case of drug addicted young woman being killed by her mother,sister and Doctor.The list of drugs the Court  will allow her to take while in jail include dilaudid a pain medication know on the street as synthetic heroin.The drug is used to treat stage four cancer patients for extreme pain.Lohan has no known health problem that would require such strong pain medicine.The doctor who wrote the prescription should be investigated. This woman's money is killing her, as did Micheal Jackson's kill him. Micheal was trying to be safe with a doctor on staff but that didn't work .There is no right way to do wrong.

Hispanic Service Attendant

I shop with neighborhood business  because I want to thank them for staying and their product is just as good. My corner State inspection  site also has other services. tire,oil and filter change and when I need that I go there.My tire pressure light came on and I stopped there the Attendant came out I ask him to check my tire air pressure he informed me the machine was broke, told me to go down to Texaco I tried to ask could he see if something was wrong with tire he turned his back on me and waved his hands in the air as a flip off.
I got out of the car to remind him that I was a regular customer and had purchased gloves for him and others when the weather was so cold, he stood there laughing. I drove off feeling very disrespected and that my loyalty to them was one way.I drove to Firestone who also had remained in area, not only did I need tires but both my stickers were out and oil and filter needed change. The store I had been so faithful too had been so eager to not wast time on me because they get tired of people driving off the street asking for pressure check ,that they lost a customer and a $700.00 purchase that day.
I went back and told the owner about the situation and the fact that his hired help cost him a sale he said he had spoken with them after I left I hope he did.All the people work there are Hispanic owned Indian customer base mixed majority Black I'm not sure why Hispanic worker was so rude to Senior they normally treat people with respect.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Does It Make Sense?

I finish college 47 years ago.I  finish high school 51 years ago. One commenter on this blog said people were laughing at me because of  my blog writing skills.Spelling and grammar. They also said I was suppose to educated and intelligent, they went on to say I don't care but the writer said  he or she cared.

Thank you for caring about my writing ability and telling me every time you come to my blog. I have tried to tell you that I don't care what people say about me never did. I even tried to respect your concern when I told you for 20 years I had a paid special assistant who wrote all my correspondence you were still not happy.
You have a problem, do you think I don't know how to write on word spell and grammar check hit edit copy and paste corrected writing on to blank space on blog space? I know what and how to do everything I need or want to do. Please stop worrying about my non paid unprofessional writing and pray for Peace in war time,homes for the homeless,sales tax for the City anything but a poorly written blog .Pray for these young people texing using something other than  English.

Mayor Leppert Not Gulity of All People Say !

People often lie on me. I often repeat what I hear people say about Politicians. I don't always check the information. I'm very guilty of that. I said something about Mayor Leppert that was not true because I had been told another story that was believable. I am apologizing to Mayor Leppery and I will never repeat another tale that I am told about him or anyone else unless I check it out. Hope others follow.