Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Parkland Reduction in Tax / Dallas Housing Authority !

Two Points I must speak to!

I respect Commissioner Maurine Dickey and Commissioner Ken Mayfield both are Republicans and hard workers. I wonder why they believe all that rhetoric their Party has said about the New Health Care reform.

Dr.Ron Anderson knows the Health Care back and forth inside and out. Dr. Anderson also helped shape many of the issues because of being a respected Public Health Director. The reason Dr. Anderson can offer a budget with a Tax deduction is number one he is a Great administrator and hires the best staff available and he has always employed the Finance person.

Dr. Anderson knows the message sent to the public by Republicans on Health Care was and is a lie. It will not cost more in fact it will cost less and every one using local property tax to support health care will get a break.

One of Parkland's major cost is caring for uninsured patients, with Health Care reform that expense will be gone. All people will now be insured by some plan or the other the dependence of property tax revenue will decrease over time. Dr. Anderson was smart to reduce his tax rate it helps Dallas County in case they need to raise their tax, the increase won’t be as bad with one going down the other up.

I hope this serves as notice to People that political parties lie to win elections.

Dallas Housing Moving Homeless Residents into Cliff Manor:

I told Councilman Newman whom I support and have the utmost respect for, that DHA could not stop or delay moving homeless people into a DHA HUD owned property and Ms.Russ should have told him and Mayor Leppert the truth. I’m not sure now if Mary Ann knew the rule. It was Mr. Broussard who informed the committee last night that DHA never made that commitment. I know Mr. Broussard and he is well informed on all HUD rules and regulation and all aspects of DHA operations. Homeless is not a special group designation of the government and people can not be denied housing based on being homeless. Ex Offenders are a special define group and rules are different. In a perfect world the Board would also know this but they don’t they rely on staff.

PS: I served on both Parkland and DHA board of management in case you want to know how I know.

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