Thursday, April 26, 2007

DMN Editorial Board

There was a time I had the utmost respect for the United States Supreme Court . In my mind they were the last honest branch of Government that the people could depend on. During the real Civil Rights movement I also believed that the FBI was the only law enforcement branch that I could trust. Living for 65 years, I have come to learn by the action of the above groups that they are all political and their Actions are some times driven by Politicians. I was a firm believer in the Media being non bias. One day, my husband told me I watched to much TV and that television sent silent messages through different programing. I did not believe him, how could have I could have sat there and miss the message. I did not want to believe he was that smart. Oh, how hard it was for me to realize that he was telling the whole truth. Print Media is about shaping opinions and so is television. I knew commercials were about buying and selling.

I was one of the people who also believed that Editorial Opinions were based on "fact" and the very best of Editorial staff members, sat around and made thought provoking statements to arrive at conclusions. Well, much to my surprise, I now know that the Editorial Board of the Dallas Morning News can be as Political as my opponent's supporters. Don't get me wrong, I never expected to get their endorsement, because of the "heavy hitters" supporting one of my opponents. I did however, expect to have a fair hearing and analysis from their Editorial staff. To write, that I am the leader of the Dallas Housing Authority, which by the way, was in turmoil before my arrival and is now at peace, then state in the very next sentence that "I have a "divisive and abrasive" nature and would be a poor fit for 15 member council" confirms belief about print media. I have no problem with them writing that I am "abrasive" because most men consider out spoken and direct women to be very "abrasive." But divisive! When and Where?

Does the Editorial Board know how many members are on the Plan Commission and that I Chaired it twice, as well as the DFW Airport Board, Parkland Hospital Board, Southwestern Transplant Board, North Texas Health Facilities Corp. and many others and have never been accused of being "divisive." The Editorial Board may need to define what divisive means. I can count and have never divided anyone or thing. Passed some zoning cases, that had been around for years, got tax for DFW owner cities after 25 years of not getting them at all. So many success stories to many to mention! I could not let this one pass, "abrasive nature" maybe, but DIVISIVE NO WAY!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Dallas Achivers Committee

I agree with the Committee, however I said this same thing in December 2006. I even offer to work for free in March of 2007. Most of the people in administrative positions at DISD or education trained who've been promoted and not trained in the way the real world operates. They go into a job and learn it from who ever was there and nothing changes. A professional manager with training in operations would clean it all out because they know what to look for.

Any professional manager would never allow any package to be delivered COD to the Superintends office without authorization. There are so many things that professional managers would not allow to happen just every day things. I must get back to my City Council race and work see you later.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Good Friend Hard Worker Laid To Rest

One of my very best friends was laid to rest April 12,2007 . She had so much class . All ways on her best. She dressed so nice in the very best. She gave good sound advice and was always ready to hear your problem or what ever you had on your mind. She started out in community service at a very early age so it just came natural for her. We had been friends a while and at a protest downtown one day they needed a person to play piano and she volunteered. I almost fell out she could PLAY. I ask why she had never said she could play? Her reply ! You didn't know?

My first day on the Plan Commission she said "don't worry about anything just watch me and follow my lead and you will be OK" and I was. She was my trainer and nobody knew otherwise.

We talked late into the night about community and world issues. Diane Ragsdale was her sister and a City Council member some time Diane did not want us to worry her.We talked to long on the phone. My friend and I would watch TV together on the phone. We were both sick together back in 2003. I just did not know how sick she was because she never let on. I went by to see her and she was still taking and full of joy and fight. She lost the battle but she fought a good fight.
I will so miss my friend Charlotte .

Being a Candidate In 2007!

I have been involved in politics all my adult life. My very first experience was with Lyndon B.Johnson for U.S.Senate campaign in Austin as a college student. I learned so much from him and how to run a campaign. I participated in other campaigns as a volunteer for the next 30 or so years. I managed John Price's first campaign for Constable we lost by five votes. I worked on Ora Watson's campaign for school board she won and we only had thee workers all volunteers. I then managed John Price's campaign for Commissioner a couple of times. I ran for school board and got 660 votes lost to incumbent Hollis Brasher . I knew my chance was slim but I ran anyway. I was so sick and tired of tax money being spent in Federal Court that I had to get the message out. I won y because the new board approved the request for removal from Federal Court over site.

Back in the day I did not allow anyone to come into our campaign office with gossip about other candidates. I did not allow pulling up any one's signs we had respect for Candidates and their property. We would laugh with other campaign workers offer soda ,water or what ever to help if they had a problem and etc. Never in my life have I seen anything like what is going on now.
When you leave a forum some of your opponents will not speak to you. If you correct something they say it's taken personnel. These are grown adults. I have never see Adults who embellish their credentials and claim retirement when in fact they were not reappointed.
People calling one campaign office to another asking questions, telling lies and all sorts of things.
If these people do this now what on earth will they do if elected? The Black Leadership is in big trouble in Dallas and do I know why. I have been busy minding my own business , at DHA and working this council campaign and my community has been going to hell. There is no trust, people afraid to give you money or use their name for fear of reprisal from certain Elected Officials who support your opponent. But after the election will want all kinds of favors.

I knew when I stood on issues and with different people who have had troubles in the past . I was risking a lot. Many times it was employment but I stood anyway because it was the right thing to do. I put my employment and life on the line many time for causes that helped people and the Community. I am not sorry about any of it but to experience what I am today and see what people are willing to do for a council seat is just unreal. It has nothing to do with helping people it's all about themselves. How could a person decide they would run for public office 25
years ago and not know what the needs would be nor specify what office. It was about what they wanted for themselves not about the people they would serve. Then you have Candidates who have no record of Public Service so they run on other peoples service record and add their names on their support list. I am so happy to have a service track record of my own that my name stands for it's self.
I can stand on my own name. Every place that I have served my record speaks for itself. How Happy I am today that I have a volunteer community service record that voters can be proud of!