Friday, June 17, 2011

Let Me Make This Clear!

When you read this Blog please be advised this is not a professional written blog. Nor do I claim to be proficient in anything other than Social Work,Planning,Airport Operation,Politics and my self. I had professional writers when I worked,I have professional writer now, however not for a free fun blog. So if your comment is about the subject matter please write, if its about spelling or commas pass on. My mind is to bright to worry about the small stuff. Please do not read this if you can not stand to see comma in wrong place or no comma at all. At age 70 I don't care what anyone thinks but God or Jesus himself and my Doctors.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Ruling Party Controls , AT What Price?

I worked for Dallas County when the Commissioner Court was made up of three Republican,County Judge,two Commissioners.Now that Dallas County has again become mostly Democrat things are changing.Henry Wade was Demo.DA for years most of the Judges were also Demo. voting patterns changed and Republican elected two Republican DA and most of the Judges also were Republicans its just the way of party Politics.Now the County has changed again Democrats in charge. The incident with Commissioner Dickey was the end result of being man handled by John Price from day 1 of her first term.John has disrespected the woman and bullied her called her names and every thing else, so that out burst was a culmination of some years.I am told that Cantrell made an agreement with John Price that he was not running again,if Price kept a Democrat out of the race last election,Cantrell needed another term to have his retirement in place so the District 2 lines would be the new Demo seat.When Dickey went to bed Monday night it was going to be Cantrell by agreement who would lose a District.Must have been a change of mind for Cantrell or some sort of pay off to Price that Cantrell was all of a sudden the guy with District 1 people for six years and new person in the New Democrat district.The behind the back trick is what upset Dickey,not really the lines she was not going to run again.Sometime Principle means more than then the case.

Sad But Wonderful Dream of My Friend Johnny John Ware

Last night I dreamed of former City Manager John Ware,a very dear friend and a man I miss daily.Its as if not being able to talk with him left a hole in my heart that has not been fulfill.John and I could discuss anything trust was the reason. I though about that cold day we walked in the MLK Jr. parade and I ask him if he felt OK,something about him seemed different,he said some symptom and I said you need to go to Doctor.I knew as a woman , Health Director ,men do not like Doctors or the mention of Doctors.The rest of story is history. The dream however was a remembering John Ware memorial service.Shirley Ware allowed us to have a short service in memory of John and his service to the City of Dallas and his volunteer efforts after leaving the City.When John died I think what hurt me more I had not spoken with him and did not know how short the time was,just like him,he was so private,I knew the illness had reared its ugly head and when we last saw each other at the Grill I could see its advance,however we both remain silent about it.The memorial service was lovely and attended by those who cared about John ,the man,his family and sons.I woke up,that empty spot was still there.I can just imagine how his wife,sons,sisters and other family feel,if, as a friend I feel this way.Rest in Peace My Friend,You are Missed.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I just knew after being sued for $85,000.00 for a dog fight,I could just wait on a Court date instead every time she learns or read another Chapter in her law book I am hit with another set of papers to answer.Time before this papers were served by those laying Constables,I guess she does not trust them any more now she sends to my Attorney, what she should have done in the past. Well in this set of papers she has quotes from my blog,all she had to do was print them and add exibit numbers and ask me on the waitness stand when she cross examine me.What is put on internet never goes away.Why would I deny any thing she ask me? I tell the truth about most things,it might not be the way you hear it or interpert it but its true to me. I turn 70 years old May 5,2011 God promise me 10 scores and 7 so I am now living on borrowed time.I plan to make the best of what time I have on this good Earth.I though since I had been in my house 26 years on I could live in Peace but, now I see the remainder of my days will be Haunted by the Lady Next Door.I looked for three months for a place to buy and move after much searching I realized this is the best neighborhood in Dallas and I refuse to allow the Devil to move me so I stay wrapped in the Blood of Jesus and remain prayfull that God will protect me and my family.

Monday, June 06, 2011

I Now Know Why Howard Hughes Did Not Want To SEE People!


Only In Dallas !

Only in Dallas Texas with all these nothing people who care about Themselves only.Who live from the same tax dollars welfare and Medicaid clients do,are millionaires off the poor peoples back.You elected ones do for yourself only ,and steal the life from communities with false hope and empty promises. Would the Mayor of the City of Dallas not be allowed to attend a function in City owned building, built with Taxpayer money not been paid back .I do not care what the Mayors name is.The Mayor of Miami was in attendance in Dallas and the Dallas Mayor could not greet him our Mayor did not have tickets. What the Hell is going on in this City? The position of Mayor carries some respect and should be respected by people in this City.If you do not like or care for Dwayne Caraway,you should care for the position. I would have gone with my security guard and if anyone tried to stop me from entering that building would have gone to hospital or ME
's office. My information might be wrong if it is I apologize,if its correct my statement remain the same.