Wednesday, June 08, 2011


I just knew after being sued for $85,000.00 for a dog fight,I could just wait on a Court date instead every time she learns or read another Chapter in her law book I am hit with another set of papers to answer.Time before this papers were served by those laying Constables,I guess she does not trust them any more now she sends to my Attorney, what she should have done in the past. Well in this set of papers she has quotes from my blog,all she had to do was print them and add exibit numbers and ask me on the waitness stand when she cross examine me.What is put on internet never goes away.Why would I deny any thing she ask me? I tell the truth about most things,it might not be the way you hear it or interpert it but its true to me. I turn 70 years old May 5,2011 God promise me 10 scores and 7 so I am now living on borrowed time.I plan to make the best of what time I have on this good Earth.I though since I had been in my house 26 years on I could live in Peace but, now I see the remainder of my days will be Haunted by the Lady Next Door.I looked for three months for a place to buy and move after much searching I realized this is the best neighborhood in Dallas and I refuse to allow the Devil to move me so I stay wrapped in the Blood of Jesus and remain prayfull that God will protect me and my family.

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