Monday, June 06, 2011

Only In Dallas !

Only in Dallas Texas with all these nothing people who care about Themselves only.Who live from the same tax dollars welfare and Medicaid clients do,are millionaires off the poor peoples back.You elected ones do for yourself only ,and steal the life from communities with false hope and empty promises. Would the Mayor of the City of Dallas not be allowed to attend a function in City owned building, built with Taxpayer money not been paid back .I do not care what the Mayors name is.The Mayor of Miami was in attendance in Dallas and the Dallas Mayor could not greet him our Mayor did not have tickets. What the Hell is going on in this City? The position of Mayor carries some respect and should be respected by people in this City.If you do not like or care for Dwayne Caraway,you should care for the position. I would have gone with my security guard and if anyone tried to stop me from entering that building would have gone to hospital or ME
's office. My information might be wrong if it is I apologize,if its correct my statement remain the same.

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