Tuesday, December 16, 2008

City Council Woman Hill Fired Again? So I'm told

I received an email today saying that Dallas City Council Member Vonciel Hill had been fired from her Pastoral duties at the Methodist Church in Italy, Texas. The email said she attempted to attend the meeting of the Board as they discussed her employment but was ask to leave. From what I was told an ugly situation developed.

I knew she had too much going on as a full time Minister and full time Law practice when she ran for City Council. The information from City Hall is her office is always empty; she pops in on Committee meeting just long enough to be counted present leaves and never return.

Ms. Hill ran for Council for revenge after being fired from the Municipal Court Judgeship, somehow she prefers to say retired from City of Dallas, however when she was not reappointed as Judge her employment ended.

I also could not understand why doing the last election Judge, Pastor Hill did not list her last job with Dallas County on her information. Judge, Pastor Hill worked for the Dallas County District Judges for a while until they also fired her. Truth and Honesty should come easy from a person of the Ministry.

City Council District 5 has suffered since Ms. Hill’s election. I am not going to run for Council in 2009, but I will continue to live in the District and every negative that affects the District effects me. I want a new Council Person who has time to dedicate their time and attention to the District and earn the $37,000.00 paid by tax money. It’s not personal with me it’s about business and the health of my neighborhood and community. I can see decline in my area just from lack of attention and the Councilwoman lives a half block from me so I know she sees it.
Ms. Hill is a nice lady just not up to all the task at hand. The only job she has that people are holding her accountable to, is the Church, the voters don't know and she will not fire herself from law practice. Just maybe not having to travel to Italy will give her more time for City Council. I'm not sure how happy a Minister is without a Church.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I'm Sorry Friends !


My Dear Friends ,I'm so sorry I gave you a scare. I have been looking for a house in another City. I love where I live and really hate to move. I can not continue to pay Tax in a School District that does not care about the people who pay the bills. I tried not paying them in protest and boy did I pay dearly for that.

I love this City so much , when things go wrong I take it personal.That affects my health. Please don't tell me ignore it, I have tried and I can't. If I move I think my worry about everything in Dallas will stop. I can read the small town five page News Paper , visit a Bank where all employee know your name, come to Town once a month shop and return home to my fishing pond.

I have known for years about the Dallas Way, but somehow in the past few years it has become so FAKE. I can tell one person something and when it ends I will have talked with seven different folks and not know it. It's almost like a soap opera, it never ends the actors just change positions and conduct business as usual.

Thank those of you who called because you care about me. My friend, Lynn Flint Shaw is dead.It's like she never lived in this City.I will never see her again.My heart is broken that she was murdered and a couple is wiped out because of the political climate in this City.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dallas, Oh Dallas, How Can I ?

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I was born at the corner of Maple and Oak Lawn in the now closed Parkland hospital. I can remember what the place looked like, from the years after my birth when I went to visit other sick relatives. You see Blacks could only go to one hospital in Dallas until the Catholic church started admitting us to St Paul.
Blacks were housed in the basement of Parkland regardless to their illness, so I was as a new born in the basement with all the other Black folks. Thank God times changed and I became the first Black Director of Admission of a 750 bed hospital in North Texas,Parkland Hospital on Harry Hines, later I was appointed to serve on the Board of Managers for the Hospital. My how times change.

My point, Oh Dallas How can I , want to leave you after 67 years of loving you and working for you. How good you have been to me and my family. Dallas today is not the Dallas I enjoyed so much growing up fussing with people on different subjects and winning some and losing many , at days end we went to the store, bar, restaurant or park had a drink soft or alcohol and laughed until we all went home to start a new day and another argument. None of it lasted, no hard feelings time never came that you were mad because someone had a different opinion. In Dallas today you can not express your opinion unless you offend someone. People have taken others right to have freedom of speech, if its not what they want to hear.

John Price has taken Judge Fosters right to be an American, how then does John Price think he should have the right. Jack Lowe has taken the right of DISD taxpayers that elected him to office for his right to make money from the District. The DISD Board has taken the right of the District 5 taxpayers when they refuse to treat Carla Ranger as an equal, she speaks for us, our voices are not being heard the way she is being treated. The Dallas City Council does not work for me because the other member think only Vonciel Hill represents me and that is just not true.We have trash in a yard for five days in Councilwoman Hill neighborhood. I called her office she was out of Town on City business trash is still there seven days later.

Dallas County Commissioners Court think only John Price speaks for me nothing could be farther from the truth.

Lynn Flint Shaw was murdered and not one word has been said about honoring her service to Dallas, the Arts,DART,Parkland and many others. I have started along with Carl to do something in her honor so people of Dallas will know she lived and her son will know she is not forgotten.

I started looking for a house a few days ago, I'm ready to leave Dallas it's to hard for me to look at all that is going on and not get involved. God knows I want to stay out of it, but when I see injustice being done I just speak and I cannot help it.So I must move on from the home and City of my birth. I wonder will I be able to read a news paper, see TV news and just not respond in my new City? Or will I think about Dallas from afar?

Sunday, October 12, 2008

DISD Board Trustee Ron Price.

Ron Price broke the State rule when he did not vote on the RIF plan. He lied when he gave that lame excuse about being able to reconsider on another day, you must vote to have a reconsideration right. Bless his heart he needs to stay quiet and just say nothing it a lot better the a lie.
The DISD Trustees all but Carla Ranger think the Public is as dumb as they are.They tell the crazies stories about what they do, as Judge Judy says " If It Don't make sense it's a lie.

DISD 8 Please we are not as Dumb as you. Keep you fairy tale to yourself.

McCain Ain't ABLE

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Poor John McCain I feel sorry for him about now. His campaign staff is doing him no justice. The staff should be fired, they have no real strategy it's shot from the hip
with anything and now the crazies are going wild with this hate stuff and McCain can not stop it. McCain is a little crazy but he is not as dirty as they are making him.
Sara Palin on the other hand thinks you should do any thing with you position of Power she reminds me of Commissioner John Wiley Price of today, he was not like that in the beginning.Palin however has been that way from day one.
I will vote for Obama because we will get a President for the first time since Jimmy Carter who really believes in the People, also I do not want Mr. Palin sitting in the Senate seat and voting to break a tie. Mr. Palin reminds me of a "keep her pregnant and barefoot" type who beats his wife if she has a mind of her own. The 17 year old always seems to have the baby, why don't they have a sitter on the road with them and stop making that young lady hold the baby.I have never seen Mr. Palin holding the baby.
This latest round of talking about Wright,Ayers and the other fellow is just silly it only serves to add hate and fear to America's less educated folk and they seem to be the type to shot and kill with ease. The people are serious who yelled kill him about Obama I hope the Secret Service is on double duty around him.
God Bless American The Land That I Love Stand Beside Us and Guide Us.

Oh Well! Oh Well! What Is Next? DISD

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DISD is so silly I could not bring myself to write on my own Blog. First this new Finance Director wants to break the law by supplanting Government funds to pay for positions that are paid from the General Fund budget. If he had known any thing about federal grant money he would know that is a violation of the law. Hinojosa hired him what a fool. The amount of money DISD receives from grants ,Dr.H should have known to hire a person with some grant experience. The man meant well , he just did not know the rules but someone at DISD should have told him instead they allowed him to make a fool of himself going to Austin asking permission to break the law.
Edwin Flores is another one, why does this man think the tax payers are stupid? He proposed a ethic policy that does the same thing the Board does now only difference it's in writing. What a fool. Dr.H is firing all the Teachers but to date none of his
500 or so management staff has been fired. DISD does not know how many employees it has. Ms. Olson was supposed to be great but it seems that the wavier for her to remain in Tarrant County and work in Dallas did not serve DISD well , as HR Director she should have known there were to many employees for the budget, then again she knew nothing about State funding/staffing policy she only new military and DISD is not the army far from it. Dr. H is a disaster and his staff is also. They don't know their heads from a hole in the ground. The kind of mistakes they make are just incompetent. DISD knew from day one the numbers did not fit the staffing requirement to receive the money they needed, that's the reason they went door to door looking for students. Poor Mayor Leppert he had so wanted the DISD to improve. Dr. H was not even honest with him. Please Mayor Leppert do not trust that group again. The DISD has been run like this for a while it was hid better in the past. They have bad bookkeeping because it's harder to catch wast and thief in that system. I remember oh so well when the Finance Director from DFW went over to DISD she did not last long she ask to many question and wanted to change things they soon got rid of her.DISD is like mold it keeps growing and growing and poison every thing in its path. The only fix for Mold is tear the whole inside down and start over. That is the only thing that will cure DISD of their Mold problem. Carla Ranger is the only member of the Board working for student and taxpayers.

My ! My! My!

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

John McCain How Could You ?

Poor John McCain! The choice of Palin for his VP pick is so off course it’s scary. How could anyone think this selection would pull women voters? Women have come so far and for a man running for President to think all we wanted was a woman on the ballot is out right crazy. Any Republican voting for John McCain should know by now the man is out of his mind.
Look at the woman he picked: Mother of five children: when will this woman have time to be a mother? The Vice President is very different from having a job. A mother with a very young sick child needs his mother. This woman owes it to her family to be there. We read in the bible a mothers role and the Republicans or big on family but its OK to take this family and separate them for Politics? WWGD. Why would this woman want this? The woman does not even stand for the issues Hillary Clinton stood for. How can McCain be that dumb. I am sure having worked for political campaigns before, his people told him this was a bad deal, he simply did not listen and now look at what is happening and this is just two days into the convention. This woman has five children the tax payers do not support the kids, just the VP. The woman has never seen a City big as Dallas how could she even imagine granting DFW 34 million dollars? The woman knows nothing about Public Health, transportation, Human Service anything about just plain basic service. The woman only supports abstinence education for teenagers, yet she does not practice it in her own home. The woman made her daughter care for the baby while she and her husband took to the stage, that’s their baby not the daughters. Maybe the girl saw how much she had to care for her smaller siblings she wanted a child of her own or the mother was away from home so much being Governor she was neglected. What ever the case she is wrong for such an important role because she is a woman. Just any woman will not do, and certainly not at the expense of the most important thing we have in our lives, our children.

Would someone please tell Ms. McCain she is attending a poor people convention take a tip from Ms. Bush leave you diamonds and silk clothes at home. On stage together they
Look like Barbie and Cousin Laura from back home on the farm. What did the Party do to deserve McCain? What happens when John McCain answer the phone at 3 AM will he push the button releasing the bomb or roll over and go back to sleep saying What the Hell it can wait until the morning.
Oh Beautiful America you deserve more. God Please Help Us.

Why Does The Dallas News Fear Me ?

Why Does the Dallas Morning News Want Me Gone?

I have been around Dallas Politics a very long time, this is my first time in an environment where the Agency hold the key to creative financing with out side for profit and non profit businesses’ I cannot say which one is worst, but at least in a for profit environment the people seem to speak with truth and not hide the profit margin. The non profit group enjoys the privilege of not paying tax on their profit and has a hard time explaining how they are not making a profit.
When ask to join the Dallas Housing Authority Board by Mayor Laura Miller I had not earthly idea what I had said yes to! I imagined going to a place much like Parkland or DFW Airport with professional staff, self confident and knew where they wanted the Agency to go. Jeff Fegan when hired wanted DFW to become the Best Airport in the World and operate like a business and had a plan. Ron Anderson at Parkland Hospital wanted the Best Health care a sick person could receive regardless of income and had plan to achieve. Ann Lott on the other hand wanted better housing for Dallas residents but no plan. I am not sure when it started but there is a ghost within DHA that spooks the employees; they think someone has a conspiracy against them. If it’s not their way it’s the conspiracy theory.
There are so many deals between DHA and so many other groups most are non profit
Some or for profit. Once upon a time someone learned they could form other non profit
Under the umbrella agency that could do every thing the Federal Government said you could not do under original code. The General Council forms these when ask by the President/CEO. If for profit or non profit wants to do a tax credit deal or bond deal. The Board does not approve these when the Board knows anything the documents for the Deal or on the table to be signed.
On September 24, 1992 the Board approved by-law giving the President /CEO control of the Housing Authority of the City of Dallas. Texas. There is no document that directs President/CEO to have all such items approved by the Board.

Now for years the DHA has run under this type of Organizational structure and not one word from the Mayor, City Council, Dallas Morning News, or ant other body within the City of Dallas. Mayor Kirk and Laura Miller never filed all their positions on the Board
But not one word from the only Daily news in the City that has a responsibility to the general public. The Dallas News now finds it their sworn duty to keep the Public informed about DHA and to pressure Mayor Leppert into changing the five members Board even with too position not expired. First I could not figure it out, but I knew it would come to me. One group who wants the Little Mexico property they want to but the property and think the Board is the problem, not true this Board wants to leverage that
Property and will maximize its value. The number of new units that could be built on cheaper property is endless. Low to moderate income housing is number one on every list that has been published in Dallas for the last 25 years. The other group wants some of the land in the West Dallas Trinity river project. Second group
Wants land owned by the Authority in West Dallas Trinity project.
Third group and big and bad with many church folks supporting them
Is Central Dallas Ministries, this group has some sweetheart deals with Dallas Housing Authority, some good others not so good. The deal that caused Central Dallas Ministries to start their campaign against the Board and it’s really not the Board as much as it’s me.
Dallas Housing owns land on Hall street corner of Central Expressway very valuable 12 to14 million dollars. Central Dallas wants to build 180 apartment units to rent at market rate and give DHA 55 units of affordable housing, one problem CDM wants to hire the contractor and all other parties without going out for bid. CDM also would like to collect a development fee. Remember CDM has no money in this deal at all.
Can someone tell me how you get to the table with no money acquire the right to develop a 30 million dollar project, hire all components? Manage the property collect the rent deposit in your bank account, paid a development fee of around $400,000.00 and you came to the table empty handed. Every person among us would be rich with that deal. When CDM got the word of the Board concern they went on the attack. DMN allowed Gerald Britt a CDM staffer to write a four column article last week that did not note he had a conflict. This past week James Ragland wrote about Ann Lott’s sick leave pay and how the pay was not Ann Lott’s faults it was the Boards fault because of the policy. The DMN wanted so bad for it to be the present Boards fault. Well the policy was written by a Board of five white business men with a white Director 28 years ago. If the News is Ms. Lott did not like it why did they wait until now. Al Jackson, Laura Moon and Ann Lott were paid under the same policy.
Next week the DMN will run an article on why the Housing Authority office should move downtown so the one on Hampton can be used as the Bridge information center.

I never knew I controlled that much power or money that it took Belo and the Dallas Morning News to fight my serving on a free Board. I had much more control at DFW but I guess at DHA more home grown people get a big part of the Federal money with little or no oversight. $130 million dollar annual budget going into the local economy and provides a great deal to the Dallas Community. $11 million in rental payment alone.
I will never stand in the way of Dallas. I will stand in the way of people who use every loop hole in the system to fill their own pockets in the name of the poor. Federal dollars are all our dollars; we pay income tax on our earnings. I pay income tax on my Social Security and retirement. I paid SS and tax on my earnings while I worked so I am paying twice. I want everyone to play by the rule, I have no monetary interest in DHA or anyone doing business with DHA to it’s a level playing field for me. We have one of the Best Boards in America no hidden agenda and we do ask questions of staff. There are a lot of things needed at DHA given a little more time they will be done.
If Mayor Leper is pressured into replacing the Board their learning curve will surely take time and development of Rhodes and Turner will be delayed.
I finally get it when you have too much integrity for Free Public Service the World is in a sad state. In the long run people circumventing the government process will come back to bite. I am one who does not want the FBI bug to bite me. It’s not morally right.
I will pray for Mayor Leppert he has a big job and he really wants what is right for Dallas
His agenda is the same as mine “what is good for Dallas” I only God to answer, he has God and the Public.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

$ 5 million to ATT ? $ 2 Million from Woodard ?

What City in its right mind gives one Company (AT&T) $5 million to move downtown and take $2 million from another (Woodard Company) to leave downtown after 80 years in same location? 14-1 was bad for Dallas then and August 13, 2008 vote reinforced why it's Bad now.

Not In America ! Only In Dallas


The Constitution of the United States of American was written to protect the rights of the People. The Dallas City Council lead by Councilwoman Angela Hunt (in my district)voted to deny Woodard Paint & Body Shop a Special Use permit to continue to operate their business as they have for eighty years. The multi million dollar a year business own their land pay sales tax,property tax,employ PEOPLE and provides a valuable service downtown. The City has put a very good business out of business. Why would anyone want to invest in opening a new business in Dallas when ,with the whim of a few people can close your business down. The one thing that makes this worst is Mr. Woodard sold property to Dave Fox to build Bryan Place and the first people who moved in got County tax assistance for down payments on their homes. One of the main reasons Dallas is behind Houston and Atlanta is this very type of action. Neither of these Cities would have voted to close a thriving 80 year old business, there mentality is, they were first , new people learn how to get along with them. Only Dallas wants to throw out all the Old to bring on the new.Soon Dallas will pass an Ordinance to make people over 65 move from single family residential District to Assisted Living zoned district because one day they will need assistance. The Woodard land will set there empty with no sales tax revenue for years just as the Fishburn cleaners building did. Sad Day For The Constitution.

Monday, August 11, 2008

County Judge John Price

Stevie Wonder knows John Price is the County Judge, the sad part is he is not in the correct position on the Court. Price certainly deserves the Judge position but cannot win it Countywide. Judge Price has the knowledge to run the County and is smart enough to get things done. I would vote for him for County Judge. The only problem with Judge Price in my opinion is his vindictiveness towards people who disagree with him.In my opinion he uses his position to retaliate against them. The issue can be anything, having nothing to do with the County and he will try and harm you ,it last for years. I don't want to think he's evil because he has a good heart , but he takes disagreement as heartbreak and the pain that follows is brutal.
I am happy that Judge Price is on the job because the County needs his Leadership more now then it ever has.Allen Clemson has announced his retirement, I sure like Allen and enjoyed 21 years of working with him he is brilliant and has good temperament .

City Budget/ Think Out of Box

I cannot understand why the City employees know nothing but Close to correct budget short fall. First of all the small amount of money saved does not make a dent in the budget.The two City pay stations generate revenue plus serve a need in ares that people need the most. The City could add a small collection fee or they could ask the Utility companies to pick up the extra cost. The could add check cashing or Lottery tickets sales to the pay station. There are so many more thing they could do.
The Community Courts could accept fine payments at the pay station and cut the line down at the Harwood street address. Please City Staff try and do something other then Close.

Two Great Entertainers Gone In One Week !

Issac Hayes I grew up on. I did not miss him in Concert. GONE. Bernie Mack I loved him he had that down to earth kind of humor and made you feel like family. I will miss these great men and their contribution to our Country. Many Prayers to their families.

Thanks Sharon Boyd

Thanks Sharon, I am so accustom to being misunderstood and talked about it seems common place. I felt so good reading someone take up for me. I try so hard to serve my Community and be honest. People have been using old methods /racism and etc.to misinform voters and hard working residents ,it becomes hard for them to know the truth. I try to advise them of what is Truth from Fiction. I stay in hot water because of it. Again Thank you for your time and commitment to speaking the truth
about issues. Real people need to hear what is real from people that have noting to gain from the misinformation.

John Edwards Say No More !

I hope that John Edward says no more. First he is not an Elected Official and the fact that he had an affair does not bother me, I believe most men do. The fact that the affair took place during a time his wife needed him the most is what I find distasteful. In his weak moment he said he made a mistake in judgement, how do you make a mistake in judgement when your Loved one is fighting for her life. We all know
he and the woman made that DNA story up together. He would publicly say he would take one ,when ask she would say no. Oldest game in Town. What makes this story silly is he is still seeing this woman. Nothing wrong with that ,if they are just friends, why run out in the middle of night from hotel? John please give it a rest.
Say no more.

Hillary Clinton Is Still In Race !

I told everyone who would listen that Hillary Clinton was not out of the race when she closed her campaign. That story about keeping her Delegates so she could raise money was all a lie. Hillary and Bill Clinton have been busy behind the scene lobbing Delegates and counting numbers so she can take the nomination from Obama.
Hillary has talked Obama into asking for the Florida and Michigan delegates to be seated and counted. That would give Hillary the numbers she need and all they must do is change some Super Delegates votes and Hillary will have the numbers.I hope Obama 's people know this, they are smart but I hope they can deal with Crooked Clinton's. Hillary will be nominated from the floor her reason is "My people need to be a part of the process and heard" big lie . They can be heard saying Hillary delegate switching to Obama if they just want to have a voice in the process. Hillary Clinton for her own sake will tear up the Democratic Convention and John McCain will become the President. All you die heart Clinton backers should see just what kind of people they really are, FOR SELF ONLY. Obama should take them off campaign trail because they are only promoting themselves.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Ross Will Never Be Changed !

I hope the people wanting a Name change for their Hero will get one. However I am a life time resident of Dallas , Texas and there is a certain way about "The Dallas Way". Dallas people think and react different about things. No real Dallas people are against naming a street after Mr. Chavez. Hispanics can say racism all they want but its not about race, its about the Dallas Way. I though Pauline Medrano would have shared with them the Dallas Way of doing things , because she was taught by one of the Best, her Father. Papa Medrano would have had the votes and research done,
business owners name on paper and street signs made when he went to City Hall.

The City and Patrons of the Arts have put Millions into Ross Avenue because of its rich history of wealth and support of cultural events in the past. For that reason Ross Avenue will not change. Someone with the mind of Papa Medrano should step forward and pick a street with a chance of changing such as Live Oak and move forward. A fight about Ross Avenue will not get what they want, it will get them nothing.
As my friend Rufus Shaw would say, that is my opinion from the Southwest part of Oak Cliff, Texas.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Dallas Housing Authority

President/CEO Ann Lott of Dallas Housing Authority resign her position July 29,2008.
Ms. Lott has done a great deal for the Authority and the City of Dallas Housing.
Ms. Lott will be missed.

Dallas Housing Board members appointed Troy Broussard Interim President/CEO. A National search will be conducted to find a replacement for Ms. Lott. I wish her well in her next career.

Commissioner John Price stated in the Dallas Morning News that "Ms. Lott had been treated harshly" he did not say by whom and he also said Mayor Leppert should replace the entire Board. It is so strange that he of all people would make that statement , in December when Mayor Leppert was dissatisfied with DHA Leadership it was Commissioner Price who said Ms. Lott would NOT have the support of the community next time. Ms. Lott resign and now he's calling for the DHA Board to be replace. Which Way Is It John? The DHA Board if free work who do you think gives a HAM Sandwich about weather they serve or not. All of us on the Board have other lives so if we get our two days a week back we are OK. We would like to continue our service through the transition but we do not control that.

I am surprised that you have time to speak on DHA or say how Ann Lott is treated when you have not attended one DHA Board meeting and I can pull the Court reporters transcript and see when Ms. Lott was treated harshly.
Dallas County is in all kinds of trouble, $34 million short on budget,cannot pass jail inspection,health department giving away Flu vaccine instead of giving to poor people, taking away mental health bed's in welfare department, JP collection department lost a million dollars instead of collecting them. Allen Clemson the brains down there retiring, Lord help us when Allen leaves. John Price has been on the Court longer then anyone he should know by now how to solve problems. The County has more problems then any local government and the Commissioners make over $10,000.00 per month plus car allowance. Now Price is trying to get the County in the water business in the Southern sector , so he can control who has water and prevent the Allen group from developing their property.the group will not allow him to run their business. Same reason he dislikes me so much. I pray every day for him because hate will eat you up and the look on his face says it all.
John Price Voice is about as powerful as Jesse Jackson 3% of100%

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

DISD Board Arrogance !

The Board of Trustees of the DISD are strong in their hearts thinking that the Bond election was about confidence in them, sad group of people who do not understand Numbers and what they mean. Jack Lowe said it was a vote of confidence what cloud has he been on? The arrogance will get them in the end. The Audit that was just released tells the real story. The Dallas News wanted to hang Ms.Lott at DHA for a Audit report saying she had 3 million that records did not reflect. Not one word about Dr.H he was praised about spending the 3 million for the Audit , not one word calling for his job ! Dr.H has had more thief and mismanagement since he had been at DISD then any other person I know of in recent history. Dallas has its way when it comes to how they treat certain people. Dr.H is giving all the taxpayers money to business Leaders so they dare not have him fired on the other hand Ann Lott has not supported giving DHA major assets to business Leaders so her job is always up for grabs........I am sick of DISD and it's group of fools their day will come and the FBI will be the one to bring it to them. Carla Ranger is the only one down there honest and for the Students and taxpayers. Stay Strong Carla. Mayor Leppert had to bring a program to themm for beautification of their campus when the staff goes there every day and Trustees go to meeting at various campuses and did not do anything. Thanks Mayor for helping the students enter a pleasant atmosphere.

Frank Clark ! What A Guy

I was so happy to read about Frank Clark, I have often wondered about him and what and how he was doing. I also wanted to know about his wonderful Kid;s and lovely wife Sandra Clark. Frank and I worked together back in the day, he was youth coordinator and I was Southern sector War on Poverty group leader. Frank Clark made sure we took 200 kids to six flags over Texas five days a week plus lunch. I went every day and had as much fun as the kids but oh were my feet sore and Al Lipscomb had fun.

Frank Clark did not let the Cowboy fame change him he used it to work in the Community. When he and Pettis Norman moved up off Marseilles in the area between Ledbetter and Laura Land it was a premier neighborhood and still is. Only White people, media and folk who know nothing about the real Southern Sector think Oak Cliff is bad.
Black people could not rent or buy property in White North Dallas at that time, however white people were still living in Oak Cliff with Blacks some were running from the Blacks moving in others stayed. That is strange we had no open housing law but Blacks could buy in Oak Cliff where White people lived but no North Dallas, what a City. The racism is so deep and strong the business community stole North Dallas from Black Farmers so they could have a place to live free of Blacks. The good part of the separation meant Black people lived in the same neighborhood regardless to income or job. Most people of higher income moved in the area where Frank lived and in Singing Hills and finally across I35. I lived on Summit Ridge the North side of Ledbetter.
Frank being a Nanny is no surprise, he always loved kid's and working with kids he would bring his wife and kids to meet the kids in our program. I will always remember Sandra she was very involved in the Dallas Community and raising her beautiful children.
Much Love to Frank and Sandra and the three young adult Clark's. If anyone knows how I can reach Sandra please let me know I would like to see her.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Industrial Blvd/ Riverfront Blvd.

Riverfront Blvd is the right name if a new name is needed. I know the Hispanic community activist want a name for their heroes , just as African Americans have Dr. King. Dr. King worked for all people he just happen to be Black. Hispanics have been the greatest benefactor of Dr. Kings work. Hispanics were considered White prior to the Civil Rights movement, sure they were discriminated against being Spanish, but they enjoyed the same public accommodation that white people did also they could live where they wanted to. The fact that they chose to stay together was by choice. I must , when talking and thinking about this whole issue remember the total story not just recent acts. Hispanics came to this Country by choice for a better way of life then in their own Country, Black people have no Country of our own. When we arrived here as slaves a new race of people began. Negro's. America is our home Country. I hope that we can learn to live in a color blind society in my lifetime.

Lancaster ISD

Dr. Lewis when they call in Investigators most often it will clear your name. I have never heard of TEA sending some one to jail for over billing. Many of the District's in the area have been sited in the past. Does not make it right , but why talk illegal when it comes to Lewis ? Its illegal for all of them. Dr. Lewis means well and has done a good job with a low tax base. The new board is working to upgrade the District but some times new folk do not understand all the parts to make it right.
Looking from out side every thing looks easy but when you are put in a position to work will all components you see the Big picture. Why spend money you do not have on an investigator? What happen to State or County already tax paid people?
So much about that , hope the children will not be harmed by all this!

Sick of Hillary and Her People !

I am so sick of Hillary Clinton that I need to take medicine for nausea. The woman is sick, I have seen other Politicians act the same way. They become drunk on power. Somehow people feel that if the people cast a vote for them it makes them friends and personally liked or loved. Not the case. Some votes are cast by error, some by name identification, some by mail all sorts of reason.
Hillary has not released her Delegates and I am sure they will act a fool in Denver, and cause more problems for Democrats. The talk of VP being offered. Hillary Clinton does not need to be in President Obama's business , no place around with Bill sticking his nose in. Ms. Clinton keeps talking about 17 million people voted for her
OK ! Get over it. They will nominate her from the floor and she will get a second and the mess will start, that will then be her opportunity to blackmail Obama into the VP slot.
I pray to God that someone who loves this woman will help her to smell the coffee and move on. Hillary so wants to be President to pay Bill back, this is not her time.
You can do good without being President.

Monday, May 19, 2008

President Obama! Sounds Good To Me!

I keep reading this mess on the Blog about Obama. Obama is the one. No matter how you see it or hear it. Any Black man or woman who say they can not support Obama is either a crook or brain dead. I said and fight goes with it.

I Miss The Shaw's/Councilwoman Burton's Message !

I miss my friends Lynn and Rufus Shaw. I miss reading Rufus ,so I could disagree with him on the blog.I miss Lynn because of her french Ebonics and always cheerful voice and knowledge of what was going on in a different arena then I.When I think of them which is daily, Councilwoman Burton of Duncanville message explains it all.

Councilwoman Dorothy Burton of Duncanville wrote a powerful message last week in the DMN 5/16/08 on "Why elected leaders fall" it is so true and also applies to appointed leaders and volunteer leaders. The message is how people in the public go about their day's in pain, trouble,and suffering ,yet they try and keep up that public appearance. We must stop and realize that we need not be perfect but always honest. We need to have someone we confide in about our problems. We need to step down or take a leave if the trouble will effect our duties.
Councilwoman Burton is a christian woman who I worked with a Dallas County. She had issues and so did I, but we never lost sight of what our mission was and that was to serve the Citizen of Dallas County not ourselves. We got in trouble with our Bosses but we were always on the side of the Taxpayer. I am so proud of her and the job she is doing for her Community and Dallas County.
If you are in a Leadership position trust someone to talk with, stop living above your means. Drive a KIA Petis Norman and I drive one. Stop spending money trying to keep up with the Jones the Jones are broke too!

Watch Out Dr. Hinojosa !

I hope that Dr. Michael Hinojosa will not end as other Superintendent's of the DISD.
He has successfully given the business community 1.3 billion dollars to work with . The largest bond project in America. The amount will help them survive the high gas prices and keep them working for the next five years. In the mean time the continued problems in the DISD ,will make them force him out. I will be willing to bet you right now, their is a group looking for a job for him that he will be happy with and can stay in Dallas. They tried to help Terrell Bolton with employment but he had to be a Chief! The people who run this City really need to change their method of operations ,they are becoming an easy read for me. All of a sudden the people who do not live in Dallas, kid's and grand kids in private school want to help the 80% minority school district with 1.3 billion dollars. If it did not effect lives it would be funny. How can people think the Taxpayers are just down right crazy. We look at CSI and other mystery movies, not to figure them out.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

My Goodness The Names Are Out !

I have deep feeling for people who have troubles. I pray for them every night. I know Mr. McGill and he has always been very nice. I also knew Lynn Flint Shaw and she was to me the Best, however I did not know the person I read about in the paper.I said that to explain that now that Kathy Nealy's name is in the Factual Resume of Allen McGill's plea papers.It is very clear that she was in my opinion a major player in the whole city hall corruption scandal.
I knew the affidavits listing the names of people who escaped indictment because they talked and told the FBI on others was sealed against objection of some defense Attorneys. I also knew Leo Chaney's name was on there, because his Attorney said he was a witness. Kathy Nealy on the other hand has been very quite and her Attorney said nothing. I wrote some time back that the Fed's are wrong to let the other so call witnesses go free when they participated in the crime also. The Fed's use that program so people will roll over and they do, but if one is guilty then all should be guilty.
Why should Kathy Nealy live at the W and drive her BMW when Allen McGill and James Fantroy so to prison? It's a shame and were business men forced to pay to do business in the Southern sector? Dr. King, Judy Lott, Elsie Higgins, Lucy Patterson, Juanita Craft, Jesse Dawson ,George Allen and others are rolling over in their graves at what has become of Black Dallas leadership!

Monday, April 07, 2008

Dr. Eunice Standfield What a Great Woman !

Doctor Eunice Stanfield

I remember first meeting Dr. Stanfield she was soft spoken, very nice and private. I think she invented the word private. Dr. Eunice was the only Black woman eye specialist and surgeon in the City. The trust grew and we became friends. Dr. Eunice did not want a lot of information unless it was about medicine. No gossip or idle conversation on her agenda. Dr. Eunice took the County Employee Health Center to another level. Dr. Eunice started a testing program for the residents in South Dallas, she stopped the smoking in the County Jail with the support of Sheriff Bowles started non smoking program for all Dallas County employees.

Dr. Eunice passed away in Jackie Kennedy fashion Her Own Way. I am so happy to have known her and found her during her illness.
Dr. Eunice Stanfield had Class and was a very good Doctor. My prayers are with her family.

How Could Paid Hillary Staffer Trick Councilwoman?

I attended the 23 Senatorial District Convention on March 29,2008. I sure had fun talking with people I had not seen in a long time. The convention was well planned and there was plenty of room and volunteers were very helpful. Thanks Senator West and who ever else deserves credit. I had not attended one since 1988 when one of the Mondale operatives was busy trying to take Jackson delegates away.The very same Operative was busy for Clinton this time, Dallas Morning News said she is paid staff.She has aged ,gotten heavy and a little smarted still using same old school games and seems to have made money on her way up ,but there is something about money and some people you can't see what the money has done for them , like my late Father said you can't buy Class. My late friend Charlotte Ragsdale could show you what money could do when ever she stepped out or had an event it spoke class.
Well this Operative worked the precinct convention and got 3 delegates.She got Poor Clinton Delegate Vonciel Hill to sponsor a challenge to the precinct convention numbers at the 23 Senatorial convention and she turned the so called corrected report in prior to telling the Caucus Chair. Councilwoman Hill read her report and Obama lost 5 delegates and Hillary picked up 3. The group was HOT!The delegates ask Ms. Hill when and where she counted the precinct information "she said at home". The people ask her how could her numbers be correct when the night of the precinct convention two people counted them and another stood watch and she signed off on them as Secretary? Her answer was she received an email asking for a recount, she did not say from who.
The trick by Paid Operative, Councilwoman Hill was standing in the highest voting precinct in her Council District ,the one that put her over the top in the run off election. The people told her how they felt cheated by her with the so called new numbers.I cannot believe she let a Clinton paid staffer put her up to do that, it sure let me know that she can be BEAT. How smart can you be to show up in the Heart of Obama territory with your Clinton supporting self having been elected by these same people and then try and take delegates from them. Commissioner John Price who also supports Hillary was smart enough not to show up at all in front of his folk with that Hillary mess.Everyone knows after the election in November all those people will go back home and Vonciel will be here to face her constituents.

Three Police Units Respond To Dog Fight ! They Did!

On March 15, 2008 my silly dog got into my neighbor from hell's yard and had a fight with her dog at 10:00AM in the morning. Neighbor from hell was not home. I called animal control to do health check on her dog to make sure he was OK. Animal control
could not go into her yard. I called SPCA to do health check they said they could not go into her yard, so I watched to see if her dog was OK and he seemed to be OK.
My dog got the worst of the fight and good for him ,he had been trained to stay out of her yard. It was his last chance he was removed from my home.
About 7:10PM I saw three police cars next door after about 35 minutes three Dallas Police Officers came to my door. The first bald head young man said, I need to see your dog, I said what dog, he said ma show me the dog, I said take over the house and do what you want(he never id himself by name or the other two officers)he then ask where the door was I showed him and the three of them went into the back yard.
They had already walked the backyard from her side of the fence with flashlights so they knew Dino (my dog) was not back there.The neighbor from hell told these people I was hiding the dog, how in the hell do you hide a dog that you have called 311 twice and SPCA once the same day. The mentality of Neighbor from hell is that I hide the dog, hell from what.The female Officer ask me if I had dog in garage? I said are you crazy? Who keeps a dog in a closed garage? During all that time they NEVER ask me my name, what happen or anything.I then saw another two man squad car arrive, keep in mind we are talking about a dog fight that took place at 10:AM that morning it is now about 8:00 in the evening on Saturday and 5 Police and 4 Police cars are on Bar Harbor investigating a dog fight. Then I saw Animal Control arrive he talk with them and then me, he smiled because he knew neighbor from hell has called them over 15 time about my dog. Each time it has been false. The female Officer came back into my home and ask for my dog registration I gave it to her and I ask if the neighbor had one she said she did not know.
The moral of this story: Tax dollars at waste with that many City employees on dog fight call, when did 911 start responding to dog fight? Animal control would not make health check on dog. Police never ask my side of story, if they had they would have found out early that dog was gone and animal control could have saved trip.Police called animal control based on information from Neighbor from hell
there was no legal reason to pick up my dog. I share this story because there is something wrong with a system that will keep people waiting for Police with serious crimes yet send four cars and five Officers to the scene of a 10 hour old dog fight with no injury or lost of life to a human or dog.
It tells me that an Elected Official made a call to the sub-station for that many Officers to respond and act the way they did.I have had many dealing with Dallas Police and never have I had a bad experience. I really feel for the Officers because they are being used and they are dam if they do and dam if they don't.This is what makes 14-1 bad the way it is used in my Council District 5.Marvin and Roy I am sorry you were doing a good thing it's the people that make it bad, but we have no way of knowing what they will do next.We need 10-4-1.

Neighbor From Hell !

I have been a resident in my community 21 years and never had a problem with a neighbor. Low and behold the Sub-Prime Lenders allowed a woman to move next door to me that is a living hell. My dog had a fight with this woman's dog last in 2006 and every since she has been obsessed with me and my family. This woman thinks about me every day, she lost in Court against me so now she's worst. She walks in her back yard and talk about me , she has pulled all my family members background checks, she could have read that in the news. She walks in her yard with visitors and loudly talks about me ,my dog ,son, husband and describes the dog fight over and over again.
I am not sure what can be done about her other then ignore her but it sure is hard. Maybe a fence will do.

14-1 Was Always Wrong !

I supported the 10-4-1 form of Council configuration when the City was in the battle.
10 single member Districts ,Mayor and 4 at large seats. We would have had some Independence from the ward politics we now have. The 14-1 form of Government leads to corruption , bad political decisions for small area and poor zoning for the City.
The recent Fairfield zoning case is a prime example of what happen when one Council person has final say on a zoning case that effects the entire City. The fact that another Council person is not expected to say anything and then scold if they do ,is UN American. What happens to people when they get elected? Do they become Little Kings and Queens ? What happens to what the people who voted for them have to say. What about the good of the City. Vonciel Hill sits there week after week not saying a word nothing is going on in District 5. The media and other Elected Officials have things to say about Councilman Dwain Caraway but he is doing what he was elected to do. The Dallas Observer called it the Dwain Caraway show well he is the one person in the Southern sector doing something about the old problem we've had for years.He's in the community and did not just start.
The Council is working but, when things happen like Jan Collmer being put off the DFW board and zoning cases like Fairfield, people like Neil Emmons making life hard for every one , builders not wanting to do business in Dallas, Fair Park being treated like it is ,something is wrong in Dallas. In one sentence the City Leaders say Fair Park is a Jewel and in another it's being dismantled piece by piece. We spent 50 million on the Cotton Bowl but nothing on the Park itself, how crazy. I wonder if there is a place to live with less headaches then Dallas with DISD.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

DISD Trustees Impeachment / Carla Ranger Stay!

During my mental rest break I saw an item on the DISD agenda that was very close to my heart and tax bill. The District tried to hide it by simply saying on the official posting: Approval of Waiver To Board Policy(Local) Employment Requirements and Restrictions. I called a good friend and he got the official action sheet. There in plain English listed eleven names and their positions over a 1.5 million dollars going into Tax accounts of other school districts. The paper I have and what the Board approved was a permanent waiver not 12 months. Correct me if I am wrong. This says's the employee should have 12 month to comply,(but did not) however due to some hardships the Superintendent recommends granting a waiver. I spoke to the Board during the meeting and another guy spoke on the same issue. The Trustees looked us square in the face Dr. Hinojosa had that arrogant look when he knows he has the vote. Ron Price talked about how good Ms. Olson was and every person in the world knows it does not take greatness to lead Human Development:(hiring people) what makes this worst is this woman is charged with enforcing this very policy that she will not abide by, her Executive Director also is on this list. We have the top two people in Human Development living out of City and County. The Chief of Staff , school services, business services not one job related to teaching children nor are they critical. Ms. Olsen is an elected Official in Weatherford I guess that is her hardship, it does mean that the Dallas Board members have certainly met this woman in her official capacity. I lost a great deal of respect for the Superintendent because I really did believe that this man would be the one to lead DISD back into greatness. I supported Dr. H when many people did not, I went and spoke for him over
another man who had applied for the job and was serving as Interim and my neighbor. I believed that Dr. H being of Spanish decent was honest, hard working and was a product of the DISD and he had a commitment like no other. The fact that his family still lived in the Community made me feel all the better about him because Spanish people have a deep loyalty to their parents and family to do GOOD. When I met Dr. H he was so nice and down to earth, how could I be wrong about him. Does something happen to people after they become employed by DISD? Do the business men who run the school system really control the Board that much? I know John Scovell over at Hunt is the point man and always has been but normally he wants good for the District. Mr Posy is gone to Glory but he got his one sex schools he also wanted good for the District.
Who are the people responsible for the waste of money ? Can someone please tell that Board they are spending TAX money? How could they put a Bond package on the ballot and not tell the public what's in it? How can they think we are so ignorant that we
don't know they are holding that Audit until after the election ? If that Board is that silly Impeachment is the only answer. Carla Ranger is the only one who should stay. Mr.Lowe should be ashamed of himself he was taught better, Medrano comes from a family of good people I am not sure what got into him.I must take a rest from DISD
and the hurt and disappointment I feel about Dr. H. I felt about him as I do about Obama and he has let me down. If there is something that Dr. H could tell me about this I wish he would. VOTE NO ON BOND!

Time Out !

With the death of Lynn Shaw and the remarks ,I read and heard in the communities , I had to take a mental rest. I can not come to grips with how mean Dallas can be. How hateful people are even in death. I know why people have funeral attendance by invitation only. I want my friends Sharon Boyd and Dwain Caraway to help my family when I go to Glory, making sure the people that I would not want at my service do not enter.
Now John Price is saying "he never believed Rufus Shaw was sick" since the Medical examiner said there was no sign of cancer in Mr. Shaw. So What he's still dead.Who the hell cares what John Price believes. When will the media get it!Stop asking this man about stuff that has nothing to do with Dallas County.
John Price does not run anything but the County and who could not do that after 26 years on the job .The Jail is still a mess and many of the other County departments. If the public or residents of District 3 listen to what John Price said Max Wells, Mary Poss, Ed Oakley , Jesse Jones ,Billy Ratliff and others would be in office. and Dwain Caraway would not have won by 62% of the vote in the heart of District 3.
Hell he couldn't even get elected as an At Large Delegate at the 23 Senatorial Convention .Poor Ken Molberg had to invent another list and put his name on it as a Delegate, that tells you the whole dam thing was rigged. Why was there another list? How many AT Large Delegates did the 23 have? How could there be an empty slot after the Convention end and fora Hillary person who did not attend the convention.Voters let John go back down to 411 Elm because he has no other place to go, he can't win a congressional seat and he need the County pay.He fights dirty in a campaign and ruin his opponents life. The only people who listen to John Price are White folks in North Dallas.
Now you see why I had to take a mental rest. So much madness and crazy talk from people who should know better. I have not even mention DISD and the City Hall.
Living in Dallas will drive you crazy if you don't remove yourself from it every now and then.I am not about to check myself out. I will wait on the LORD!

p.s. If I misspell a word correct.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Blacks for Hillary Stop Her From Racial Campaign!

Hillary Clinton is doing more to divide the races then any KKK man could ever do. You Blacks, for her please demand that she stop. Do you have a voice with her? Is this more important then the Civic Rights Movement? This woman or her campaign staff is using racial divide and fear to get White and Hispanic votes. She has put Black voters in a sack yet Black leaders are out there for her as she does them in.

ps. if i spell something wrong correct it.

My Friend Jim Schutz ! Give It A Rest

Jim , you are my friend ,for what? 30 years now. Please trust me there is nothing. Give it a rest. You have a fool on one end mad because he is not Mayor wanting to embarrass Mayor Leppert with any thing he can going back with an email from June 2007. You have the Hispanics thinking Leppert is being good to the Blacks. You have that other Black group mad at Leppert,Johnson,Shaw because of the DART vote. You have that other group mad at the consulting contract they did not get and Shaw got it for Johnson. You have that other guy that has always called and threaten the Mayor no matter who it was. This hand full of angry, evil little people are working to destroy every one they think is in their way of helping themselves more. Why are they so afraid of the changing of the Guard? By the way The Mayor meet with the Black Chamber and the Hispanic Chamber.

Tom Leppert is no crook, Willis Johnson has worked all his life and is no crook or politician. Lynn Flint Shaw was a hard working woman who supported her family and gave to her community. She was no crook on the take because she had no money and could not pay her bills. None of the above mention groups have that problem, they have plenty of money, fancy addresses, multiply real estate , fancy cars and etc. Lynn and Rufus lived in the house he purchased 30 years ago with an equity loan taken in 2005. Ms.Shaw could not have taken money from anyone ,or DART because she borrowed from a friend. What ever she did wrong was not against her community it was a desperate attempt to save her family. I just wish I could have helped but she kept it from me also.

So please my friend, my other friend is dead please let her rest in peace because my heart is heavy and I can not take what has happen and continue even after her death.
The story has ended anything else will only hurt her innocent Son and Rufus's other kid's.

Thanks Jim

I Am Mad As Hell and Won't Take It Anymore !

Tom Leppert is the Mayor of Dallas. Tom is a good man ,one who really wants this City to work for all people. Every Elected Official since I have worked in the political arena has had his or her people. All Elected people have their inner circle of people they trust to do the right thing for the People.

The same handful of mean spirited unhappy people keep trying to hurt Mayor Leppert using Black and Hispanics to do the dirty work. The group of Blacks need no help.

Willis Johnson has worked in this community I know for 30 odd years, he has always tried to match people to opportunities and help his community. A well know consultant was so angry when Mr. Johnson came on the political scene and got some work that normally went to her , she will not even stand in a room with Mr. Johnson. Fact that Ms.Shaw was responsible for bringing Mr. Johnson in went against Ms. Shaw. Shaw,Johnson and others supported Mayor Leppert put them all on a hit list.
The sad part about it is this Group had the run of the city hall for years before Laura Miller came into office and I can not see one minority they helped. I see they
helped themselves and the Developer at Victory.

How can money mean that much to hurt people. Slander them for no other reason then to laugh and get even.

Willis Johnson is not a dirty politician, Lynn Shaw was not a dirty politician if she was , she would be alive today because she would not have had any financial problems.
The group I am talking about have money because they sold their souls for money. They have plenty of money but no peace. I saw another one of them on TV the other night looking old, worn and ugly. I know it will take a little more time but I hope
no one else gives up on life before God brings down this evil group.

My friend Lynn is dead I will never hear her voice again , that french creole way she spoke , I will not hear Rufus answer the phone "Shaw".

Mayor Tom Leppert is a good man and Mayor. Willis Johnson is a good man. Lynn Flint Shaw was a good woman.

I Am Mad As Hell and Won't Take It Anymore !

My Friend is DEAD and I am mad as hell and won't take it anymore. My Friend Lynn Flint-Shaw did not kill herself and leave her Son, my Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she loved God and Life. My Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she knew every thing was going to be OK! My Friend Lynn did not kill herself because she did not care that much about public Opinion. My Friend Lynn supported her family 25 years in this community and never got tired, she attended mass at 6AM in the morning, she worked and attended Civic affairs, meetings, worked on various campaigns
and Loved Rufus Shaw UN-conditionally.

My Friend Lynn was being tormented by a hand full of very sick ,evil people who have very little to live for. They have money, position and public standing , yet they have no happiness. I saw one of them at my precinct convention the other night she, did not have the look of a woman of money, her face looked unhappy, she was dressed shabby casual not smart or rich casual. She could not look at most of us in the room I sensed guilt. Another sits downtown and send private information to the press to embarrass Black people. Every confidential communication he receives in his official capacity he shares with the media. He also has other people attack Black leaders and hid his hand. The other can not get over the fact that he did not win the Mayor race, the other cannot get over not being Chair of DART.The other one just mad at the world and unhappy in a position to help people and does not know how.Such silly reason to drive people to want death over life.

Now , My Friend Lynn might have done something wrong if she was in a jam but haven't we all? Maybe not the same but something for the survival of our family. I will always love my Friend Lynn because she stood when other would not, Rufus spoke when others would not. Their blood in on the hand of a few evil,wicked people and may God deal with them in time.

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hillary Clinton Same Old Tricks as Bill!

The Hillary people are now busy trying to stop Obama with this trick" Who Is This Guy" do you really know him? I know about as much about Obama as I did when Bill Clinton took the stag for President. Jimmie Carter, Kerry, Kennedy and a host of others. The only person I knew was George Bush and I have been a friend to that family since 1963. I also knew President Johnson. I am so sick of Hillary dividing the Blacks and Brown and now there is a local war between them. She played to the Hispanic population and ignored the Blacks just because Obama is black and wrote us off. That is the same thing she will do if elected. I support Obama because he speaks to all the people. In Dallas Clinton did not try to reach black people. I do not want a retread of Bill. I want a new President and a different America.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Dallas City Council No Place For Working People!

Many working Dallas City Council people have lost their business or families have suffered from the lack of money. Mr. Fantroy's Attorney said "how could he tell the citizen of Dallas he had run his business into the ground" not easy, but he should have found another way to pay bills not using the College fund. People run for City Council because they want to. Bill Blaydes did not run again because of financial reasons, Craig Holcomb the same. People need to stop trying to be what they can not. I did not run for Council until I was retired and had income coming in to pay my bills. Councilwoman Vonciel Hill is never at City Hall her Aide runs the office she goes into committee meeting and stay just long enough to be counted present and leave never to return. The Lady has a private law practice to run she can not be at both places at the same time so the Council and District 5 are hurting because of it.
You can tell the people who can afford to be in Office they are at City Hall when needed. In the mean time the District suffers because the Council person has to steal or go to work.

PC: If there are spelling, grammar or other errors in this blog correct them:

Adelfa Callejo on Obama

It came as no surprise to me the comment by Ms. Adelfa Callejo about Obama problem is he's black. Most Hispanic,Asian, Indian's and others feel the same way about Black people and they are in this Country on our backs. What if Ms. Callejo was a Judge or in a position to make decisions on a Black persons life, how sad it would be for that person. I served on the DFW Airport Board with this lady and worked hard for her reappointment not knowing how she felt about Black people. Black people are the most hated people in the World.

Monday, February 18, 2008

DISD When Will You Stop ?

When will you stop taking the Tax Payers for fools. You have a residency policy
yet you continue to hire people who refuse to live in Dallas ISD. When you hire people they need to move into the District before they report to work. I do not
like paying high school tax in Dallas and paying for people to live in a District that pay's less in tax. Ms. Olson the HR Director is not in a "hard to fill" position there are planty of people in her area (she did not bring HR experience to the job) that would live in Dallas and work. I have never worked aganist a DISD bond election but if the District continues to violate it's own policy I will this time.

DA's Career on the Line!

I support Lynn Flint Shaw and will help her in any way.I support Craig Watkins and what he has done in the DA's office on Justice for All. The DA is now putting his job on the line for a case that could have been handle in another way and recieved the same result. First and formost the charge is wrong, the letter was not a government document because it was never owned by the government if the news reports are correct. The only charge would be forgery of the DA's name and that is a felony. Now they could have filled the correct charge gone to Court pled to a lesser charge as they do all the time and the DA's office would not have taken a hit like this. There are hundred's of nonviolent first time misdemeanor people who do not have 500.00 bail money in jail who would love to have a memo of understanding and go free if it's good for one person it's good for all. I wish Ms. Shaw no harm but the DA must be the same across the board.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Mayor Tom Leppert It Is This Bad!

Mayor, I know you went to City Hall thinking the job working with the Black Councilpersons and Community Leaders would be easy and why not, all of you want a better Dallas. You now know why Southern Dallas is so divided . You cannot get any three Black people to agree on anything. Names are given to you for Board appointments by diffrent black's without any background information or any qualification for the job. Board appointees need to bring something to the table. They do no good if they don't. I know you are having heart burn over this but chew some tums and move on. Stop asking for names find your own, check them out and bring new Blacks on board. Stop paying so much money for not so good advice.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Tarrant County Sheriff Department/ Jail Operation

I had the opportunity to visit Tarrant County Sheriff Department on Thursday and was given a short tour by former Dallas County Chief Deputy Bob Knowles the man known for Dallas County passing all jail inspections. Executive Chief Deputy Bob Knowles, looks very good, he's stopped smoking and doing well in his position with Sheriff Anderson. The people in the building are all so nice they smile the building is bright and open, clean and not filled with people hanging around. I saw equipment that took 5 minutes to fingerprint and take picture even the new eye picture machine.
The eye machine keeps people from leaving the jail by mistake. I ask Chief Knowles why Dallas did not have this, he said we(he and Sheriff Bowles)ask for it every year at budget time and were turned down by the Commissioners Court.
It is a shame that the Dallas County Commissioners Court has caused all this jail mess by not doing what was needed a long time ago. I know for a fact they took parts from the Health and Human Service fire alarm to fix the jail alarm for inspection when I was still working there. The Health and Human Service Building was without a fire alarm when this was done. That Jail alarm has not worked in years. The Commissioners Court is over Jail Health not the Sheriff. They are over the facility not the Sheriff.
It was good seeing Chief Knowles, Stromile is also working in Tarrant County. I did not see him but they said all is well with him also. Dallas County needs to learn from Tarrant County pay up front and you will not need to pay out all the lawsuits Dallas County is doing now. Former Commissioner Jim Jackson was one of the worst on funding for the Sheriff department he's gone but the problems he help create are still there.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Seven Day's Into New Year !

Seven day's into New Year and people are already being negative about one thing or another. I hope we can give the New Year a chance. One City of Dallas employee is mad about the City Attorney advice to the Mayor, that's who he works for! Former City Attorney and now Federal Judge Sam Lindsay was the only one that I knew that told the Council the Law and not what they wanted to hear. Judge Lindsay's answers were the same for everyone based on law. One City employee said Mayor Tom Leppert is turning into Laura Miller when will people give Laura Miller a rest. Mayor Leppert is doing his job and just maybe Laura was doing her . Black people my sisters and brothers in Christ give it a rest. Pick yourself up and make a life for your family.
Please for health reasons let the " blame the man" game go. We need to fix up our areas and make our neighborhood safe. There is so much work that we can do and take back our area.

Make 2008 the year we TAKE BACK OUR COMMUNITIES. Happy New Year!