Monday, April 07, 2008

Neighbor From Hell !

I have been a resident in my community 21 years and never had a problem with a neighbor. Low and behold the Sub-Prime Lenders allowed a woman to move next door to me that is a living hell. My dog had a fight with this woman's dog last in 2006 and every since she has been obsessed with me and my family. This woman thinks about me every day, she lost in Court against me so now she's worst. She walks in her back yard and talk about me , she has pulled all my family members background checks, she could have read that in the news. She walks in her yard with visitors and loudly talks about me ,my dog ,son, husband and describes the dog fight over and over again.
I am not sure what can be done about her other then ignore her but it sure is hard. Maybe a fence will do.

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