Monday, April 07, 2008

How Could Paid Hillary Staffer Trick Councilwoman?

I attended the 23 Senatorial District Convention on March 29,2008. I sure had fun talking with people I had not seen in a long time. The convention was well planned and there was plenty of room and volunteers were very helpful. Thanks Senator West and who ever else deserves credit. I had not attended one since 1988 when one of the Mondale operatives was busy trying to take Jackson delegates away.The very same Operative was busy for Clinton this time, Dallas Morning News said she is paid staff.She has aged ,gotten heavy and a little smarted still using same old school games and seems to have made money on her way up ,but there is something about money and some people you can't see what the money has done for them , like my late Father said you can't buy Class. My late friend Charlotte Ragsdale could show you what money could do when ever she stepped out or had an event it spoke class.
Well this Operative worked the precinct convention and got 3 delegates.She got Poor Clinton Delegate Vonciel Hill to sponsor a challenge to the precinct convention numbers at the 23 Senatorial convention and she turned the so called corrected report in prior to telling the Caucus Chair. Councilwoman Hill read her report and Obama lost 5 delegates and Hillary picked up 3. The group was HOT!The delegates ask Ms. Hill when and where she counted the precinct information "she said at home". The people ask her how could her numbers be correct when the night of the precinct convention two people counted them and another stood watch and she signed off on them as Secretary? Her answer was she received an email asking for a recount, she did not say from who.
The trick by Paid Operative, Councilwoman Hill was standing in the highest voting precinct in her Council District ,the one that put her over the top in the run off election. The people told her how they felt cheated by her with the so called new numbers.I cannot believe she let a Clinton paid staffer put her up to do that, it sure let me know that she can be BEAT. How smart can you be to show up in the Heart of Obama territory with your Clinton supporting self having been elected by these same people and then try and take delegates from them. Commissioner John Price who also supports Hillary was smart enough not to show up at all in front of his folk with that Hillary mess.Everyone knows after the election in November all those people will go back home and Vonciel will be here to face her constituents.

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