Monday, April 07, 2008

14-1 Was Always Wrong !

I supported the 10-4-1 form of Council configuration when the City was in the battle.
10 single member Districts ,Mayor and 4 at large seats. We would have had some Independence from the ward politics we now have. The 14-1 form of Government leads to corruption , bad political decisions for small area and poor zoning for the City.
The recent Fairfield zoning case is a prime example of what happen when one Council person has final say on a zoning case that effects the entire City. The fact that another Council person is not expected to say anything and then scold if they do ,is UN American. What happens to people when they get elected? Do they become Little Kings and Queens ? What happens to what the people who voted for them have to say. What about the good of the City. Vonciel Hill sits there week after week not saying a word nothing is going on in District 5. The media and other Elected Officials have things to say about Councilman Dwain Caraway but he is doing what he was elected to do. The Dallas Observer called it the Dwain Caraway show well he is the one person in the Southern sector doing something about the old problem we've had for years.He's in the community and did not just start.
The Council is working but, when things happen like Jan Collmer being put off the DFW board and zoning cases like Fairfield, people like Neil Emmons making life hard for every one , builders not wanting to do business in Dallas, Fair Park being treated like it is ,something is wrong in Dallas. In one sentence the City Leaders say Fair Park is a Jewel and in another it's being dismantled piece by piece. We spent 50 million on the Cotton Bowl but nothing on the Park itself, how crazy. I wonder if there is a place to live with less headaches then Dallas with DISD.

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