Thursday, September 28, 2006

The T.O. Story :

I wrote T.O. this summer and told him that based on what I had read about his life he need some Professional help to deal with his childhood issues. I did not discuss the items but just suggested seeking help. The items I identified as a Social Worker/sociology/Health Professional from what I read were:
1. Rejection of father who lived across street. 2. Shame of birth as relates to mother and father.3. Rejection of siblings from father 4. Grandmother protective sheltering to protect him from pain. There are many more with being in Public life
and the Media. Mr. Owens publicists did him a great disservice with her statements on TV. The poor old T.O. sound bite just made her look very unprofessional and that last bite "he has 25 million reasons to be here" was the silly part because money is the last thing in the world that makes a Millionaire happy when he is depressed or having problems of the mind or heart. The Dallas Cowboy Organization is in desperate need of a Professional program that understands mental health/minority relationships.
There is a difference and it needs to be specialized. Calvin Hill is good at what he does but he is not a Professional in the area of need. The people who work with the Team somehow get caught up in the HYPE and get so excited about being with the Boy's they lose site of their jobs and the Players get lost in the system. Some very good players have been lost who had diagnosed mental disorders that could be treated if only identified early. It seems that every one at the Valley thinks odd behavior is just a THING that people do, well it's not. There is a reason people do things and some time it is a health issue. I hope the Cowboy organization will get wise and hire me or somebody to help them observe behavior and identify potential problems so we can save the player,team and Community grief.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Something is wrong with Wright Deal !

I knew something was wrong with the Wright deal when no one from the Outside was involved in the deal making. From what I have read on the deal: A: The local parties want the Federal Law to include an immunity from Antitrust law. How on earth can anyone ask the Federal government to pass a law that violates another Federal law that protects the freedom to conduct business in America. B: How can anyone support a 20 year non compete agreement between American Airlines and Southwest Airline at DFW when presently DFW has 46 empty gates, and DFW has been trying to recruit Southwest Airlines for the past 15 years. C: Who would support demolition of a new terminal at Love Field built with private money ,and claim it's part of a gate reduction at Love for environmental reasons? Who could ask Taxpayers to repay the Private builder for his investment if they pass a Bond deal to pay we the Taxpayers
will still pay. Bonds must be paid back. D: Why did the Mayors of Dallas and Forth Worth not allow any public participation in this process? E: Why does every item in this agreement benefit the Airlines, reduction to 20 gates from the original 32 gates proposed in the Love Field Study that was approved by the Council and Community people ,will only benefit Southwest,American and Continental Airlines. Southwest has 16 of the gates,American has 2 and continental has 2. Where can any low cost Airline come into Love?

This Deal has nothing to do with Low ticket prices for the Traveling Public. It has all to do with helping big business. The Citizens have fallen for this deal because they think it will end Wright and effect Air Fare, the general public has not a clue
what is in this deal and that is the only reason there is no public out
cry.Shame,Shame,Shame on the wool that has been pulled over the Citizen of Dallas
who will be hurt more then Fort Worth citizens. People who support the repeal could not understand this deal it is not a repeal. Call your Congress person ask them to remove the Antitrust clause and other harmful provisions from the deal.

Monday, September 25, 2006

The Lost of Great Men

I wrote about how short Life can be and that all people should enjoy as much happiness as possible. I was in great health went to a Doctors office for routine
test, one day later on life support three days in Baylor ICU. I know how short life can be I passed through the door of life or death. Thanks to a higher Power and good
Doctors I am here to write this blog.

I am sad today at the lost of Chief Charles Gaines, Fort Worth fire Chief. 49 years old in the prime of his life gone.

Evangelist Reginald B. Dulin a great man, always smiling and helping someone never got to big to keep grounded. Built a beautiful new Church life seem good to him. I had spoke with him and he was concerned about how I was doing. I told him I was fine he said good to hear that, because God has some more work for you to do.

As the DISD Turn

I feel so bad for Dr. Michael Hinojosa he had no idea what a mess DISD was in. Mike Mosses could not have had an idea. The problem is that the District is so large with so many different departments and programs and so much money that there is little oversite. They spend money as if it comes from trees. The past four years I have protested and not paid School District tax until I knew some new Leadership was in place. I paid up when Hinojosa was hired.It will take a complete overhaul of key middle management staff to clean out the mess. The Supervisor over the Grants gave some very foolish answers when ask how the staff purchased large items and not books. She said "they told her the students did not want books".Who the hell is in charge?Why on earth are we paying student to learn? What happen to going to school because it is the place to learn. All the Tax money from local tax and on top of that Grant money both State and Federal spent on all this staff and programs yet Students can not read or pass a test.Dr Hinojosa needs to cut programs and staff that are not working, where you see no positive results.Parents buy hundreds of dollars in supplies and equipment each school year. What supplies are the schools buying? Every form up there has been copied so many times you can hardly read them. Dr. Hinojosa money is not the problem at DISD, money management is. Please take the time and clean it out retire the people who have perpetrated this thinking. I support you and know you are doing your best. DISD is a large can of worms with some very good people in the mix trying to make it better.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thanks: Dwaine Caraway & Michael Davis

Many people do not realize that the 40 rooms or less motels operating in mostly low income areas and minority neighborhoods do not have the Special Use permit to operate.The City of Dallas passed the Special Use regulation back in the late 80's.I was on the Commission at the time and remember it very well. Councilman Lipscomb and Councilwoman Ragsdall worked very hard to close the motels and keep the drugs and prostitution from the area. The motels have operated since then illegally. The City has not enforced the closure because the Motel Owners have filled a lawsuit back in the 80s and it has not been resolved to this day. The law is still on the book that the Motel Owners must have an SUP to stay open and they do not have one.What Dwaine Caraway and Michael Davis are doing is what the City Code enforcement should be doing but are not. Thanks to these men for taking on this project and helping to make the quality of life better for the people.

South Dallas Cleanup/Chaney

South Dallas cleanup in need of housekeeping!Metro section Saturday front page. Leo Chaney has been in office eight(8) years and the scrap metal yards have been there and getting larger by the year. In fact Mr. Chaney was on the plan Commission when some of the zoning was approved to permit the scrap yards on Lamar.The current Plan Commission went on a bus tour of South Dallas last Thursday and I was surprised at the trash and bulk items laying around on the street and in front of houses.There were boarded up houses next door to each other and just a depressing look. All of what we saw would not be allowed in any other part of this City. There are City services for all of what we saw. Why has Chaney not forced the City to do it's part? Why has the residents not called 311 and demanded City service? Do they not know the service is free to them? What is wrong with this picture? Leo Chaney lives in the area how can he drive in the area and not see it. What is wrong when an elected official does not inform his people or they do not hear? Why keep asking for more money to clean up something that has money allocated in the City budget? There are demolition dollars in the City budget why not demolish the boarded up property? Why didn't Chaney use some of the 4 million to help clean up. It is just sad that after 8 years the South Dallas part of the District looks worst. People bring on some new Leadership and please think before you vote and remember Ron Price from the DISD and the way he has spent your tax money on himself and the lies about the campaign signs already printed for the 2007 election.

Dirk Culbreath /My Son

My son Dirk Culbreath was married last Saturday in a beautiful ceremony to a beautiful young Lady. My son and I have been through a lot. Dirk is a bright and brilliant young man but some how along the way drugs interred the picture and we had our hard time with that. I write this because I never gave up on him but, when I adopted tough love and had him arrested for taking my car it seem to work. My beautiful son whom I love dearly is now sober,thank God his mind was not effected by his drug use. Parent do not give up but, please as soon as you can, tough love. Please try tough love you will save your child's or loved one's life, I almost loved my son to death.

Thanks to people who stood by me and my son:
Al Lipscomb, Dawaine Caraway,Burl Jernigan,Dwayne Bishop, Willie Cothrum,Arthur Busby,Rev. Freddie Haynes,Dr.Louise Deere,Helen spicier, Diane Waters and others.

Chief Kunkle /DMN Blog

It is sad when a major publication will not print a story but use it's blog to print it any way. The fact that a reporter from the News put information about Chief Kunkle
on the Blog that can not be proved should be libelous. Chief Kunkle was hired to do a job and he is doing a very good job. Who he dates and who he married is no concern of mine as long as he does not use his official position to force any woman to date him or marry him. Life is much to short to not be happy and for a police officer it can be very short. Chief Kunkle still makes police calls and go out on his own many day's and nights. I wish people had something serious to do other then worry about who dates who. We do not know and should not know what goes on behind closed doors of any person unless it interferes with their sworn duty or taxpayers money. To put pure gossip out because a man is having lunch or dinner in a public place with a woman is as silly as hell. In my professional life I often have lunch and many times have dinner with married men.We often times have a bottle of wine or drinks that does not mean the next step in the bedroom. It means a business deal or interview is started or finished. Give Chief Kunkle a break since he is in charge of my safety I want him happy and if that means getting married 10 time so be it!

Kinky Friedman / NAACP

I would think that Gary Bledsoe, head of the Texas NAACP would have some serious work to do: on Education of people of color, reducing the number of people of color in the Texas State Department of Correction, adding funding for substance abuse in -patient treatment, it seems to be the only one that works: and a host of other important things that effect the quality of life of the People of Color in the State of Texas.
Who gives a Shit about what Kinky said yesterday let alone 26 years ago? The man is a comedian with a stand up act. Richard Pryor used the N word and so many other did and still do. Watch BET comedy hour any night at 9 PM. What is important seems to escape Black Leadership. What has Kinky said he would do if elected Governor of Texas that would make the quality of life better for people of Color and all Texans? What has he said that would hurt us? That is the only thing I want to know about Kinky and is the only thing important. What would an apology about a stand up show 26 years ago improve my life or yours? Who gives a damn in the real world? Gary Bledsoe get a real cause and work it leave Kinky alone and allow him his freedom of speech!

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

My Blog

This Blog is for my opinion on matters I read in the Dallas Morning News and other news papers. I am an American Citizen and last time I checked had freedom of speech.
Stay tune the best is yet to come.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

City Manager

Happy to say the first right of refusal on Reunion was signed in 1974. So the Manager and her staff had nothing to do with that deal. I still do not have a problem with Hunt property buying the building. They made good business move in 1974.

Friday, September 08, 2006

Kathy Nealy and I

When Kathy Nealy and I were young we were such good friends.It is funny how life takes so many turns and Devils get in the way. This picture was made in 1985 how innocent we were.

Sheriff Valdez What Next?

Sheriff Valdez just does not get it! The duties of the Dallas County Sheriff's office is to run the jail,have custody of people awaiting trial or transport or release. Arrest people with warrants and a host of other things. Community Liaison?
There are not many people in Dallas County who come in contact with the Jail and after working 20 years for Dallas County five of which were in charge of Jail Health
(when it did pass inspection)I never remember any complaints that were related to sexual orientation. I cannot wait until the next election. Sheriff Valdez is out of her league and I see why she could not pass the test. The Dallas Police has such a position but they are in daily contact with people also the have a gay and lesbian policy at the City of Dallas, Dallas County does not have such a policy. Why does the Sheriff hide from the public? Never see her until now about gay,lesbian issue.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

City staff/Reunion Arena

I wonder if the City staff or the Dallas City Council think the taxpayers are just Crazy ?Or do they think we cannot put 2+2 together. If in fact the Council does not know it then something is wrong with them. If staff is so political then we have a problem. Why would the City of Dallas have a contract with Hunt to allow it to buy Reunion after 60 days of the City declaring it surplus property? Why now is the City closing Reunion? How is Reunion losing 1.5 million a year? How can an empty building cost the City that kind of money? How can the City not open the bid to sell to the general public? Is that not against the Law. In the Bond covenant on Reunion does it say anything about abandonment of mortgage property? This is a back door move to deliver a City property to Hunt.
I have no problem with Hunt having Reunion, my problem is the silly back door move the staff is pulling for them to get it and to think we the Public do not have a clue. The current balance on Reunion is 28 million that is what need to be paid for Reunion so the Taxpayers will not need to pay the loan off. Why would the staff want to surplus a property with a 28 million loan on it? We cannot surplus our home with mortgage in fact it is illegal to destroy a mortgage property. When will the Taxpayers in this City get mad. We are being ask to vote on a very large Bond proposal in November and have not spent pass bond money and now talk of giving away a
building built with bond money for less then is owed has me wondering if I can vote on the New Bond proposal.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Being honest was Everman Principal mistake

I think it is terrible that a good Educator is no longer in the Education business.
The fact that Kathy Culbertson spoke the truth to a group of students she felt comfortable with shows how little we understand about human nature. If Ms.Culbertson were a racist she would not have been in the Everman district. When will Black People start accepting integration all around and not just on our side. If we can say anything about other people just as Andy Young did other day and as other Black people say every day, why do we scream so loud when White people do the same thing. The numbers clearly showed that some black students needed to do better on the test, so when she said that group needed to improve what was the big problem. If she had said the ninth grade needed to improve would all ninth grade parents become outraged? If she had said all people with filling in their teeth what would happen?
We need to move above race, granted the principal should have handle it differently, but to lose a job ? Do not think so!

Dr. Elba Garcis for Mayor

I think Dr. Elba Garcia, Councilwoman would make a great Mayor. She is a Great Council woman,she is smart ,takes very good care of her District does not have the
in my District mentality clear on directions, communicates well with others and
a hard worker. A very pretty woman with brains. Please judge her on her actions not any other.

Lancaster Teacher Jailed three day's

Dallas County and the City of Dallas operation down at the Jail complex are a joke.
Thank God Parkland finally took over Jail Health maybe things will change. Now maybe
you know that Jim Bowles was a good sheriff and the trouble he had in his last two years was caused by the Dallas County commissioners Court. The fact that one of them served on the State Jail Standards Commission certainly did not help. The fact that
the Teacher stayed in jail 3 day's on a $50 ticket first of all is crazy. It must have been a slow day.
Here is the real crazy part. County Constable serving City of Dallas traffic warrants when the City has hired a big time firm to collect such fines. Teacher put in jail on City of Dallas warrant means City of Dallas must pay ,Dallas County around $70 dollars per day to house her cost appox.$210.00 figure can be checked I am not sure of current contract amount but I am not far off. City Municipal Judge then gives her time served ,no fine collected. Cost to Tax payers appox. $1500.00 when you add all staff involved in total process. Does that make any kind of sense?. Why is a County Constable sitting around scanning the computer looking for traffic warrants when there are real Felony warrants all over the County sheriffs office?
I am a paid Consultant and I would share with the County and City way's to save money for free but, they will not ask and do not mention will not listen. I Directed one of the most efficient Departments in Dallas County and implemented cost saving at the same time increased productivity,went from 39 heat related deaths one year to 0 deaths the next so the proof is in the pudding. The City Council think they run something but do not have a clue about what is going on. How many times have you seen a City Council member or the Mayor in a City building conducting business? How
many times have you seen a County Commissioner doing the same? What they read on paper and what is actually going on are two different things. The lines at the traffic ticket payment windows are as long as a parade every day at every hour and this is where they collect money if you are going to staff anything it should be your revenue generating windows I could go on and on but I am sure you are ready to move on.