Saturday, September 23, 2006

Thanks: Dwaine Caraway & Michael Davis

Many people do not realize that the 40 rooms or less motels operating in mostly low income areas and minority neighborhoods do not have the Special Use permit to operate.The City of Dallas passed the Special Use regulation back in the late 80's.I was on the Commission at the time and remember it very well. Councilman Lipscomb and Councilwoman Ragsdall worked very hard to close the motels and keep the drugs and prostitution from the area. The motels have operated since then illegally. The City has not enforced the closure because the Motel Owners have filled a lawsuit back in the 80s and it has not been resolved to this day. The law is still on the book that the Motel Owners must have an SUP to stay open and they do not have one.What Dwaine Caraway and Michael Davis are doing is what the City Code enforcement should be doing but are not. Thanks to these men for taking on this project and helping to make the quality of life better for the people.

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