Wednesday, September 06, 2006

City staff/Reunion Arena

I wonder if the City staff or the Dallas City Council think the taxpayers are just Crazy ?Or do they think we cannot put 2+2 together. If in fact the Council does not know it then something is wrong with them. If staff is so political then we have a problem. Why would the City of Dallas have a contract with Hunt to allow it to buy Reunion after 60 days of the City declaring it surplus property? Why now is the City closing Reunion? How is Reunion losing 1.5 million a year? How can an empty building cost the City that kind of money? How can the City not open the bid to sell to the general public? Is that not against the Law. In the Bond covenant on Reunion does it say anything about abandonment of mortgage property? This is a back door move to deliver a City property to Hunt.
I have no problem with Hunt having Reunion, my problem is the silly back door move the staff is pulling for them to get it and to think we the Public do not have a clue. The current balance on Reunion is 28 million that is what need to be paid for Reunion so the Taxpayers will not need to pay the loan off. Why would the staff want to surplus a property with a 28 million loan on it? We cannot surplus our home with mortgage in fact it is illegal to destroy a mortgage property. When will the Taxpayers in this City get mad. We are being ask to vote on a very large Bond proposal in November and have not spent pass bond money and now talk of giving away a
building built with bond money for less then is owed has me wondering if I can vote on the New Bond proposal.

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