Friday, September 08, 2006

Sheriff Valdez What Next?

Sheriff Valdez just does not get it! The duties of the Dallas County Sheriff's office is to run the jail,have custody of people awaiting trial or transport or release. Arrest people with warrants and a host of other things. Community Liaison?
There are not many people in Dallas County who come in contact with the Jail and after working 20 years for Dallas County five of which were in charge of Jail Health
(when it did pass inspection)I never remember any complaints that were related to sexual orientation. I cannot wait until the next election. Sheriff Valdez is out of her league and I see why she could not pass the test. The Dallas Police has such a position but they are in daily contact with people also the have a gay and lesbian policy at the City of Dallas, Dallas County does not have such a policy. Why does the Sheriff hide from the public? Never see her until now about gay,lesbian issue.

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