Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bully John Price, New Time Keeper On How Long County People Work!Except Himself !

In my opinion John Price has lost his mind.The man I knew from Junior College ,student willing to work hard , helping people is no longer present in the body of Price walking around today. The devil himself has surrounded space around John Price ,Christ,God or anything decent can't penetrate it. He is using the power of his office to harm people,hurt them in the worst ways,financially,quality of life and survival. Reportly he told Bruce he had been there to long,now its Dr. Ron Anderson. Dr Mc Donald says he has diabetes and his wife is ill,people work with diabetes daily.John Price has decided it's time for him to go.Getting Jenkins and Garcia to vote with him to throw the two joint Board appointees off the Board.When did John Price become God? John Price is Bully of Dallas County and everyone is afraid to stop him. Black Men and other Elected Officials will not stop him, by speaking out about what he's doing to his Own people,they are afraid of this Bully.This man killed 40,000 jobs in District 3 for his people, that would have helped the economy and taxpayers. The Inland Port On I 45 in almost dead , done to keep it from competing with Alliance Airport and cash in my opinion. Bully, Price has called time on Bruce and Dr. Anderson he's been
on his job 26 years why doesn't he step down? It's time the taxpayers and voters of District 3 retire District 3 Bully John "Gone Wild" Price. Twenty Six Years on Commissioners Court Is To Long to continue on Taxpayers payroll.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Let Me Make Something Clear about Dallas County Election Department.

I worked for Dallas County for 19 years.I worked for John Price 6 years as Executive Assistant, I worked closely with Elections and Bruce prior to him becoming Elections Administrator.I remember when the former Administrator resign and the drama surrounding that departure.I remember who fought for Bruce to get the job based on qualifications. What I write about Toni Pippen-Poole or that department it's what I know.No one in that department has told me any thing about Toni.I know what Daphene and Kathy did up in election because they talk to much.Every time that had a fight with Bruce or any of his staff they told John but they also told other Democrat operatives who told me. There is no reason for Toni to fire anyone based on what I know.It did not come from County staff.She also must remember I shared an office with John and answered his phone and heard him talk we had no secrets.I don't talk with her staff.I lost my cell phone I don't even hava their numbers. I was in the election Department Monday to get copy of my Precinct.So I can work it for City election. Toni and others must remember I worked in that building.I knew every thing that went on. Toni will find out how it is at the Top when the buck stops with her if she does not do what Ms. Fain ,Kathy,Price and Jenkins want she to will be out.John Price will turn on anyone he did on me. I have never betrayed the trust of his office from the time I worked for him until yesterday. What this man has done to Bruce is over the top,I can not sit silent when I know what He has

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Toni Pippin-Poole: Not The One for Dallas County Election Administrator !

I was sitting at my desk the day Toni Pippin walked into the office of Commissioner John Price looking for a job.Toni was a young attractive slender woman from East Texas by way of Louisiana.I also remember being ask by Price to call Bruce to arrange a meeting. I followed the instruction as well as told Pippins to go to Human Resource and complete an application .HR qualifies apps. for jobs.I remembered her visiting our office regularly meeting with Price,eventually she was hired by Bruce and trained for the job. I also remember her calling me saying she google P.O. Box number and found it belong to me when I ran for City Council. John Price was supporting Hill it seems someone called Price about some mail in ballots being mailed to my P.O. box and Daphene Fain wanted them stopped so she called Toni,Toni called me with that lie about P.O. Box .I ask her with all the mail in ballots coming in how did you know my box number.She said the ballots would need to be thrown out because they could not be mailed to one box.I said OK.I also remember someone on ballot board knew my sister voted for a Mayoral candidate ,Price and Nealy were not supporting a lunch supply invoice for their candidate, my sister had was cancel the very day ballot was received.Bruce had nothing to do with any of that he did not know. Toni Pippin-Pool is the pipe line to Price and Daphene Fain.If she is appointed Election Administrator John Price will run the Department.Fain will be in charge of Election and Pool will do everything they say. Clay Jenkins does not have a clue as to what John Price is capable of doing without any given reason.When Jenkins wake up it will be to late. The County will be a mess.I feel so strong because I worked there I saw it done to other people and they just left to save their names. Toni Pippin-Poole maybe can do the work but Price and Fain will not let her,she will do their will as she has done in the pass,Fain decides who can be an election Judge if she does not like you you can not serve.Precinct Chairs cannot hold election in District 3 if Fain does not like you ask's a shame your elected Official is the person you must fear. I speak up for the people who are not in a position like I am.I did not fear John Price when I work there that's why he treated me so bad towards the end and I was sick and did not have much fight left and he knew it. There will be a picket line at 3PM supporting Bruce in front of 411 Elm St. see you there.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

County Judge Jenkins Wrong On Election Administrator Bruce Sherbert :

As I blogged early on, County Judge Clay Jenkins is a hatchet man for John Wiley Price. Jenkins has not been on the Court long enough to know anyone’s work record, so he cannot be acting on what he knows vs. what is being told to him. Commissioner Garcia is an honest woman, however she will listen to people she trust And the two woman feeding her this bad information are people who live to scheme and blame other for all their mistakes and lack of information. When they pick a fall guy ,he's than reported to John Price and vengeance is on. The sad part is John Price does not know they are laying just like Dr. Garcia he trust them also. One of my hardest jobs working for John Price was making him aware of games played by people he trusted, they used him up and the power behind his name. It is my opinion that John Price has no clue that Kathy Nealy and Daphne Fain have told him lies on Bruce Sherbet elections administrator. .Ms. Fain will make mistakes and fail to follow up on things in her job as Administrative Assistant to John Price, and lie on Department Heads and other staff, they are afraid for their jobs and will not tell John Price the truth about Ms.Fain. Kathy Nealy has always lied to John and thinks it’s funny he believes her. Now she has Commissioner Garcia believing Bruce did something special for the Republicans that hurt her campaign even with her winning. We have John Price telling Dr. Garcia how horrible Bruce is how he tried to harm her. Kathy Nealy saying amen, Daphne Fain creating TV like stories describing how election department favor Republicans .New County Judge who is an attorney looking up laws and calling meetings to fire staff. Judge Jenkins not at County long enough to know Fain and Nealy will work together to get revenge on folk. These two women could not get their way doing the General election one a paid Consultant the other a paid County employee so now they want Election Administrator gone. Judge Jenkins might think he is smarter than Judge Foster is. Foster served only 4 years. There were many smart people Judges prior to Jenkins moving from the Country, they All had a mind of their own. John Price could not dictate to them. It is a sad day when John Price can affect the lives of so many people with those three votes on the Commissioners Court, what is sadder he does it on the whim of people with little credibility and he has two new people following him. Dallas County is going to be worst this time around.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Old School People Disagreed On Issues, Meeting Over Issue Over. Not Now !

I have fought some nasty battles with very good people, still have battle scares but no hostility or vengeance for people on other side of issue.Having served on Plan Commission,Parkland Hospital Board,Dallas Housing Authority and others I have made lasting friends and enemies.When moving homeless people from I45 bridge professionals being paid to help homeless were standing on the outside holding their breath until I failed .The final day only one person was left under bridge when police officer said Miss you need to leave deadline is up,I looked around and said I know just wanted to rest a moment before I go to my car,oh Ms. Culbreath that's you!No one really knows the difference. The new crop of Politician and some older ones can't let go.The vengeance is theirs.They cut behind your back and try and destroy your life, take your job,health insurance regardless of your sick kid,they stop speaking at meetings and all sorts of crazy stuff.Grown men acting out in meetings I'm not sure what is going on. What I find odd is they claim to be Christian and sit in some Church weekly professing love of God.How do you love God but not follow his word.There are six things the Lord hates seven that are detestable to him: 1.haughty eyes 2.a lying tongue,3.hands that shed innocent blood 4.heart that devises wicked schemes5.feet that are quick to rush into evil 6.a false witness who pours out lies7.a man who stirs up dissension among brothers and others. I hope they read Proverbs and repent Hell non partisan.

Pastor Kerry Wesley Reminds Me Of Pastor C.A.W Clark.

I remember as if it were yesterday,sitting in the balcony ,where most of the younger kids sat,when Pastor Clark open the doors of the Church,I got up walked down the stairs and join Good Street Baptist Church I sure felt good, I went home and told my father and step mom.I had gone to Church with a neighbor member of the church.I became involved and enjoyed going to church activities.Pastor Clark knew every member in that church and it was a large church for the time. He walked around and spoke with everyone when the church was open,he did not close his office door nor have security guard standing there. Pastor Clark never drove a car people took him where he wanted to go.I remember one Sunday a large family came to church and people looked around ,it was a Mother and about five kids,they were clean but clothes were well worn you could tell they were poor.The next Sunday Pastor Clark knew all about the family and had helped them as well and told members off.He told us how dare we look down on people because God had blessed us,how dare we not ask if they needed a ride home or if they needed food, from that day on Good Street Baptist Church welcomed every soul who walked into that door,that family became members and their condition improved two fold. Pastor Clark started dinner on the grounds so all families would fellowship and break bread together.We had strong youth programs first college I visited was with Good Street Church we made reports before the full congregation when we returned from visits.Pastor Clark cared about his people,their souls ,families and the total package and I see that in Pastor Wesley. Good to see someone in the mode of Pastor Clark,grounded enough to stay on the level with his members and educated enough to stand with Presidents.

I Enjoy Traveling To Super Bowl Yearly , 2011 I Will Be In DC for Delta Day !

Its not just as much fun at home.This year for the first time in 20 years I will not be in Host City for Super Bowl. Its going to be fun, I hope everyone goes out and enjoy.There are lots of free events leading up and around the paid events,plenty of things to see around the NFL Experience and lots of free gifts given by sponsors so just ride DART down to convention center and enjoy if you have transportation please visit ESPN center in Fort Worth see all the people you see on TV,be sure and visit Media hotel downtown Dallas. This city will be full of people walking around,celebrities and all just moving around like regular people also cost to enter Venues will be costly they are in all other Cities so don't be shocked. Go out enjoy I will attend next year.

Mayor Pro Tem Caraway , Made Correct Call ,On Mayors Race.

I'm proud Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway made it official today,he will not run for Mayor this time around.Caraway has been a great Councilperson.Made a few mistakes but they were in the best interest of his community.I also know every poker player will not hold it against him if he plays a few hands and clearly he was not trying to interfere with police over at poker house,he was simply saying as he does all the time,Treat them fair as you do other poker houses.As for the misunderstanding with his wife he did the right thing,I wish other men would call for help when we make them mad instead of hitting us. When all is said and done we will have better Council district lines with Caraway involved.