Saturday, January 29, 2011

Bully John Price, New Time Keeper On How Long County People Work!Except Himself !

In my opinion John Price has lost his mind.The man I knew from Junior College ,student willing to work hard , helping people is no longer present in the body of Price walking around today. The devil himself has surrounded space around John Price ,Christ,God or anything decent can't penetrate it. He is using the power of his office to harm people,hurt them in the worst ways,financially,quality of life and survival. Reportly he told Bruce he had been there to long,now its Dr. Ron Anderson. Dr Mc Donald says he has diabetes and his wife is ill,people work with diabetes daily.John Price has decided it's time for him to go.Getting Jenkins and Garcia to vote with him to throw the two joint Board appointees off the Board.When did John Price become God? John Price is Bully of Dallas County and everyone is afraid to stop him. Black Men and other Elected Officials will not stop him, by speaking out about what he's doing to his Own people,they are afraid of this Bully.This man killed 40,000 jobs in District 3 for his people, that would have helped the economy and taxpayers. The Inland Port On I 45 in almost dead , done to keep it from competing with Alliance Airport and cash in my opinion. Bully, Price has called time on Bruce and Dr. Anderson he's been
on his job 26 years why doesn't he step down? It's time the taxpayers and voters of District 3 retire District 3 Bully John "Gone Wild" Price. Twenty Six Years on Commissioners Court Is To Long to continue on Taxpayers payroll.

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