Wednesday, January 26, 2011

County Judge Jenkins Wrong On Election Administrator Bruce Sherbert :

As I blogged early on, County Judge Clay Jenkins is a hatchet man for John Wiley Price. Jenkins has not been on the Court long enough to know anyone’s work record, so he cannot be acting on what he knows vs. what is being told to him. Commissioner Garcia is an honest woman, however she will listen to people she trust And the two woman feeding her this bad information are people who live to scheme and blame other for all their mistakes and lack of information. When they pick a fall guy ,he's than reported to John Price and vengeance is on. The sad part is John Price does not know they are laying just like Dr. Garcia he trust them also. One of my hardest jobs working for John Price was making him aware of games played by people he trusted, they used him up and the power behind his name. It is my opinion that John Price has no clue that Kathy Nealy and Daphne Fain have told him lies on Bruce Sherbet elections administrator. .Ms. Fain will make mistakes and fail to follow up on things in her job as Administrative Assistant to John Price, and lie on Department Heads and other staff, they are afraid for their jobs and will not tell John Price the truth about Ms.Fain. Kathy Nealy has always lied to John and thinks it’s funny he believes her. Now she has Commissioner Garcia believing Bruce did something special for the Republicans that hurt her campaign even with her winning. We have John Price telling Dr. Garcia how horrible Bruce is how he tried to harm her. Kathy Nealy saying amen, Daphne Fain creating TV like stories describing how election department favor Republicans .New County Judge who is an attorney looking up laws and calling meetings to fire staff. Judge Jenkins not at County long enough to know Fain and Nealy will work together to get revenge on folk. These two women could not get their way doing the General election one a paid Consultant the other a paid County employee so now they want Election Administrator gone. Judge Jenkins might think he is smarter than Judge Foster is. Foster served only 4 years. There were many smart people Judges prior to Jenkins moving from the Country, they All had a mind of their own. John Price could not dictate to them. It is a sad day when John Price can affect the lives of so many people with those three votes on the Commissioners Court, what is sadder he does it on the whim of people with little credibility and he has two new people following him. Dallas County is going to be worst this time around.

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