Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dorothy Morgan "Mom Bob" Birthday ,4-24=2010.

I sure miss my Sister Bob. Most people called her Mom Bob, they knew her from the B&J
restaurant.Bob was the best cook I have ever know,other than my mother who Bob learned from and I learned from Bob. She taught me how to cook and make the food present well, Lot's of people cook good ,but the food does not look good.
My Sister was a smoker and died from Lung cancer, I would warn her all the time about smoking after I stopped, she said, I will die from something,near the end she said, I wish I had listen to you.Bob was such a good hearted person,but she could really get you Stated as she called it.

Bob has been gone a while now,I think about her daily and miss her.Rest In Peace my Sister.

Summer Coming, Ass and Breast Out Season !

i enjoy the summer, since my transplant the heat is hard,because of the medication I take for rejection, one main side effect is heat and sun,so I'm in most of the summer.

When I do go out and return home,it takes a while to gain my composer,I see so many
big behinds ,sticking out with ,shorts showing their butt cheeks, it's sicken, they are every where. Shopping center,grocery store,drug store,restaurants.
Showing cleavage is nothing new,back in 1959 Ray Charles made a song, lyric said "see the girl with the Red dress on" ,I was in the Hollywood palladium and had on a red tea strap dress with cleavage showing, I made myself thing Ray Charles was talking about me,it was cleavage, not whole Brest showing. How do you guys go out with these woman with all her breast out,sagging breast,old breast just all kinds for the World to see,its not sexy its nasty. What about out shopping ,picking up kids from school,wearing house slippers and pajamas,what has happen to home training?
Young men walking with young woman, with their pants down so low the whole, boxer short is showing,there should be a law against this,Mayor Caraway was right on this issue,why must I as a Citizen be forced to look at their behinds when I'm in a store,that almost like being in a rest room with him.Where are the parents of all these people,how did they miss all the training, I had on what and when to wear sleeping clothes,what about adding oil or lotion to your rusty feet and heals prior to wearing your sanders in public,wash your dirty nasty feet before you leave home,foot odor comes up and hit us in our noses when you stand in line.
I hope before the summer is in full force someone would teach these folk how to dress for public places,

Chief David Brown, Sounds Good To Me !

I am so very happy that Mary Suhm picked the right man,to lead the Dallas Police Department. Chief Brown is a man with a lovely wife,who is also a police Officer,they have a lovely daughter.
This man has been a police officer 27 years and we have heard no scandal about him,yes as a rookie he was in an accident and not the driver and maybe mixed up his statement,but he has shown he learned from his mistake. When I heard they hit a suspects car going the wrong way,I laughed, seems like a good way to catch a crook.

Glenn White has to be the angriest man in America,this man has a permanent frown on his face,never a good word to say about anyone or anything.How long can one man be President of DPA? Seems as if Glenn has been there a mighty long time. I wonder what it takes to make him happy?

I wish Chief Brown the Best, as he leads one of the Best Police departments in the USA, even with Glenn White.

Who Got Worse Prison Facility ?

Reading the facility where some of the recently imprisoned Dallas people landed,Don Hill got the worst.De Angelo and Shelia Hill got Country club facilities, I hope De Angelo does not walk off from Seagoville, its easy. I hope Terry will go to Fort Worth also because of her age.I had a relative over there and its a wonder facility for a prison, contact visits,telephone privilege,training programs,freely walks on grounds not bad for prison. In State prison you are under constant observation no free walks on the grounds,just fenced in recreation under guard, but it is prison.

This Blog, Is My Opinion , True View On Various Issues.

I had no idea so many people read my Blog page.People who know me understands,Its my Opinion,not that of any other Person.I speak what I know to be the truth, or think is the truth, until such time as correct information comes to my attention.
Today, I had a comment on the Dallas Morning News blog,under the comment section of their story,on the Love Field concession contract.I had watched State Rep. Helen Giddings speak before the Council and say they had ruin her name and her Integrity was being questioned.I also said elected Officials deprive the people they serve when they take opportunities others could have, I also said when they make laws affecting Airports.Someone informed Rep. Gidding of what I said and she called me, to get the facts straight.One thing I do appreciate about Helen,she come to the source, I did tell her,maybe I did not communicate it properly, but my statement was about why her name was in the DMN daily since the story begin,and that is she wears two Hat's.One a business owner in a public owner facility the other an Elected Official, I said in order to avoid this type of question, one must decided if they want to give one up.I Said she made laws that effect Airports, that was meant for Eddie B. Johnson but Ms. Johnson's name was not in there,plus her interest is held in a blind trust, managed by a third party.
The fact of a no bid public contract raises legitimate question that the City manager and Council members need to be able to answer with a firm conviction and move on,not some lame excuse about 911/everyone was hurt by that.I hope what ever happens it is for the good of all involved.Its strange that this came the same week that former Officials were sent to prison and sentenced to prison.What a week.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Why Does Being Elected ,Cause Loss of Friendships?

I have known Deputy Mayor Dwain Caraway a very long time. I have supported him a long time and still do.I sometimes disagree with him and I always tell him ,no matter when or where, and he does the same to me.I consider myself his Elder,because of the length of time I have been involved in this community, politics and age.
It seems that Mayor Caraway is upset with me, yet he has not said that to me, but has articulated that to others. I attended a Community meeting and several Council members were present,Mayor Caraway spoke and went on a long time,as he always does,we all know this, I said something about this not being a campaign meeting,Mayor Caraway, turned to me and "said I'm the Deputy Mayor", now you all know me,I replied,this is not City Hall, now I was speaking to my long time friend Dwain Caraway, he took it as an insult, coming from me,to the Deputy Mayor. I am sorry that he is so offended, and still angry with me, to the point he has not spoken to me,but said plenty about me to others.Why not talk with me? I care for him.

What puzzles me is,what happens to people when they get elected,what changes them so quickly? How can you be a Friend and after getting elected, the manor in which I speak to you any where, has to be in the capacity of an elected official.What happens after term limitation makes you vacate the office,do I than treat you normal or is there a way to speak with former elected officials.

It is, again so sad that time is being spent on something ,that is so unimportant,
every person in a Leadership position appointed or elected , is needed to help our community.Mayor Caraway is doing a hell of a good job and in District 4, and I'm doing the best job I can do out at DFW ,to help all people and the City of Dallas,we are both needed to get the job done.I want Mayor Caraway to stay on the Council as long as he can and continue to make a difference, I hope he wants me to stay at DFW,as long as I do the job, and not want me removed because we hit a bump in the road.We both need to think about the People we serve not our personal feelings.
Keep Up Good Work Deputy Mayor Caraway.

Two Wonderful Ladies, Gone To Be With God.

This week has been the birthday of some wonderful Woman ,and the death of others.
i was sadden to hear of the death of my neighbor of 25 years, Doris Woods.Doris Woods was the type of neighbor anyone would love.If you had a need, no matter what Doris was there.We did not visit often nor talk ever on the phone,but she knew I was here,and I knew she was there.We both were in renal failure together,that was strange but I was transplanted she was not.

Then I received the new that Ms. Willie Faye Price of Forney has passed , that got to me because,Ms. Price was such a wonderful woman,quiet but strong,very smart and independent.My only regret is ,I did not get to see her often as I would like to after my illness.

May these Beautiful Woman rest in Heavenly Peace.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Tea Party Folk, The Archie Bunker's Of 2010.

I was talking with a very good Friend of mine,who was active in Republican Politics back in the day.I ask her what had happen to the Party, and why these new Party folk were so mean and hateful. She had the truthful, simple answer,these are the people growing up watching Archie Bunker, and believed it was real. Archie was against every thing,and No was his middle name. Archie would be the kind of guy,that would find something wrong to say about,that Black Man in the White House,just ant right Edith, Edith would say, That's what Sara Palin,said Archie,I know Edith,I know.
Next time you see a Tea Party group,think the Archie Bunker group.That group is already getting geared up to oppose President Obama's nominee for Supreme Court,how do you get ready for the unknown? This Tea Party group is fueling violence among people who believe all this hate talk,many don't realize Glenn Beck earns 23 million a year pumping them up and Rush makes more than that.Must be nice to make millions off people who are weak minded and need and want attention,being on TV in any capacity makes their life.
Archie Bunker has taken over the Republican Party,and Michael Steele is no George Jefferson.

Thanks Senator West ! Help Craig,He's Very Good,DA

I have always admired State Senator Royce West,because when it comes to what is important,he always takes the correct path. I have sometimes ,had a difference of opinion than his, but he has always, remained a Gentleman doing those times.What ever is said ,about it, never reaches me.Senator West can point to,progress he has made in his Senatorial District and the State of Texas. When you read good laws, being passed,you can bet Senator West is some place around.Royce built an office tower in Oak Cliff where people can lease office space, the man practice what he preach.
I hope he is able ,to convince DA Watkins to step aside ,and allow the AG or some one to investigate the Constable mess and move on.The best Mr. Watkins can do for justice ,is Justice. DA Watkins has done to much good, and his conviction rate on hard criminals is very good,and he does not convict innocent people.We need him to be re elected for all of Dallas County.People my age can feel a sense of fairness and justice finally coming from the Court buildings.
An independent investigation has been done,he should turn that over to someone to finish,it can only do good,as in what happen to Sheriff Bowles,after all that mess turns out Bowles was not gulity of any thing, but one group of Republican wanted him out of office.Why not let Evans and Cortes be proven innocent by an outside agency and be done with it.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Has Republican Party Really Gone Nuts?

As a former member of the Republican Party, who has not lost ,my conservative views.
I am finding it hard to understand what the rational is for some of the mistakes,being made in judgement. I did not leave the party because of Obama , i was already gone .the mean spiritedness drove me away.The so called Conservative movement and people involved are almost a vigilante group. The so called Tea Party, mean,verbally abusive,night riders, moving from State to State making believe, there is a real movement and all regular Political operatives know it's not, yet they continue.
I supported Perry, met with him privately long ago, this man has turned into a big liar, just to keep an elected office? What are our people going to do next.Is holding the office of Governor worth a mans soul,or JP or School Board,is it worth anyone's salvation.
Politics have been my passion for all my life, I loved it,once upon a time,I could eat,sleep and breath it,that was when it was pure ,honest,may the best team win.People were the reason ,you ran for Office,to help them, make laws that would improve their quality of Life.
No more,Politics are all about the next development, next land deal,who will build next big shopping center,what Official can direct the project to their Friends and etc.
It has killed my Spirit,I wish I could move away ,to a place where no Officials exist,the land was the rule, but no such place exist.I must hear, these phone calls with corrupt Officials, calling for soon to be corrupt Officials and the people who vote are the ones who will be hurt,but they blindly vote with the Leader who calls them, the most doing election time.They can never get a return call if its about something going on in the area.
Well ,I have spoken, will move on and vote tomorrow,asking God to please allow this person ,to give the taxpayers 20 hours a week of service,anything greater would be asking to much.