Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Dorothy Morgan "Mom Bob" Birthday ,4-24=2010.

I sure miss my Sister Bob. Most people called her Mom Bob, they knew her from the B&J
restaurant.Bob was the best cook I have ever know,other than my mother who Bob learned from and I learned from Bob. She taught me how to cook and make the food present well, Lot's of people cook good ,but the food does not look good.
My Sister was a smoker and died from Lung cancer, I would warn her all the time about smoking after I stopped, she said, I will die from something,near the end she said, I wish I had listen to you.Bob was such a good hearted person,but she could really get you Stated as she called it.

Bob has been gone a while now,I think about her daily and miss her.Rest In Peace my Sister.

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